Today I’m talking about failure.  The one thing I rarely talk about.

We talk a lot about how you can deliberately deliver the life of your dreams into your current reality by using universal laws and principles.

But never about failing to make those dreams come true. And never about being a student of failure so we can learn what not to do going forward.

So for anyone who hasn’t had much success in conquering feelings of failure or using it as a springboard for a higher level of living or being this is a perfect post for you.

And it’s one you’re going to get a lot out of.

Beginning with a question

And I’m going to begin with a question for you.  Do you want to change your life?

The reason I ask is because the one thing I rarely talk about is how often we sabotage ourselves by not using failure as a means of getting to where we want to go.

Everyday we connect to the laws of life consciously or not and sometimes learn how they operate without ever touching on the topic of failure.

And it’s entirely possible, in fact probable, that you’ve either had or will have a number of failures when deliberately putting the laws of life into practice towards what you want…rather than simply operating them by default.  

Either because you’re simply not aware of them or you continue practicing old habit patterns.

Yet  failure is often the big bugaboo that can stop us dead in our tracks.  We’ve been conditioned to have certain beliefs about it…some say it’s part of success, others see it as defeat.  It helps if you can think of failure as a chance to begin again and get it right.

Discouragement encourages failure

So my lovelies if you’re feeling discouraged, remember this, many of life’s great achievements were accomplished by those who were tired and discouraged, but they kept on keeping on. They weren’t going to allow failure to run their lives. 

And I just want to remind you of the man who failed exams in many subjects whilst his friend passed them all.  His friend became an engineer with Microsoft but he, well he became the owner. And yes that was Bill Gates.

So don’t ever let failure or discouragement tell you where your life is going.

And if you’ve acquired a pretty good working knowledge of how the laws of life work, and you feel like you’ve faithfully applied them in your desire to fulfill a dream and you fail.  Why is that?

A good place to start would be, can you say yes to the question, did you persist enough?

And if you answer yes and still the desire wasn’t realized…then what is going on?  But before you give yourself a kick up the backside, remember you’ve probably earned the right to fail and the idea is you don’t let your fear of another failure stop you from doing the things you truly care about.

Universal laws

So what is going on? 

Let’s start with what we hopefully can all agree on…our thoughts and feelings create the inner environment from which we operate and experience the world. Nope!  Doesn’t work for you?

If we can’t agree on that statement, try this one:

Everything happens through universal laws whether we like it or not, don’t believe it or choose to ignore it. 

The whole universe operates through laws, never deviating. Cause and effect are always working.  Planets follow the same routes because of universal law. Gravity, speed of light or sound, you name it all following their same patterns because of universal laws.

Everything in this universe is governed by laws, and we are not an exception.

And if you think we are exempt from universal laws, well dear one, all I can say is good luck!

Nature’s brilliant system to conquer failure

Those inner experiences of thoughts, feelings, imagination are creating the vibration of energy that you occupy.  

The vibration of energy that draws to you the conditions and people that you experience in life, which is a brilliant system.  And once you can see that the power of manifesting life is governed by inner laws, like me, you’ll likely become more pre-disposed to use them for your benefit.

So changing your life, managing failure requires us to change at this inner level, and persist in this change.  This is the way your current conditions, the types of people and your reactions to life can become dramatically different. 

Which means no inner changes for you or for me…no new future on our horizon. 

Nature can only supply the harvest of what’s been sown.  Which is why you hear people say you can’t plant cabbages and expect to harvest strawberries.’  Or something like that.

Yet we plant thoughts and feeling seeds of the very things we don’t want to harvest.  We plant negativity, anxiety, doubt, fear without giving any thought to what is going to bloom in our life.

Stepping into the river of change means stopping planting those old seeds and stopping responding to those old thoughts, which will keep cropping up until they’ve been firmly replaced with new ones.

Your own personal checklist 

Here’s a little checklist to help you determine any missing elements in your operation of these laws of life…because believe me…life doesn’t say…I can’t be bothered to fulfill this persons’ dream.  Or I don’t like them very much, so I think I’ll give their dream a pass.

Uh uh.  It’s always us.  Always operator error.

So here’s 4 things that you’re possibly doing, or not doing.

1. You keep waiting to see success before you feel empowered.

Or waiting for your bank account to be full before feeling prosperous, or waiting for love to come your way before feeling love. You can’t do this.  You need to be the one causing the effect.  The moment you love yourself, the moment you feel empowered, you’re on your way to experiencing those effects.  You are now the cause of the effect…creating new outcomes in your life.

2. You don’t prime your mind/brain with a vision of the future.

Science tells us that the act of rehearsing something when you’re truly present in your mind has the same effect as when you physically do it., because your creative mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s going on out there and what’s going on in here,   Your brain patterns become the same whether you’ve practiced something mentally or physically.

So now your mind is not just a record of your past but a roadmap for your future. 

Those mental images and feelings you make in your mind are orders for your experiences…be they from old memories or something that has yet to come true. And your mind always thinks along the same lines that it would were the imagined experience a true physical reality.

Paying attention and having persistence is necessary to prime your mind to move you into new actions, to expand your consciousness to see opportunities and possibilities that were always there, but were invisible to you.

Instead of rehearsing life from your memories of yesterday and re-living the drama and trauma, you need to begin rehearsing your life mentally as you want it to look.

3. Acceptance is a missing link

Acceptance is the channel for your desires to be fulfilled.  And it’s odd that we can accept all kinds of negative ideas and restrictions either inner or outer imposed.  

But accepting the very thing we’ve asked for can be a bigger challenge.

By complete acceptance of your dreams coming true you can accomplish the desires of your heart.

Can you accept that you are the one who can manifest your destiny?  And not accept anything other than that?

Can you stop accepting as true anything that doesn’t contribute to your highest ideals. And start accepting only the responsibility for making great choices.

You can begin the acceptance process today by starting to accept with gratitude every little sign that something wonderful is on its way to you.  

You can accept empowering words. 

You can accept help, sometimes the way to the fulfillment of your desires is through the help of others, in ways you might never notice until it was done.

And you can accept that within you is this awesome hidden powerful energy that you can tap into and use 

This way, through acceptance you’ll be building the capacity to receive your desire in all its glory.

4. Faith Belief and Hope

These contain the awareness of the reality of the dreams of your heart. The desires you are choosing to experience.

And so, lack of faith or belief means you don’t believe that your dreams can come true, or even that they exist for you.  How can this energy possibly draw to you the very thing you’ve set your heart on. Well it can’t, it won’t.

And hope implies expectation and without expectation of success it’s pretty tough to use the power of assumption.  

Which is always part of experiencing success using the laws of life.  

Assuming you already have what it is you want, before seeing any evidence that it’s true is the planting of the seed before the harvest.

So my lovelies…it’s time to stop being unthinking, unconscious, and unaware.

Persist, have faith, and use the power of assumption that your dreams have come true and failure won’t be such a frequent friend.

I’m not saying everything will happen for you today or even tomorrow…but you’ll find yourself more consistently experiencing the new reality you desire. 

When you work the laws of life the laws of life will work for you.

Final thoughts – an eternal truth

It seems to be an eternal truth that as we learn and take in new information and begin the transformation process to becoming the one who lives the life they want what often happens is that we fall into our old ways of thinking and being.

Your awareness of this will help you move back into the state of being where your new future lies.

Don’t lose heart. Be compassionate and kind to yourself…I know you’ve got this.

And that’s it from me my lovelies, may your week ahead be filled with joy, health wealth, fun and the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle


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Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. I find this post so encouraging. I’ve come to realize that failure IS part of the journey to success. Some people stumble upon it without setbacks, but they are very few. You have to keep trying. Keep moving. Keep reaching And as you say “prime your mind/brain” with support and encouragement to keep the dopamine and motivation flowing.

    • Isn’t it great Debbie, when we come to a new appreciation of failure! I have a great image from your thought of keeping the dopamine flowing. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Great perspective: “It helps if you can think of failure as a chance to begin again and get it right.” It’s inevitable that we meet certain failures at some point in our life. And I so agree that reframing our minds around failures can help us truly move forward. Being aware, conscious and certainly having faith can ensure a greater chance of success!

  3. Wonderful ideas here, Elle to help with feeling confident enough to overcome failure. Being compassionate and kind to ourselves is a helpful ingredient as well.

    • Glad you enjoyed the article Cathy and yes self compassion and kindness are such a necessary component of a happy fulfilling life, regardless of what failures we might encounter. 🙂

  4. Elle, You have raised some very good points in this personal checklist. It illuminates how we can work with our mind for better results. At the same time, I think sometimes karma is in effect, and we need to purify that karma before the outcome will change. Every karma has a lifespan, we can speed it up by consciously working with our minds and making better choices. But sometimes, we aren’t going to see success until the karma clears up. But still this is a great opportunity, really I feel the point of this life, to learn to live according to spiritual values and in so doing clean up our karma.

    • I hear you Sandra…I think I see Karma somewhat differently than you do, but I absolutely agree that we are here to learn and grow and expand and be the greatest expression of our unique self as possible.

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