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As soon as I read the first quotes in this book, I knew it was one for me…and you know I’m pretty picky about what I’m going to read.  If I’m to immerse myself in anything it has to be something that will elevate my consciousness or ”fuggedaboutit‘.

The Intuition Principle by Angela Artemis does that in spades.

If we are to continue to be more than we were, we must expand our consciousness and Angela supports this mission with her amazing book.  It’s choc-a-bloc with guided meditations and tools and techniques.  And who doesn’t love a good technique.  Anything that makes life easier, right?

Have I said I *love* this book yet?  Well I do.  And trust me, you won’t hear me say that very often.

I *love* the pop quiz on how intuitive we might actually be.  You really should take it, it’s a wonderful insight and great fun too.

I *love* the ‘not to be missed’ guided meditations for health, relationships, and money.

I *love* the guided meditations for finding your authentic self.  Now that turned out to be REALLY interesting!

I *love* the idea of being ‘connected and able to shine’ every day.

I said it was choc-o-bloc full of goodies now didn’t I?

I asked Angela if she would answer a few questions on her wonderful book and she kindly said YES.

And when you get to the end of this fabulous interview, there’s a bunch more goodies, or freebies as some would call them, just a click away.

So hang on to your hats, this is a pretty cool ride.

1. You say, everything is contained on the World wide web of consciousness – can you tell us more about this concept?
The phrase “world wide web of consciousness” is the terminology I use to explain that we – all intelligent life – is plugged into a vast information network not unlike the way our computer is plugged into a vast network of information through the Internet.  While we may look at one another and it would appear that we are “separate,” we are not. We are one giant network of intelligence and each of us simply our own computer station. We are able to obtain information about anything we desire by simply projecting our minds via the “world wide web of consciousness” to the thing we desire information about.

Think of the world wide web of consciousness as an infinite spider web of connections in which each of us is a thread. When information travels along these threads “we” are aware of it because we are all inextricably interwoven and linked together within this web. So, if I want to focus on you Elle I would simply project my consciousness towards you and information about you would begin streaming in via the web of consciousness.

2. As I said, I love the idea that staying connected allows us to shine every day.  Are there times when you are less connected?  What’s the first thing you do to remedy that?
Just like everybody there are many times when I feel less connected. Whenever I react emotionally because I allow something or someone to trigger me by pushing my buttons – I lose my connection.
The first thing I do when I realize what has happened is to start repeating affirmations such as, “I now let go and let God.” Or, “I do not take personally what is not my problem.”  Once I regain my composure I try to find a few moments to meditate. I focus on my breathing and slowly, slowly I feel less upset from the situation that upset me. When I feel centered again (which can take some time and more than a few attempts) I try to send blessings to the situation that upset me. When I can send a blessing without feeling “false” about it I know I have detached entirely.
Once I am completely free of any emotional pull related to the situation I am also free to shine my light fully without any negativity dimming its brilliance.

3. Would you elaborate a little more on the concept,  “you will become the multidimensional being you really are.”
When you realize the truth that we are all connected you will also realize that it could not be true if we existed only on the three dimensional physical plane. In order for us to be connected there must be another dimension in which we are not constrained by “physical bodies” where we are pure consciousness and in a form that is a part of a greater whole. When your intuition opens up it is normally one of the first signs of your spiritual awakening.

For example, someone who is awakened spiritually will have great empathy and compassion for all living creatures including the ecosystem we call home; Earth. This person may feel very protective toward animals and the environment. They might also feel strongly about ending violence and wars. A spiritually opened person finds it hard to tolerate the suffering of any living organism for their consciousness has expanded so greatly that they actually “feel” the pain that other living beings suffer.

As you grow spiritually you become aware of these spiritual truths that all of life is connected. When you begin to “feel” this you’ve gone beyond a purely intellectual understanding of the concept and start to actually experience it. In experiencing your connection to the “all” you become the “multidimensional being you really are.”

4. I mentioned how much I love all those guided meditations…I’m planning on doing every single one!  Can you tell us a little more about them?
The guided meditations in the beginning of the book are designed to open up your intuition fully. They are both for the beginner and advanced intuitive individual. These exercises put you in touch with your inner wisdom and wise beings or “guides” that will answer any questions you have about your life from your spiritual development, health, finances, career, relationships and more.
The meditations in the second half of the book will guide you to discovering your authenticity, passion, purpose and true calling in life.
I’m so excited that you want to do all the exercises too. I would love to hear about your results dear Elle!

5. Just to mix it up a little, who is the one person you’d want to take with you to a desert island?  And what would you say to them if they asked why it was important to develop their intuition.
Wow! What a great question. If had to spend time on a desert island I would want to take a creative genius with me. It would have to be someone who was capable of “inventing” things on the spot – like my father a mechanical engineer who was a real life “MacGyver.” He could probably take some twine and paper clips and create a pulley system that could lift logs in order to build a cabin.

I would tell him that our intuition is the source of our most inspired ideas. Without our intuition we would not receive bursts of creative inspiration nor ideas for inventions – for that is how they arise in the mind – through the vehicle of our intuition.

When there is a problem to be solved our mind searches our subconscious and the collective unconscious for the answer. When the answer is located it “pops” into our mind as a flash of insight or what we know as the “aha” moment. Intuition is simply a mental process where information arrives into our awareness without any conscious effort on our part. It isn’t based on our thinking in a logical sequential manner.

6. How much do you rely on your intuition on a daily basis Angela?  Can you give an example of your usual day, with your intuitive flashes.  I know I’d be really interested in hearing how it works in your every day life.
I rely on my intuition for nearly everything. I go by how I feel about doing something rather than basing my decision on rationalizing. This is not to say, that I don’t use my reasoning power – as I do. When I am asked to do something I immediately tune into how I “feel” about it. If I notice that I feel excited and pulled toward doing this “thing” whatever it may be, then I do it. If I feel a sense of resistance, reluctance, complete aversion or sheer dislike for doing it I won’t do it.

Your feelings are one of the ways your intuition communicates with you. You must honor them otherwise you won’t be headed in the right direction in your life.

I’m not suggesting that I never do anything I don’t like doing. I clean the house and do yard work and all sorts of things that I wish I didn’t have to do. We all have to do things like this to maintain our lives. What I mean is that I no longer say “yes” to things that I prefer to say “no” to when I have a choice.

If I get a sudden inspiration to do something or to call someone I follow through on it immediately. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve picked up the phone and called someone only to have them say, “I was just thinking of you!” Invariably, many of the most meaningful coincidences have taken place in my life because I followed through on a flash of inspiration or a hunch to go somewhere or to connect with someone. These fortunate coincidences have been the things that have always opened new doors for me in my life.

For example, late last year I was outlining a meditation product I wanted to create. I thought I’d work on in and bring it out in early 2011. Then while speaking with Steve Aitchison he mentioned he was working on a meditation product too. After our conversation, I was inspired to send him one of the meditations I’d recorded. Upon hearing it he decided to ask me if I might be interested in working on “The ReAwakening Guided Meditation Program” with him and our partnership was formed. This all came about very naturally because I felt inspired to send Steve one of my recorded meditations.

7. Now that’s a really cool story, yet there are times when I’m not certain if it’s my intuition speaking or just that plain old ego.  Can you explain how I can tell the difference?
When your intuition speaks you feel inspired! You feel excited and enthused about taking action. You also get a gut feeling or feel a deep sense of “knowing” and a certainty about it – and even at times that it is “destined.” When it comes from your intuition you feel the matter is “settled.” Notice this is all about your “feelings.”

When an idea comes from your ego you will think that you “should” do this. Or that you are obligated to do it. You will also be aware of the outcome from the start. When you think of it you rationalize that if you do this – it will lead to this – which will lead to this – which will lead to the outcome you want. Notice that this is a process of rationalization. It is pure intellect and not based on “feeling.” Whenever you feel you “should” do something or that doing something will lead to a certain outcome that is not your intuition.

8. Personally, everything I’m involved in needs to be about my spiritual development, can developing my intuition support spiritual transformation?
Absolutely. As I pointed out in an earlier answer one of the earliest signs that we are developing spiritually is the opening up of our intuition. We might at first be drawn to develop our intuition further for the benefits it can bring us personally such as solutions and guidance for our life.

As we grow accustomed to receiving this guidance when we ask for it we find that our “faith” in something greater than ourselves expands as well. We begin to become much more attuned to the pulse of life in all creatures and we develop a finer more subtle sense with which we begin to detect the feelings of other living beings and creatures. This leads us to develop greater empathy and compassion for all life forms.

At the point that we begin finding ourselves connecting to others and detecting their feelings and thoughts we cross the line from intellectually knowing we are all “one” to actually experiencing it.
When we experience those moments in which time stands still and see with “new” eyes colors we’ve never seen, celestial music we’ve never heard and feel our heart crack open with unconditional love the likes of which we have never felt – we know with every fiber of our being that all of life is connected.

In these mystical moments of reverie we rise above our human selves and connect with the “all.”
And, it can all start by developing your intuition dearest Elle.

Wasn’t that fabulous?  I told you it was a great ride.  I’d put money on it you’re as fascinated with this book as I am, so below you’ll find more information on Angela and how to get your very own copy of her fabulous book.

Love Elle.


Encourage one another.

Angela’s Bio:

Angela Artemis, an intuition coach, is on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start successfully living the life of their dreams now – not later.

She blogs at and is an Amazon best-selling author.

Her newest book is, “The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life you Dream Of,” Readers are welcomed to download free bonus material here.

And if you’d like to leave a comment telling us why you’d like a free copy of Angela’s book, well you might very well get one.  We’re giving away one free copy ~ believe me when I tell you, you really, really want one!


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  1. Oh, wow, this one goes on my “must read” list! Thanks for bringing it to attention. My favorite question (and answer) is #7 – so simple, so true, yet so difficult for me to remember and practice on a daily basis.

    • Elle

      I know Carol..isn’t it great…I’m telling you, I really loved this book. 🙂

  2. Dear Elle,
    Thank you for doing such an amazing interview. I loved all your questions. And, thank you for your wonderful review of my book too!

    • Elle

      Angela, the honour is all mine. I’m not kidding when I tell you I really *loved* this. Now I’ve got a bunch more things to practice…I’m in my element. 🙂

  3. good morning Elle
    this was a wonderful post
    i have been reading Angela’s site this week

    my new mantra is
    I’m sorry Forgive me Thank you I love you
    and it is a great help

    thank you for leading me to her

    enjoy a wonderful day

    this book can really help me to deal with some very complicated and serious issues i am faced with

    • Elle

      Hello LSM, nice to hear from you again. I’m so happy you found Angela’s site and the mantra helpful. I’ll imagine really happy outcomes for the complicated and serious issues you have to deal with. 🙂

  4. Hi Elle and Angela,

    Amazing interview and the book is full of great information about intuition. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow,what a great interview…thanks for sharing it with us..I really like how she gives a greater way to use our imagination to create what we want. Do you know if she has her meditations available on audio?

    • Elle

      She certainly has meditations available on her website Susan…don’t forget at the bottom of the interview is a link to some freebies from Angela. So glad you enjoyed it…it really is a fabulous read.

  6. This is one of my favorite books ever and I’m not kidding. Such a powerful book & guide to life.

    I enjoyed this interview Elle & Angela

    • Elle

      Thanks Aileen…it seems we both just *loved* Angela’s book!

  7. Hi. I’ve always been intuitive, but there are times when I just can’t get the flashes I want. What I mean is, I meditate and breathe and try to concentrate on my feelings and focus, but it just doesn’t come to me. I have too much clutter in my mind. Negative feelings and negative people get in the way. I feed off emotions. If someone is feeling negative emotions, I feel them. But that negativity clogs me and I have trouble getting past it to what I really need to expand my consciousness to develop my intuition. I think Angela’s book and the free bonus materials could really help me and I’d love a copy of her book! I’m subscribing to download the bonus materials as soon as I send this comment.

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