It wasn’t a good day.  I must have been in my diva state of mind.  I felt…out of sorts…discombobulated even and I wasn’t having any fun.

I can’t be bothered to use the law of consciousness I said to my darling one.  It’s too much trouble.

He didn’t laugh derisively as he could have…he smiled and said you’re cute. And gave me a kiss.

I felt encouraged.

I can’t be bothered to use the law I said to my friend.

Oh, you, she snorted, you love this stuff.

I was encouraged.

I can’t be bothered to use the law I said to these two.


They looked at me blankly…before declaring, don’t worry, you’re doing your best.

I was encouraged.

I received a text from a friend.

Reflections are persistent teachers.

Cool isn’t it I told him.

Yes and no…sometimes school just ‘aint fun.

I just love the adventure of it all, plus our spiritual expansion.  Said I.

Hmm.  I need a vacation, he replied.

Not me, baby as my friend has told me in the past, just keep on keeping on.

In encouraging my friend, I was encouraged.  We both were encouraged.  How does the saying go…it’s in giving we receive?  Thanks B.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle.

P.S. You can’t not use the laws of consciousness…they’re at work all the time…it’s only a question of whether we use them on purpose or in the default mode.  I knew that…….

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7 thoughts on “Encouragement.

  1. Ana says:

    Thank you, Elle. Today I really need encouragement,and what a nice surprise to look in my mailbox and find exactly what I needed – words of encouragement from you. And thank you so much for answering my comment yesterday, it’s so nice to be welcomed… 🙂

  2. Joseph Appaloosa says:

    The best encouragement we can give one another is through our imaginal work – through our “using the Laws of consciousness” with aim and purpose – through seeing everyone encouraged and happy and healthy and wealthy and . . . Thank you for this article.
    Write on, Elle !

    • Elle says:

      It’s one of the best things in the world Joseph…to see others as they would wish to be…we lift them up and ourselves to boot. Just makes the world a more lovely place.

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