Desperately Seeking Santa.

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I want some of this vitality, some of this joy of living, some of this perfect ability to live in the moment.  Not that I don’t love life, not that I’m not happy.  I am…in spades.  I know I’m blessed.  But this level of loving life is filled with jubilation and exuberance at a level I barely remember.  I want to savour every moment of it on their behalf, lest they forget.

Road trip.
2 pictures for you

Looking for Father Christmas.

2 pictures for you

Not too sure where he is though.

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Don’t worry L.J I’ll get you there even if I have to drive to the North Pole.

a picture for you

Found him, and all is well.  He promised to turn up at our house with my Lalaloopsy Tree House and a real flying helicopter for OJ.

Okay kids, let’s get home and have a giant piece of gingerbread.  Gluten free for me please.  Oh what the heck I’ll take regular gingerbread and a little Christmas magic.  You have plenty to spare methinks.

And may there be lots of Christmas magic in your world too.




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