There have been a few times…okay maybe a lot of times when I have experienced ‘operator error’ in using the laws of life.  Every now and then we all misuse them, not on purpose, who wants lousy things, but when we get what we most definitely didn’t think we asked  for and certainly don’t want we can be pretty sure its operator error.

Another success story that started out with ‘operator error’.

By the roadside in a ditch...It's got me under pressure

Caroline had been dating Ben on and off for years.  It was on, because he was crazy about her and off, because she wasn’t exactly sure he was right for her.

She would find some other someone, who was more exciting and usually pretty obnoxious…but hey she liked them…for five minutes before they moved on to greener pastures.  Then it would be back to Ben, who was always waiting in the wings.  Faithful, kind, loving Ben.

They danced this same dance for eons then during one of the ‘on’ periods he gave her a ring.  She accepted it for the statutory five minutes before deciding it wasn’t the right thing for her.  So Ben got the ring back and Caroline moved on to, maybe Ed, or was it Fred?  Oh no, it was a name like Zorro…I kid you not.  He of the open shirts and tanned torso and flashing white teeth.  And yes, it lasted all of five minutes before he moved on to new pastures.  But he was a great dancer, if that counts?

Caroline went back to Ben.  But wait a minute, this time, he’d moved on.  He was dating some other someone.

She was astonished, horrified, afraid, devastated.  He’d always been there.  He’d been there for years.  Not this time.  Lordy, lordy.


This really focused her attention.  What did she truly want?  It was Ben.  It had always been Ben but some old belief had her pushing him away time after time.  She needed to remedy things.  She tried talking to him, pleading, explaining that she finally understood, but the answer was no thanks, enough is enough.

It seemed to Caroline she had two choices, wallow in her misery or listen to her friend who was always rambling on about consciousness.  She choose wallowing.  It took no effort, it was the easy way.  But she soon got fed up with misery and since she had nothing to lose she said she’d try the other thing.

Caroline remembered a story her friend had told her about imagining and she began to imagine a wedding ring on her finger.  And began to picture herself with Ben, having fun as they built a life together.  She had imaginary, loving conversations with him and heard her friends telling her how great it was that they were back together.  Every time doubt and fear crept in, moving her towards what she didn’t want, she would mentally say…you’re just a thought and turn her attention back toward what she wanted.

It wasn’t an easy journey, but her desire was strong and so she persisted.  Night after night she fell asleep turning an imaginary wedding ring around on her imaginary finger. She persisted.

heart ring light

It took many months, but, during that time, Ben and his new someone parted ways.  Caroline persisted.  Slowly, oh so slowly they began to reconnect.  Caroline persisted.  Ben called more often.  Caroline persisted.  They began dating.  Ben was cautious…hardly surprising…and it was a painfully slow progress for Caroline now that she truly knew he was the one.  But she continued her nightly ritual and her imaginary conversations.  They became closer and closer until…wait for it…Ben proposed.

Can you believe that?  Isn’t it amazing how everything turned around.  And yes, today they are happily married.

Phew… long, but true story.

It’s your life, it’s your journey and you are the hero of your imaginings…imagine well.

Encourage each other.

Love Elle.









Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Love the story; love your writing. Nice story to wake up to. Yes, Imaginings can turn into realities. But the problem can arise when we just sit around imagining and do nothing to make it happen. That can keep us stuck in our la-la land.
    Here’s my example, I constantly imagine/visualize getting presentations (I try to practice Jack Canfield’s advice, from the Chicken Soup series). I try to imagine what I want to attain and picture it as if I already have it. While doing that I continue to go after what I want- making phone calls, reaching out to people, etc. I’ve had many ‘dry’ months where discouragement starts to creep in but I keep opening up his book and reread the part on persistence. And lo and behold, I just got two calls from people asking me to present to their groups, and both calls came in one day!

    • Elle

      How I love this comment Harriet. Persistence and repetition are key. When you consider that you are choosing to occupy a new and unfamiliar state, is it any wonder that it’s easy to fall back into the old one. And now you’re receiving evidence of your new state, which is one of the coolest parts of deliberately using our consciousness to dwell on what it is we desire. At least it is for me…All the actions we need to take are already in that new state. If you occupy it, truly stay in it, then everything that needs to be done, got done.

      Your one and only job now is to stay there!!!!!

      May I keep your story to perhaps share with someone who needs a little encouragement?

      • Absolutely you may share my comment. Everything put out here is for the ultimate purpose of helping and inspiring others.
        Thank you. Glad to connect with you.

  2. Hi Elle,

    What a beautiful story about the power of imagination and focus. I find your site so very inspiring.

    Inspiration is what the world needs these days … Right?


    PS Right!

    • Elle

      Thank you for your kind words Allan and I so agree with you about inspiration, we can never have too much of it!

  3. Joseph Appaloosa

    She persisted in the “real” feeling that she and Ben were reunited and subsequently united as one. And to paraphrase someone I heard the other day ” she kept her faith on it”.
    She lived in the faith of and with the faith of it already being done. At the risk of being quite redundant, you once again have provided some very interesting food for thought. Thank you.
    Write on, Elle !

    • Elle

      She was definitely persistent Joseph…and the wedding was lovely!

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