confidence is essentialHave you ever met someone who shines with confidence?

They just radiate confidence so much that you feel their inner power.

When I watch sports, I see players determined with focus and drive. They set their mind to achieving the task. 

Confidence is essential for their success.  You can be confident too. 

And here’s some tips on developing the skill of confidence.

But first, I’m going to let you into a little known secret. 

You already are a unique, beautiful, divinely-gifted warrior of confidence. 

You’re born with it.  But it is up to you to develop your own personal expression of your inner confidence.

The need for confidence 

Why do we need confidence?  

Because there are so many challenges in life. 

Your job, your relationship, nurturing your children, success, popularity, you name it.  

“Having confidence” makes it easier to get things done in life. 

Even small things, like chores.  Taking out the trash.  Getting the dishes done.  You feel confident that you can do the little things. 

It is that same exact confidence that you summon up when you need to get over the hurdles in life. 

That’s your first tip:

Set the bar low for your first confidence-building exercises.  Then do it. 

Yay!  You’ve succeeded!  Your confidence level goes up. 

You see, confidence builds success. Success builds confidence. 

Multiple successes produce more confidence.  Raise the bar just a little, and do it again.

Self-talk can get in the way of confidence 

I have a daughter who is smart, creative, and poised.  She is a born leader – except she’s shy.

With her gentle nature, she is always thinking of others.  She enjoys seeing others succeed. 

But even if you gave her a brand-new red Mustang, she would not get up on a stage and make a speech.

Why?  Her self-talk.  She doesn’t seek the spotlight even though she is skilled enough.

She’s learning that confidence is a skill.  A skill that everyone can acquire with practice.  (And I’m gently, lovingly helping her live with her shyness.)

The time to succeed

We can learn to “turn on” confidence with the power of our mind, body, and soul, so that we can get that job, get that promotion, get that date with someone special, take the next step that is right for you.

Time for the next tip: 

Would you feel confident if you knew you could not fail? 

Imagine that for a moment.  Anything you try will be a success. 

Close your eyes and feel that burst of emotion and allow it to fill every inch of you.  Sense it, feel it, taste it, think it, hear it.  Say it:  “I always succeed.”  

Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Be around people who lift you up and inspire you to be all that you can be.

Choose to hang out with people who genuinely appreciate your unique gifts. 

Honest self-assessment and adjustment

Self-awareness helps build confidence.  First you’ll want to quickly inventory your skills – what you’ve got going for you. 

Then you’ll want to quickly look at behaviors that could potentially limit you.

Make a plan to try to eliminate the factors that hold you back. 

Then pivot your focus and commit to emphasizing your inner powers that help boost your self-esteem and confidence. 

Change your self-talk into a stream of positives in your brain:  “I am capable.  I am worthy.  I am able to succeed.  I can do anything that I put my mind and will toward doing.  I am confident.”

Fix your body posture. 

Don’t slouch.  Sit up tall. Roll your shoulders back.  Smile. 

Look at yourself in the mirror.  Is your body showing signs of confidence?   Don’t you feel confident?

You’re ready to soar

Confidence is a wonderful attribute. 

Embrace your authentic self daily.  Love yourself. 

Allow the self-knowing of your inner abilities to bubble up to the surface.  Realize that this is what confidence “feels like.”  

When you believe in yourself, you feel like anything is possible.

You are bursting with enthusiasm. 

Confidence lets you expand your horizons. 

With confidence, you can journey into the unknown and know that all is well.  

Now you’re ready to soar!


Jennifer Lyn Sanin is an experienced educator with more than a decade of teaching experience domestically and internationally. Her specialty is teaching young children as an Early Childhood Educator as well as an English language teacher. She earned her Bachelor of Science in International Business, Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and Art. She is currently pursuing her Masters. She enjoys writing short stories, quotes, and articles for publication. A married mother of three, she delights in spending time with her family. Born in Sarasota, Florida, Jennifer moved quite a bit as a child. The traveling bug never let go. She eventually fell in love with a man in Istanbul, Turkey and went to visit him. Love blossomed into marriage and ten years later, she and her husband – and three young children – all settled back in the USA. Jennifer is an inspirational thought leader. You will find her at

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