life is against youSometimes, no matter how hard we try, life seems to be a constant uphill battle.

We’ve all experienced this. We lose that promotion we were certain was coming. We give our all to our partners only to find them not reciprocating.

We go to masterminds and retreats hoping for a breakthrough yet we still feel stuck.

For the longest time, I felt like life had a vendetta against me.

Many years ago, I had a stable career, relationship and lifestyle that I should have been grateful for, yet all I experienced was a slow, prolonged soul death.

Months and years went by, the unfulfillment escalated.

My job became increasingly draining as the boss decided to unleash her inner Lord Voldemort.

Fights became the new norm in my relationship, and my body began manifesting mysterious symptoms of fatigue and pains despite my fairly clear medical record.

I felt like a victim life decided to pick on.

I read a ton of self-help books, went to a therapist for a decade and got on antidepressants, and all the while, I sank lower and lower in my rock bottom until it became a permanent home.

Eventually, the combined external and internal pressure forced me to journey deep within which led to an earth shattering awakening.

As I was shedding every layer of disempowerment, my external circumstances began shifting as well.

And I realized just how much love and grace was stored in those battles life threw my way.

Today, I couldn’t be more inspired with my soul mission, my relationship, and my life.

If you are currently arm wrestling with life and feeling like you are losing, I hope the following three tips will inspire you to reclaim your power.

1.    Receive the invitation 

It is natural for us to feel like a victim when life presents us with challenges. However, when we desperately try to control our outer circumstances, we are missing the true message life is delivering us,

“You are settling for something that is no longer serving you. It is time to let go, and let in the grander version of you.”

Did you know that in order to emerge as a magnificent butterfly that can spread its wings and fly freely, the caterpillar must first liquefy inside of its cocoon to radically change its form?

When your caterpillar skin no longer fits the type of expansion your soul is yearning for. 

When your joy lies elsewhere whether it is to finally blossom into the person you are born to be, answer your calling, or attract that partner who is here to love and support you unconditionally, life will apply endless pressure that goes from gentle knocks to hammering down your front door until you acknowledge, and accept its invitation.

Which area in your life are you receiving the invitation to expand?

2.    Ease into the invitation

When waves roll in, do the surfers blame the ocean for the waves or push against them?

No. They understand the waves are impersonal, and they are here to ride the waves.

Our first reaction when we get hit by a wave in life is to blame the circumstance, others, or ourselves.

Blaming creates resistance, and resistance gives birth to the suffering we experience.

The opposite of resistance is allowing life in.

You receive it with open arms. You surrender to what is. And in this new state of being of being, inspiration naturally arises for change to take place.

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to ease into the challenge knowing it is an ultimate invitation from life for your inner alignment and advancement?

3.    Say yes to the invitation

If you do a bit of soul-searching in any unfulfilling area in life, you will notice there is always a longing to be more, and receive more even if you don’t know what it is yet.

This is your soul’s urge to grow, to express, and to fully experience the bliss of what it desires to create in this lifetime.

It is a primal evolutionary impulse that each of us is born with. You can deny it for as long as you live, but you can never extinguish the creative fire within.

When you are fighting life, in truth, you are fighting your deepest urge to embody your own power and growth so you can become a bigger version of you.

This is why it feels like a losing battle. How can you fight your own expansion and triumph?

You don’t have to know what the final outcome looks like.

You don’t even need to have the next ten steps figured out. Just trust that life is guiding the way for you to evolve. Say yes to it, and allow the next inspired idea or step to surface.

What do you need to say yes to?

How many times have your past obstacles turned out to be the greatest blessings?

How will you turn your current one around?

I’d love to hear from you!


Juliet Tang is an intuitive mentor and medicine woman. She is on a mission to help soulful and driven men and women around the world intentionally design a life that aligns with their highest potential. Her work empowers her clients to awaken to their power and essence, rewrite their relationships with purpose, success, and the universe, embody their inner visionary, and consciously create what they came to earth to fulfill with more joy, wisdom and freedom. To learn more, go to and you can also download her free Awakening Guide here

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  1. I may be overlooking something, but I cannot think of a time when past obstacles turned out to be a blessing. But I can acknowledge obstacles have challenged me and demonstrated how capable and strong I am. And most importantly, to look at those types of things as obstacles, not the end of the road.


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