years ago, during my late husband’s illness I had an overwhelmingly euphoric and blinding epiphany.  I was in the middle of a visualization for his wholeness and return to perfect health when I was filled with a brilliant shining river of love and light.

An indescribable feeling of oneness filled my heart.

There was no separation between he and me and this perfect love that surrounded and included everything.  Here I was sitting in a hospital room with my seriously ill husband, filled with an abundance of joy and love and peace, unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

It was the beginning of my awakening.

In one tiny moment I was aware of a different world.  My life had changed at a deep and fundamental level. This experience redefined reality for me and my world would never be the same.

Not that the world had changed at all, it was my perception of it that had altered.

Since then, I’ve learned so many tips and techniques that make my life easier, happier and more fulfilling and expansive, but there have been a few revelations that have rocked my world and I thought I’d share five of them, in no particular order.

1. Beliefs are only beliefs

Discovering that my beliefs were just that.  Only beliefs.  They had no power over me other than what I allowed.  They weren’t set in stone.  They weren’t guidance from on high.  They were just beliefs.

Ideas I’d consented to or accepted, oftentimes totally unconsciously and yet they were what I used to view the world around me, to make sense of the experiences I had, and like most of us I was perfectly happy to have all my beliefs validated.

So when I used to believe that my brother was an argumentative little brat and we then had countless arguments, I could say, see, I told you so.  Belief validated.

I learned it was necessary to first to examine my beliefs and then to let go of ones that no longer served me and the most amazing thing of all, that this was possible.

2. Most of life is made up

When I woke up to the fact that imagination made my reality, I suddenly got that I was making my life up as I went along  through the use of my imagination, which created a vibration within me and drew towards me everything that matched that vibration of energy.

All the worries and anxieties I’d ever experienced were totally misusing my imagination to experience stuff I didn’t blooming want.  I needed to make up something better…much better.

Whatever world you’re currently making up for yourself…you can start over again and again and again, if you choose to.

3. You are not your body

I still recall the amazement I felt the first time I read the quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

It was a year after my husband had passed away and I had to stop reading and think about this.  I thought about it for the rest of the night, I couldn’t sleep…it had a huge impact on how I lived my life.

I began to look at events and experiences as pathways to higher and higher levels of conscious living.  As opportunities for my personal growth and development instead of things that happened…well just because.

I became aware that there was so much more to life than I had ever known and it answered the question that I’d had since I was fifteen…is this all there is?  A whole new dimension of living had been given to me.

4. With God all things are possible

I know there are those for whom just the very word God troubles them.  That’s fine…substitute a word that resonates with you…the Universe, Creative Power, the Infinite One…you know what they say about a rose by any other name.

Studying life laws and how they operated, just as consistently and effectively as physical laws made sense.  The law of attraction made sense.  As did all the other laws.

But there was something missing for me.  I couldn’t persuade myself that little old me was capable of creating much of anything, never mind a whole new life.

And then I began to study Neville.  His interpretation of these laws and how they operated didn’t just make intellectual sense, they resonated with me at a deep spiritual level.

Now you’re talking.

He wasn’t one for saying ‘believe me because I say it’s so’, he always wanted everyone to test his philosophies because he absolutely ‘knew’ that they would always work.

Through him I began to see that it wasn’t little old me that was doing it at all, it was the divine spark within me, that contained all the power.

Now this might seem a matter of semantics to many, but it mattered to me.  I could totally accept that it wasn’t me Elle who was the maker and builder of my life, it was me Elle connected to, one with, and operating that higher power within me that was creating my life experiences. The spiritual element was the liberating factor for me.

5. Everything is now

Using the power of imagination couldn’t be a five, ten or fifteen minute experience once a day.  That’s great and it absolutely means that for some time every day I was dwelling in the place of being who I wanted to be, or having what I wanted to have.

But then, for the rest of the day I’d be back to looking at life through the eyes of she who didn’t have, or wasn’t being what she wanted.  A little counter productive don’t you think?

So I trained myself, step by slow step, to think from the end.  So that if I had the desire for say experiencing the best and last romance, I would not only invest my ten to fifteen minutes daily imagining, or visualizing it, throughout my day, but I would think about it as though it were true, right here and now.

I’d imagine what we’d be doing later in the day, or where we were going for the coming weekend…you get the picture.  And this works with everything, success, finances, growth…anything.

Your turn.  What has turned your world upside down?

Encourage one another.

Love Elle



Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. How beautiful, Elle!

    Everything you share here resonates so strongly! When I began to practice these principles I had read about, explore life through them…my life changed/my world expanded. When I chose to move aboard a sailboat with my two children, I was fulfilling a dream..however, what I learned–far beyond what I could have asked for– was presence to unfolding, living in the elements, in honor of natural cycles…has *become* my way of life, regardless of where I physically live 🙂

    • Elle

      Nice to see you again Joy…your ‘way of life’ sounds idyllic. And I thank you for sharing and encouraging us all to step out. 🙂

  2. Hi Elle, my goal is to finally attract my soulmate into my life. I try to visualize and feel the feelings of him being here for 20 minutes a day. I guess I need to get better at incorporating this throughout the day and releasing the feelings/thoughts of he’s never coming. I am trying. Your words are always very helpful to me.

    • Elle

      Welcome Angel and thanks for joining in the conversation. I’m happy my words are helpful and you are so right to let go of the thoughts and feelings that your soulmate is never coming…it’s wonderful how these laws work so well for us, when we use them on our behalf. Just staying focused on how great it is to be experiencing your ideal relationship is all you need. The best news, well at least to me, is that how it happens isn’t our job. That’s always been a great relief to me. 🙂

  3. Thank you! I read every one of your posts! They remind me of who I am and where I am! 🙂
    Thank you for the ideas and your experience!


    • Elle

      Hello Lura, I’m so glad I’m able to remind you of the brilliant being you truly are. That’s my plan! 🙂

  4. Elle, great list. The genius behind this is that they are so broadly enclusive, that everytime I thought I had one to add, it already fell under one of the ones you had listed! Nice job!


    • Elle

      Hello Victor, I always appreciate your input in our conversations. I’m glad you enjoyed my list – the challenge is keeping it to those few! 🙂

    • mopeychild

      @ elle.. do you have the neville books as e-books or something? i hunted for em online..dine exactly find !
      a main neville website seems to be down :/

      • Elle

        Hello there and welcome to the conversation, that’s a great idea about e-books for Neville, I’ll look into the possibilities. Amazon still sell his books, if that helps, in fact in the sidebar on my site there’s one I recommend as life changing for me. Stay tuned and I’ll see what I can do for giveaways on Neville’s writings. 🙂

        • mopeychild

          i found a huge neville archive online (i think !)
          also, its free.

          i have a question. what do you think this means though? found this paragraph in the stuff from that archiven. am confused. does the paragraph advocate feeling things like theyre real? or not doing so cuz in that case u no longer ‘want em’ cux u think you have em?

          —–>’ When the feeling of reality is yours, for the moment at least, you are mentally impotent. The desire to repeat
          the act of prayer is lost, having been replaced by the feeling of accomplishment. You cannot persist in wanting
          what you already have. If you assume you are what you desire to be to the point of ecstasy, you no longer
          want it. Your imaginal act is as much a creative act as a physical one wherein man halts, shrinks and is
          blessed, for as man creates his own likeness, so does your imaginal act transform itself into the likeness of
          your assumption. If, however, you do not reach the point of satisfaction, repeat the action over and over
          again until you feel as though you touched it and virtue went out of you’

          • Elle

            May I suggest that you start with Neville’s books before turning to the lectures, which are pretty heady! Neville was a mystic and his writing is the kind that takes a while to absorb. He doesn’t write for the intellect but for the spirit. In this instance he’s referring to the visualization process and repeating the imaginal act until you ‘feel’ it to be real. He used to talk about experiencing a ‘click’ but it obviously doesn’t work for everyone in the same way.

            He was a huge advocate of thinking from the end ~ which means that whatever the desire, if as you go about your day, your thoughts are from the premise that you’re not experiencing whatever it is you want, then you’re missing the mark and it’ll be a challenge for your desires to manifest.

            Hope that helps, but truly…I recommend beginning with the books.

            I will read one book for a year or more. Sometimes reading a chapter for weeks. It’s all about immersion. 🙂

          • mopeychild

            well, thing is, the crux of what neville says is totally synonymous with what you say on your website ( ive read almost evry article here i think) and its also the same as what melody says on her blog ( ive read almost every article there too). so i dont think nevilles speeches are too heavy. just that, im not a christian and ive never read the bible, and he keeps mentioning allegories in it ! so i think that maybe im missing out something with a biblical reference here and these. hence i though id ask 🙂

  5. Elle,
    What beautiful tips for a life worth living. Love all things are possible and everything is now!
    Thanks for all these amazing reminders.

    PS I had no idea that you had a “late husband”. I am so sorry!! But what you’ve learned can help many people!

    • Elle

      Hello Betsy, how lovely to have you join in the conversation. Isn’t it great that our whole world is one giant possibility for us every day. It’s such an amazing adventure. 🙂

  6. I cannot tell you how much I loved your post. I found myself nodding to just about every sentence. Glad to have found your blog.

    • Elle

      Hello Christie, how nice to have you here. I’m so happy you enjoyed the post and it’s lovely to have you join us. 🙂

  7. Hi Elle,

    Very inspiring post. This line jumped out me – “The spiritual element was the liberating factor for me.” That is such a key factor in liberating ourselves from all that is hold us back. When we “Let go and let God,” our world can begin to change.

    • Elle

      Hello Cathy and thanks for your insights…I like your phrase of letting go and letting God. That’s really encouraging. 🙂

  8. I just love this… “Whatever world you’re currently making up for yourself…you can start over again and again and again, if you choose to.”

    And I need to do more of this…in a couple of areas I stuggle with. “but I would think about it as though it were true, right here and now.”

    I just began reading Neville:))

    • Elle

      Hello Tess my dear friend. I’m thrilled you managed to stop by with all the things happening in your world at the moment. How cool that you’ve started reading Neville. I know he takes a little getting used to ~ he was a mystic after all ~ but oh my gosh he is so well worth sticking with. Keep us posted. 🙂

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