Fear and anxiety tend to be emotions we’d rather not face.  Being honest they’re often scary and for most of us we don’t want to deal with them at all.  Even though they strike whether we feel we can handle them or not.  Have you noticed that?  Not fair at all.

A question I’m often asked is how do I eliminate the fear and anxiety that once they start seem to spill over other areas of my life? 

Quick answer you can’t, but you can manage it better and I’ll show you how. And second answer:

You don’t want to eliminate all fear 

Fear can be your friend.

Should you ever find yourself in the middle of the road with a great big truck hurtling towards you, fear will give you the adrenaline shot you need to get you out of the way pretty quickly. That’s pretty friendly.

So in circumstances where you really do need fear to keep you safe, fear is healthy and even necessary.

When fear and anxiety are not great or helpful

In your regular every day life, fear and anxiety, it’s cousin, can stop you from growing, from succeeding, from experiencing more of the things you love.

And that we don’t want.

Some times people are doing things they don’t like. 

They have a dream, but they’re afraid to step into it.  They come across a great opportunity, but they’re afraid to change course.

Fear is not great in this respect.


We all have a natural instinct of survival, our brain/mind is designed to protect us, but sometimes it merely repeats frightened thoughts from our past that aren’t relevant to life today.

Which is why we need some discipline.

Our mind, with its inner challenge of keeping us safe brings us a tendency to overwhelm optimism and confidence with fear and doubt. There’s a tendency to find our courage has given way to fear but through the practice of a little discipline you can stop those negative tendencies that we all have in life from robbing you of the future you desire.

Fear and anxieties as tools

I read an article from a Navy Seal recently. 

He said that they know fear and anxiety. (I bet they do, in spades) and they’ve learned to recognize when they are in this state, because they needed to for their very survival. 

They don’t deny fear, they recognize it and use it as a tool to realize they have to be really aware when they’re in that mindset, because they don’t want to operate from that state or  they might get killed.

And it turns out they discovered the decisions they make based on fear are never the same as when they’re not.

And the same applies to us.  Making decisions when we’re in a state of fear never turn out as well as if we can take a deep breath, acknowledge the fear and act as though it isn’t there.  You might not have the training of a Navy Seal, but you can still train your mind to do this.

Recognize what fear and anxiety are 

Fear/anxiety are a vibrational frequencies.  Check it out right now.  Think of something that happened that made you feel really happy…you can feel the energy of that happiness. Now something that happened that was scary or fearful…not such a great state to be in.

Which is why the article by the Navy Seal makes it clear that we shouldn’t act out of a state of fear because the actions you take won’t bring the best results. 

The vibrational frequency of fear isn’t likely to draw a better experience to us. 

We won’t get killed, nothing so drastic, but we won’t experience what we want.

Fear is not so great when we allow it to dictate our actions, unless of course we’re jumping out of the way of that ten ton truck hurtling towards us.

Our challenge is we don’t understand  how the sea of vibrational frequency that we’re operating in, be it fearful or happy, can be molded for what we want and like the Navy Seals use it as a tool.

Energetic frequencies work like this

There’s a universal power that flows into our mind…all the time.  It doesn’t take time off.

You want to get this Universal vibrational energy to work with and for you by consistently thinking and feeling and focusing on the happy stuff in life.

Your subconscious mind currently holds all the  consistent thoughts and feelings that you’ve been repeating over the years. All your habits and your beliefs are contained there. And that’s the energy vibration that affects your actions and then your results.

This part of you has no power to choose or to reject anything that your conscious mind focuses on., which sounds pretty bad, but your conscious mind is always at choice.  YOU get to decide what to think and feel.

And you can take control of your subconscious and direct it towards ideas and thoughts that would generate a different future and much less fear and anxiety, but for most of us this rarely happens.

Must of us are being controlled without even knowing it by our old patterns of thinking which is why we find ourselves in a particular experience and start to worry or feel anxious..

Have you noticed how exhausting fear and anxiety are?  A day of worry can be more tiring than a week of hard work.

And pretty soon we discover that today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday,

No helping hand required

For most of us we seem to think that the power that created the cosmos really needs a helping hand!  Funny that.  And I’m not talking about living a life at the mercy of chance. That’s not good for you either.

I’m talking about committing to living a life from the inside out. Remembering that fear doesn’t live in your handbag and you don’t carry anxiety in your back pocket or anywhere outside of you.  It lives within, so it’s to within we must turn for answers.

Fear and anxiety depend entirely on you for their survival and all they do is steal from you something special that you are designed to achieve or be or do.

Creating good days

We human beings are a funny lot.  We constantly tell ourselves stories about our lives and how we feel and when the stories are positive we feel good, when negative, we begin to feel fear or anxiety or doubt.

This is when we let the outside world control our thinking.  Our big mistake.

When you have consistent thoughts of anything, you are impressing the subconscious with these thoughts…it has no ability to say…woah, wait just a minute…these thoughts aren’t going to be turned into anything good.

It’s job isn’t to choose or decide, but to express everything that’s been impressed upon it by you and your repetition of stories.

Which means it’s going to mold all these thought energies into the likeness of the ideas that you have impressed upon it.

The Science of it all

Don’t believe this is possible? The relatively new sciences of our day would disagree. They all basically, and simply put, say the same thing, just through different means.  Your brain/mind is malleable and alterable, hence your thoughts and feelings can create a new our view of yourself, resulting in new actions that alter your objective world of reality.

Or as I might say you not only get what you wish for, you also get what you think for.  We are constantly creating or re-creating our reality by old or new patterns of thoughts and feelings.

Pretty cool. Right?

Maybe today is a good day to start using the ideas above to manage fear and anxiety a little better. Think of them as your tools to cope with life when it throws you a curveball and start practicing switching out your fear or anxiety thoughts and feelings.

And don’t be too hard on yourself. No obsessing necessary. Do what you can and be happy because a person who can regularly get back to the happiness vibration will always manage fear and anxiety more easily that someone who’s trying too hard.

Encourage one another

Love Elle



Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Hi Elle,

    Fear and anxiety can be difficult emotions, especially as you mentioned when you are not ready for them. I take a moment to breathe and think through my next best course of action when I feel fear or anxiety. Sometimes writing down my feelings helps me as well. Thanks!

    • Writing down your feelings, that’s a great thought Cathy. I wonder why we don’t do more of that and give ourselves some space before taking action. I’m pretty sure it would be transformational. 🙂

  2. When we fill our lifes with love and gratitude I believe that takes away fear and anxiety- I also believe we have a choice on how we feel xxoo

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