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what spirit is around me

I’m a big believer that we are all connected in various ways, through different energies that flow through our world. And that we all have unseen guides that help and guide us through our daily lives.

The author of that incredibly successful and best selling book, Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill believed in these unseen guides too.

This is what he said:

“After I had met with one failure after another, and each time was tempted to desert or neglect my major mission in life, I began to notice that the effects of each failure were immediately wiped out the moment I got back on the track and began to carry out my mission.

This happened so often that it could not be explained away as a mere coincidence.”

He believed he had unseen helpers supporting him and guiding him towards fulfilling his life purpose.

He also believed them to be there particuarly when life was tough, guiding, nudging, and supporting him as they broadcast their wisdom and ideas to him.

And perhaps, even though we can’t see them they are there are nearby offering us support and comfort when we need it most.

finding comfort and purpose

We’re all here with our own purpose…to express ourselves as the greatest us possible. And it’s pretty cool to think we have energies around us, designed to support and help us navigate our way through the maze of life.

And talk us down from the ledge when we truly can’t see any way out.

So here’s a fun and quick quiz to discover the spirit around you.  Mine turned out to be a Protector…which suits me very well! 🙂

Check out the quiz below for yourself and let me know what showed up for you.

And as always,

Encourage one another.

Love Elle


What Spirit Is Around You?

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