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Are you a blogger, or a coach with a blog, or an author in the personal development arena?

We would like to offer you an opportunity to help spread meaningful information, powerful truths, personal growth ideas and stories through the written word. Your written word!

However, we only accept articles that contain the best SEO practices, have been fully edited by the author and preferably have at least one link to an outside reputable source. Not a source that would compete with your post, but one that backs-up a point you have made within the body of the article.

We are looking for those who want to spread wisdom, love and creativity, whilst shining a light for others.

You don’t need to be a professional writer or journalist to create a real connection with others through a piece of writing. 

Anyone at any skill level can participate in this, and any age too!  

You do need to be someone who writes authentically from the heart who wants to connect with others to support and encourage.

Be the one

Please know that this is not an opportunity to impose your spiritual teachings, business practices or your answers to everything. 

It is your chance to enrich, uplift and inspire others to discover greater growth for health, wealth, and happiness.

It’s an opportunity for you to be the one to shine a light on the challenges or difficulties that most of us experience in life.

Please make your article meaningful and something others want to share.

Articles can range from personal development, spirituality, health, psychology, career tips and lifestyle.  But they must fit our niche of self-improvement.

They can incorporate amazing experiences, heart-warming acts and even be backed by science or technology… in other words…inspiring information on topics that are at the heart of Live Purposefully Now. And at the heart of every one of us to some degree or another.

We allow 2 links per article in the bio you provide, back to your product, page or social media sites.  Please note…we do not allow links back to sites that are not your own.  These are considered sponsored posts and there are different criteria for accepting them. Please contact us separately at lorri@lorrifaye.com for these.

We reserve the right to edit articles and remove links.

We are looking for bloggers/authors who are passionate about their subject and have something to share with the world.

Why Submit an article?

It’s a wonderful universal exchange.  You’ll be the shining light for others and in return, you get exposure with half a million fans on Facebook and other popular platforms.  You’ll also get links to your blog/website. 

Here are a few samples of our popular articles you can use as examples to craft your own.

List articles: 12  – 3

Regular and how-to articles 123

Create a Great Article

There are four elements that make for a great article.

IMAGE – we will take care of the image for you so no need to spend time searching for the one that will make a difference between 100 clicks and shares or 10!

HEADLINE – This needs to grab the attention of readers. As a rule, list posts often have the greatest pull on your readers. Check out this article for more tips. 19 Headline Writing Tips for More Clickable, Shareable Blog Posts.

SEO – you want to grab Google’s attention so please ensure your articles are written with a view to search engine optimization.   

This doesn’t mean stuffing your article with keywords!

LENGTH – we are looking for articles that are 1000+ words long.

BEGIN WITH A BANG – If you want to grab the attention of the reader so they are interested in finding out more about who you are and what you might have on offer, the important element after the image and the headline is to start your article off with a bang.

Here’s a great article from Copyblogger to pave the way.

5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang

SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLEBefore you do so, please note that we do not accept articles where the sole purpose is to promote or sell a product or organization or advertise in any way shape or form through links or otherwise.

Rather we we are looking for authors with something to offer others or solve a problem. Those who are passionate about their topic and want to share their wisdom with the world.

Submit your articles to lorri@lorrifaye.com either straight in the email or using google docs. Please name the subject “Article Submission”, and please source your article fully. 

Also add a short bio with links in it to your own website, product or service. Add a small image of yourself 60×60.

By submitting an article you consent to it being edited if needed… you will always be credited as the author/contributor and we will use your first and last name unless you specify otherwise.

Please don’t submit any articles encouraging people to use drugs of any kind, or anything illegal or discriminatory. They won’t be accepted. Ever!

Please don’t include a table of contents in your article.

Once published we request that you share the post with your network and social media outlets and commit to at least one share on Facebook.

Articles submitted must be originals and not have been posted anywhere else.  All articles will be run through plagiarism checkers to ensure originality.

Articles must not be created using AI. All articles will be checked for AI content.

By submitting the article you agree that if it is accepted for publication on Live Purposefully Now you will not publish the post anywhere else in the future.

EDITS –  Any article submitted for publication automatically assumes your approval and consent to editing (if required). You will always be credited as the author/contributor.

Thank you so much, we look forward to seeing your wise words, insights and inspirational thoughts.

Most importantly: Enjoy yourself!

Love Elle & Lorri


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