We took a trip to the Dali Museum and at the risk of sounding like a philistine…well let’s just say it’s not my cup of tea.
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The building itself is interesting enough, now that’s damning with faint praise if ever I heard it, and there are those who have called it spectacular…but not me.
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But I did like this concept and kudos to the dreamers who brought their dream to fruition.
2 pictures for you

Art, like most things of course, is in the eye of the beholder, its so subjective.   My Darling One thought it was pretty cool and I can at some level see why.  I honestly can appreciate that many do enjoy Dali’s work and certainly his early period has a quality to it that resonated with me, yet…and here comes the but…I couldn’t help feeling here was someone with a great sense of humor who was playing an outlandish trick on us.

With all that said, I’m in absolute awe of the ability to create such images.  I’m in awe of how the world is full of amazing diversity.  I’m in awe of the tremendous talent within the human race…it makes me feel good.   Don’t you just love the adventure of life?


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