simple-secrets-to-manifesting[success]Every great work, every big accomplishment has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement. ~ Florence Scovel Shinn[/success]

The secret of the universe.

I knew what it was.


I had a dream, writing appeared on a giant blackboard and it was simple. And it was the secret of the Universe.  And I remember thinking gosh, it’s so obvious. How the heck did I miss this?

And then I woke up and couldn’t remember.

I’ve never remembered since.

So I’ve got no universal secrets from God to share with you, unless my memory returns before the end of this post.

What I did come away with is this….we live in the very heart of creation…our imagination…but many of us are no wiser for all that takes place within.

1.You’re the one

you're-the-onePerspective is everything.  From Jen’s point of view there was a ‘something’ outside of herself that would provide her with what she needed and ‘the universe’ had a plan already mapped out for her and she couldn’t change ‘the will’ of the universe.

So she wasn’t about to get caught up in choosing to live a better life.

Didn’t matter that her life wasn’t working so well.  This was what she had chosen to believe so there she sat, pretty much in the role of victim.

Always looking outside of herself for what went wrong.  Always asking for someone to come and save her. Mostly miserable. Mostly filled with complaints and fears and anger.

Her ‘universe’, that she didn’t want to interfere with, wasn’t being very good to her.

Aaargh Jen…free will is yours girl.  You are the plan…you are the one.  You are your own rescuer.

We have the ability to be creatively transformative and realize our wishes, but first we have to change our imaginal activity.

2.Constant change and then some

If there isn’t a universal law called the law of constant change, there blooming well should be. Constant development is a law of nature and we are part and parcel of it all.

Change is forever at work in our life which means…guess what…we’re going to experience change and sitting stewing in a mess of our own making isn’t helpful because the changes that occur, and believe me, they will happen, are likely to be on a downward spiral.  Yikes.

[Tweet “We can change through choice, chance or crisis; which one will you pick?”]

Since life simply can’t and won’t stay the same, we need to get out in front of it and have life conform to how we decide it should be.  Hey, accept your power, don’t be afraid of it…it’s yours to do with as you will. Only please do us all a favour and make it work for you and not against you…remember we’re all one and your success is mine too.  Not that I’m totally self-absorbed…I’d do the same for you. 🙂

3.Simple secrets

All we need do is follow three little rules.

Rule one

Decide what you want.  I know, I know it’s obvious, but do you know how many of us aren’t exactly sure of what it is we do want?

Your power to create, which is all that manifesting is, is sadly diminished without some clarity.

You might know that you’re here to help make our world a better place.  But maybe you think that’s for a later date, maybe when you have more time, or become more experienced or maybe you’re waiting to become more well known.

Would you be surprised to learn that all the resources you need are available to you right now?  That you have all the gifts and tools you need to begin…right now.

you-are-powerfulI want to remind you that what you think and what you do matters.  I want to remind you that you are already powerful.

Don’t worry that you might choose something and change your mind later…so flipping what.  This is the journey. We get to choose our path, and chances are it isn’t a straight one. As we said before everything is in a state of constant flux and that includes us.

Rule two

Have the courage to look at what gets in your way.  And yes, it’s going to be those self-doubting beliefs that appear from ‘out of the blue’.  Except there is no blue, only our consciousness operating.

When the obvious things show up, like your nearest and dearest explaining you probably can’t do what you want because blah blah blah or you think holy moly I need money for this and I don’t have any, or my own particular favourite, I don’t know how…this is time for releasing.

One by one, just choose to see these limiting beliefs dissolve, poof into thin air. Yes, just like that. Release and let them go.  Thank them…they’re just trying to be helpful…and let them know you no longer need them.  Goodbye.

Rule three will take care of most of the limiting beliefs that aren’t so obvious.  And yes, you probably do have them.

Rule three

You’ve got to have patience and faith. Faith is like the twin of doubt, but doubt fills our eyes so we can’t even see faith, but it’s a bigger and stronger twin, more powerful than any doubt ever could be and all it needs to truly bloom is a little attention.

Faith is what makes the invisible visible and we find it as we become more receptive. Let your faith in the outcome nourish and feed you.

Feel yourself being the one you’ve decided to be, feel yourself in the presence of whatever it is you desire. It’s important to feel the presence of abundance, love, health before it arrives.  Those who can happily mentally dwell in the outcome, live without anxiety.

teachers-appearDon’t let the current outer experiences dictate what’s going on within; just a little faith will do, and you’ll find all manner of things coming to your aid that you’d never noticed before.

A teacher might appear, or a class, a book falls off a shelf.

And remember impatience is all about wanting control and being needy, which tells you the space of faith you need to be occupying isn’t quite there yet. Anything other than faith is a block to your receiving, so open up dear hearts and let it all rush in.

Now we have those three easy steps to manifesting out of the way, in the comments below tell me your manifesting secrets, ‘cos we all know these three are just the beginning.  You might make a huge difference in someone’s world with your ideas, and we know that’s what you’re all about. Right?

As always we so appreciate you stopping by to read and share.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle



Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Great tips Elle! Especially #3. I’ve always thought that doubt and faith are related. I sometimes think that I’ve been very lucky but I know I’ve made/manifested my luck. Thanks as always for the inspiration!!

    • Elle

      I think you’re absolutely right Betsy. I think ‘luck’ is totally about you and the vibration of energy you dwell in. Many think that so called miracles are something out of the ordinary, but really they’re just the laws of life operating. It’s all about perspective isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by Betsy…and #3 is my personal favourite too. 🙂

  2. Hi Elle,

    Love this post and your image as well. Patience and faith struck me as well. I could also add determination in there. I feel that if you believe, things do come your way. Often life hands you a surprise that you were not expecting, but usually it is all for the best. Thanks!

    • Elle

      Good point Cathy…without the determination to persist…we’ll simply fall back into the old states of mind. It’s our stable consciousness that’s the creative power. As for the surprises…I learned long ago to stop determining how the manifestation happens…I’m almost always wrong! Thankfully. Because things occur that I could never have seen coming…usually better than what I thought. And as you say, it usually turns out for the best.

  3. Elle, I believe that we can manifest anything we want. I am guilty of wishing for something that seemed near-impossible and willing it to happen just to see if it would – and it did – far sooner than I expected.

    As humans we tend to allow doubt take over our beliefs, just as we let fear cloud our self-confidence. When we conquer doubt and fear, to quote you, it is a piece of cake. Nicely frosted with happiness.

    As always, loved the post.

    • Elle

      Oh Vidya, you always make me smile. Manifesting the near impossible is so…you. How great is that. 🙂

  4. Hi Elle,
    Don’t you just hate when you can’t recall the dream!? Just last night I did what I used to do when I experienced a rich dream life – I slept with pad and pen by my bed.
    I like your secrets to manifesting, simple and powerful.
    I have many different way to manifest thing and am always trying out others. In the end, I’m not sure what works best except that maybe it’s a confident, let-it-go attitude. I express what I want and I let the Universe take it from there!
    Happy Monday!

    • Elle

      Glad I’m not alone Lori. I’m a big dreamer and usually remember my dreams. But this one…darn it all. Not even a notepad and pen would have helped because the minute I opened my eyes and thought wow…the secret was gone…just the impact of the dream remained. I like your concept of a confident let-it-go attitude…that sounds a lot like faith to me. 🙂

  5. Sweet and simple — I love the way you present these, Elle. I think my biggest experience with faith, is that part you mention about people showing up in your life, or books falling off of shelves just when you need them. (The book thing was funny, because way back when that was pretty much exactly how it happened when I first came across “The Secret” in a bookstore, it was as if that thing just jumped off the shelf at me! LOL! Even before that, I had the same sort of experience with one of Louise Hay’s books, too.)

    • Elle

      How cool wis that Nathalie – I haven’t had the book falling of the shelf thingy – ever and here you are with two! I’ve been drawn to books, but obviously need to do a bit of work to get one to jump out at me! I suppose things show up in different ways for different folks. Makes sense giving the uniqueness that we all are. 🙂

  6. Elle, Oh no, that dream!! Haven’t we all had the dream, where “the” answer was given and then taken away by our faulty memories. So frustrating 🙂 Plus I was looking forward to the answer.

    • Elle

      As a big dreamer yourself Julie I knew you’d really get this. I’m looking forward to the answer too…I’m just assuming any day now. That would be a cool manifestation. Hey, I’d even take another secret…any secret…I’m not fussy. 😀

  7. I loved this (and your last post, too!). Your first point here reminded me of something Barack Obama said after his first presidential election. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” I thought that was a great line. Just as true in the singular. I’m the one I’ve been waiting for.

    Your rules are so simple. Over and over we need to remind ourselves that it all starts with our own choice. As Lao Tzu said (another quote to add to your last post), the sage chooses this and lets go of that. Then, once we’re clear about what we want, just like you said, we make every decision based on whether it is in alignment with what we want or not.

    Thanks for reminding us of these truths.

    • Elle

      Thanks Galen and I just love the Lao Tzu quote you have. The principles, as we know are pretty simple…keeping ourselves on track…not so much. At least not all the time. 😀

  8. This is soooooo powerful and just what I need to be reminded of.

    Feel yourself being the one you’ve decided to be, feel yourself in the presence of whatever it is you desire. It’s important to feel the presence of abundance, love, health before it arrives. Those who can happily mentally dwell in the outcome, live without anxiety.

    I ran into an old friend a few months ago and told her how my daughter quit teaching and began working for the airlines and how we fly free. That happpened 7 years ago! Hubs and I’ve been flying free for 7 years!!! Recently Southwest bought Air Tran and the places we can travel free have nearly doubled.
    I drew that to me…gee I wonder what else I can manifest;)

    Love your stuff because I fall off the attraction wagon every now and then and I need to remember to jump back on;)

    • Elle

      Thanks for sharing, you powerful manifestor you. What a fantastic thing to have drawn into your world. Now you’ve given me some more ideas. Hmmm. Free travel…now I love the sound of that.

      As for falling off the wagon, I don’t yet know anyone who manages perfection…yet…so join me and let’s jump back on together. 😀

  9. Dear Elle,
    Thank you for a profound insightful post, it always helps to hear the message from others who are also implementing it in their life. I have noticed that the more connected I am to my heart, the more I am in tune with who I am and my desires and when I am in tune with something I desire to experience the energetic experience blends into my soul and the moment is a fusion between heart and desire and actual experience already taking place, that when the moment happens in conscious awareness it is an actualization of the desire xx
    Blessings to you new friend and love your way 🙂

    • Elle

      Thanks Ana for stopping by and sharing your manifesting experiences. Do you get a sort of ‘click’ when this happens? I ask because sometimes I can actually physically feel this. 😀

  10. Elle-
    Simple, elegant, and wise words which I constantly need to hear.
    Love the phrase- ‘faith is what makes the invisible visible’.
    Your words are nutrition for the soul dear Elle. xxoo

    • Elle

      Thanks for your always encouraging words Fran…you fill my heart. 😀

  11. All the secrets of creation are found in Conversations With God – my ‘bible’. The ones above are in there and more! I hope that God comes back to share with you that other big secret….. I would love to read it if you want to share….

    Thanks for inspiring others to believe that they are powerful and can change their worlds – thereby affecting all of our worlds!


    • Elle

      Welcome and thanks for joining in the conversation SSS. Believe me, when I remember what the secret is I’ll most definitely share it and you speak my heart when you talk about as others change their world they change ours. How cool is that? 😀

  12. OMG, Elle, yes! In my life, people enter, serve a purpose, and then leave. So many times in my life I was faced with difficult decisions to make and there were people who helped me out. I tried to maintain the friendship afterwards but it did not work, they were not receptive to that, so they did indeed appear to help out in various things. then, I constantly make new friends and meet new people, no problem there, so I do not grieve the friendships lost, because they were not really. They served a purpose and we are all connected in non-physical anyway, so nothing is ever lost or anything. Instead, I appreciate everything. Every nook and cranny, all experiences, for steering me more and more to what I want, regardless of the doubts. I find when I doubt, I am led to bad places, be it depression, anxiety, substance use, which I never, did, but the mindset I was in because of doubt made me see where I was at, and I snapped out of the despair, on the road again leading me to what I want. I learned that I need to be happy and have faith to be calm, cool in the process leading to manifestation. That is pretty much all that is required.

    I also concluded that I am never alone. Nope. Never. Source energy is enough to fill you, for sure. Also, even when I feel alone, something happens and people come into my life. So, Source constantly brings stuff to me in the most unexpected ways. all I have to do it have faith and feel good no matter what. In this state, things and others won’t bother you. You are confident enough to say what you want to say and it working instead of being ridiculed or reprimanded. you are respected and get things done.

    Now, is only I can study to ace my exams, that will be great! But again, I concentrate on the outcome. My life will be so good and full. I will have a job so I can support my husband so he can shill for once in his life because he deserves it. It won’t be hard, because I know Source will always be there, helping me out, working through me.

    Thank you!

    • Elle

      You take my breath away A. Absolutely in love with your perspective and I have nothing to add except to say keep on keeping on. I can’t wait to hear what wonders show up for you next. Hope you keep us posted. 😀

  13. haha Elle – please update this post if you remember the dream:)

    all your points are absolutely true in manifesting what we want in our lives. The biggest challenge is dispelling those pesky limiting beliefs which get in the way. It comes in the form of resistance, doubt, fear and uncertainty. Sending them away into thin air is necessary to allow the universe to do its work.

    Additional tips to manifesting are visualizing and also, trusting. Similar to faith and patience, we have to expect and trust the process for our intentions to unfold. If we don’t trust our intentions or the universe’s ability to deliver, time to go back to the drawing board and pick away at more of those limiting beliefs.

    Thanks for the inspiration as always Elle!

    • Elle

      You know I would love to go back and dream it again Vishnu. I read recently that if you stay perfectly still when you first wake up you remember every aspect of your dream. But I’m not certain that in this case I was supposed to…maybe I’m just not ready to hear the secrets of the universe, however simple they are.

      I like your additional techniques of visualizing and trust…great points to add. 🙂

  14. Thank you Elle, I love these simple reminders especially the trusting and having faith one – oh don’t i know it! Over the past year or so, I have found practising heartfelt gratitude to be immensely life changing in every sense. So in addition to your three already amazing reminders, I would add be especially grateful for all that you have in your life right now, even if it is not exactly how you dream it to be.

    • Elle

      Welcome Li-ling how lovely to have you join the conversation. You’re speaking to my heart kiddo when you talk about gratitude…simply being grateful absolutely magnetizes more things to be grateful for…appreciate you sharing your wise input. 😀

  15. I love these tips, Elle! My manifesting secrets? I think you’ve covered my biggest two: having patience and faith and have courage to see what’s standing in your way. I have also had success with practicing gratitude, and I feel like I say this in every comment, but really, it really has changed my life! Seeing what I have makes it easier to focus on the good that has been and that will be!

    • Elle

      Every time you express your experiences Jessica, you’re making a difference to someone. Knowing that your life is better because of your practices encourages someone else to try and we both know they’ll get to be more aware of great things in their world as they do. So thank you for sharing your truth. 🙂

  16. Elle, honestly, I believe that everything you share is true. I have been thinking positively about a few situations that arose and was pleasantly surprised when they worked out better than I expected. Thank you so much for your wonderful insight!

  17. I respect people who have a deep faith in God, but when someone tells me that God will provide, and this is God’s will, I want to scream, God gave you FREE will, use it, change your circumstances, do what you can with what GOD gave you…or just wait for him to do it for you…hopefully, when he pushes that book off the shelf in front of you, you will be smart enough to pick it up and read it.

    • Elle

      Well I’m excited about a book jumping off a shelf right in front of me…you’d better believe I’ll be picking it up as fast as I can and rushing home to check out the message! Meanwhile Linda, as you say let’s all use the God given gifts and talents we all have to the best of our abilities. 🙂

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