Admit it.

You wonder how some people get so much done while others don’t.

How did they achieve so much with their life and business in such a relatively short time?

They must have developed some kind of superhuman  power. Or is it just because you often find yourself feeling lazy?

Maybe these super-humans don’t have demanding jobs or little kids.

And probably have great support.

Whatever the reason, somehow their life must be easier than yours. Otherwise. How could they keep going, day in and day out, month after month without ever giving up?

They must know something that  you don’t. Or, do they?

Perhaps feeling lazy isn’t something that happens to them?  It’s just you.  Oh wait…and me!

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone.

Feeling lazy or just lack of motivation?

Many people hit a certain point in their life’s journey when they say they just can’t find the motivation to keep going on.

Chances are, you start out excited, you draw up a plan, set a new habit, and what next?

Life starts getting in the way.

You think, “Oh,- I’ll just work on this once things calm down tonight”, but by evening time, all you want to do is collapse.

You want to check your emails or maybe relax and have fun.

Still you’re feeling guilty about it. The little voice in your head tells  you that you should be working.

You can’t even enjoy your down time because of the things you haven’t get done.

Could there be anything wrong?

You try another tack

You decide to be more serious this time, perhaps you just need discipline to power through it.

You tell yourself you’ll have no fun today, not even getting a glance at your e-mails, you must accomplish something today no matter how long it takes.

And then another day goes by and you’re unable to get anything done.

You wonder whether you’ll be able to reach your goals, you promise to do better the next day.

Want to know what’s wrong with you?

I can tell you exactly what’s wrong with you.

Not a damn thing. 

Chance are, there are just a few things you should be doing that you’re not. Check out the following points and maybe you’ll find something that helps get you into a state of motivation and out of a state of feeling lazy. 

1. Sleep More

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn. ― Mahatma Gandhi

I bet that most people don’t take this seriously, but the truth is that your body needs relaxation and stress-free time.

Make sure you get up to 7-9 hours sleep each day.

Getting a good night’s sleep is no joke.

For example:

I go to bed at 10:30 PM every night and wake up at 5:30 AM in the morning.

Now, this schedule might not work for you, so you can try different times, the goal is to get 7-9 hours sleep every day.

Start doing this today and you would be surprised about the improvement you’ll feel. How much more self-motivated you become, and guess what, you’ll wonder where feeling lazy went to.  

You’ll feel so much more vibrant and alive with energy.

2. Get Moving

The secret of getting ahead is getting started –  Mark Twain

You need to activate your physical body every morning with stretching or exercise of some kind…maybe a walk. Even if you simply walk around your house a few times…you’ll be energizing your body, mind and spirit. 

And you can make positive affirmations while you do it, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

Do I hear you saying, well I’ve heard this a million times and don’t need to hear it again.

So let me be straight with you? Do you work out or stretch every morning?

If your answer is ‘NO’ then maybe you did need to hear it again.

It’s time to awake this drive in your life.

Every morning set 50 minutes outside of your work, doing this, and if you can’t do that, start with 10 or even 5. Be kind to yourself and help your body and mind to get into a feeling state of awesomeness.

3. Schedule “Block Times”

You’ve gotta keep control of your time, and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t let people set your agenda in life. – Warren Buffet

Blocking out some time every day and devoting it to a project will help you become more productive.

And DO NOT do anything else during this time.

Start out by taking 20 minutes to write down everything you want to get done in the day, then set your block time and start with the hardest project on your list.

If you want to be devoted to this, go to a boring place during your block time, no receiving of calls or emails, face a blank wall, sit down, and work on your project.

If you do this properly, you’ll be surprised by how unstoppable you’ll become.

Ever heard of the old question, How do you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time.

How do you get more done? The same way: break it down into specific step-by-step activities and then start from the first one.

Your ability to make a decision and take action is your most powerful tool for overcoming procrastination and getting things done.

Your ability to set plans and take action about them will determine how fast you can achieve your goals and pave your way to success.

The very act of thinking and planning will unlock your mental power, triggers your creativity, and increase your mental and physical energy.

The sooner you start the more productive you’ll become.

Are you ready?  Why not start now.

What reasons do you have for not doing so…we’d love to hear them in the comments below.  Reasons of course being another name for excuses!

And if you don’t get everything done that you thought you would, don’t beat yourself up.

Maybe the schedule you set was too much. 

Try something a little easier…the main thing is to keep the main thing in mind…doing one little thing differently than you did yesterday and drop feeling lazy once and for all.


Cephas Tope is the author of The Road Map to Your Extraordinary Life. He writes at, where he shares self improvement and business tips. you can join his free newsletter to learn how to make unshakeable progress and how to create extraordinary super life.

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