Do you regret your life?

All of us, at some point, have a battle with ourselves, about the way our life is going. That battle can come when you are twenty-five, or forty-five. It does not matter when it happens, the key is to know that the battle is necessary.

The battle is part of the game of life, and most often the battle will come many times throughout your life, and that is a good thing. The battle signifies that you are ready for a change. It means like a chrysler you are evolving into a butterfly.

You will die and be reborn again as a new butterfly many times in this life. It’s important that you know, in order to give birth to a new you, there will be a death and there will be a battle.

This death is the part of you that you no longer want to experience. It could be your job, it could be your relationship, it could be a way you are living that you no longer want to live. All those parts of yourself, that you want to let go off, is a death.

The battle begins when you realize that you no longer want to be as you are, but you don’t know how to get there. You don’t know how to make the change, and this feeling of not knowing causes you to have an internal struggle.

That struggle can cause a lot of people to go crazy. They get anxiety, they experience extreme stress, they feel out of control and ultimately sink into a deep depression. If they are lucky they get help, if they are not so lucky they begin to get mental issues.

The mental breakdown comes because the mind goes out of control, feeling frustrated, replaying the same anxious old thoughts. It’s a sad reality for most people.

Here’s my 3 ways you can turn that nightmare Into a dream come true and never regret your life.

The First Way – Making Peace With Where You Are

One of the most powerful things you can do in your life, right here and right now, is to make peace with where you are as fast as you can, here is why.

Sometimes we assume that things in our life would have been different had we made a different choice. That may be quite true. However, there is no guarantee that just because it would be different, that it would have been better or even good.

We take ourselves with us where ever we go. How you are looking at life, is going to impact all your experiences in the same way, because the common denominator in those stories is you.

Do You Regret Your Life? 3 Ways to Turn it Around and Win

If there is an area within yourself that is weak, then you will always attract people and circumstances that will trigger this weakness until you become stronger. The stories that you end up in, are a reflection of what you are battling within yourself.

When you are in a place in life where you are no longer feeling fulfilled, instead of being disturbed, begin to feel grateful for being shown the area of your life where you need to grow.

The key to respecting, honoring and feeling grateful for where you are now is knowing that where you are is coaxing you to something better.

What are you presently battling with? Are you lonely? Then maybe this situation will trigger you to learn to become a social butterfly. Who knows, because of this, you may meet some amazing people who will transform your life!

Maybe your situation is money. Are you battling with money and have decided that you never want to have this issue ever again? And, because of this you are now diving into every book you can find on how to make and grow money.

You see, out of every struggle, there is a gold mine of life experiences as well as growth. You just have to see it in order to get out of the mental trap.

You have to see if before you begin to regret your life. Then write it down. Write a stream of thoughts on all the amazing things you have gained from your adversities. This is so much better than ending up in a place where you regret your life choices.

The Second Way – Know what you want; lots of people don’t know what they want

It’s hard to get out of the mental loop of what you don’t want, especially when you can’t replace those thoughts with what you do want. You can complain all you want about what you don’t like, but if you don’t know what you do like, you will still remain stuck.

If you are at a point in your life where you are unhappy, go out and explore as much as you can. Join new Facebook groups, learn new things.

Do things you have never done before. Get so filled up with learning new things, and meeting new people that you don’t have time to regret anything.

During the time when you have lost yourself by simply interacting in new ways, new ideas will hit you. New inspiration will take hold of you and you will find the creativity to explore your life in the way you secretly desired all along.

Get Deliberate about this process and you won’t regret your life one bit.

1.) Make a 30 day commitment to meet a least 5 new people or more if you can. People always bring new possibilities and opportunities to assist in your goals.

2.) Also commit in those 30 days, to experience something new on your own, at least once a week for those 30 days.

3.) Start journaling and explore random things that make you happy. Things you would like to do in your life. Things that inspire you.

Thirty days is a nice amount of time for someone to trigger new opportunities for change, in their life. Especially if you do it in a purpose driven way.

The Third Way – Envision it

When you envision what you desire, its like creating the blue print in building your house. You need to be able to know the absolute must haves before you can add the additions.

There are some things which you know that are a must have for you. What are they?

By envisioning your life through visualization, you can create the details of your new experience.

Visualizing what you want, not only helps you create a psychic bond with all the people, and circumstances which support the goal you want; it also helps you in building confidence in being able to gain that desire.

Oftentimes we want to make a change in our life, we can all too often spend more time focusing on what is making us unhappy about our life. Rather than maintain a strong focus on what you want to change, place your focus on what you want to have, be and do.

Visualization is so powerful we can choose to visualize a life of joy. That is something people don’t think about. They think of getting a car, a house or something that they can touch. However, you can get all the things in the world but if you have no joy, they are worth nothing.

So, by all means you can visualize a life of joy, a life where you feel content. A life where you go from unhappiness, and regret, to a life where you experience a huge shift into the most amazing life ever.

Mapping Your Dream Out – The previous 3 ways to a dream life take deliberate attention. 

You must set aside time to reflect on all three. Taking time to understand where you are and where you want to go is necessary to success.

Sometimes all you ever needed is that one time to sit and truly make the decision to write it all out and process it all to find the way. Even visualization as powerful as it is, can be ineffective if you do not write and plan it all out.


Daniel Hinds is the author of Open Your Spiritual Eye to Experience Superhuman Visualization Abilities. He also maintains the blog, where he writes on Mind Power and Reality Creation topics. He is also a teacher and coach on mind and reality creation for the past 14 years.

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