Do You Know the Color of Your Energy and How it Can Help You Fulfill Your Dreams?

color of your energy

Your energy is what attracts all the things in life. And if you can connect with the color of your energy it’s so much easier to fill yourself with that color and then you can vibrate it into every area of your life.  Pretty cool, right?

So when things aren’t going your way, fill yourself with purple or green or violet or whatever your energy color is and you are filling your spirit with your own best energy.

Knowing the color of your energy can help you fulfill your dreams, which makes it a wonderful tool. Just tapping into our color could help create the vibration of what we want in life.  And then it’s easier to attract!  Gotta love that. 🙂

Try this fun, quick quiz and discover the color of your energy dear one!


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2 thoughts on “Do You Know the Color of Your Energy and How it Can Help You Fulfill Your Dreams?

  1. oceandoors says:


    I do not know if you’ll ever read this but it is worth a try.

    I’m a person who can feel energy of others or places even from a distance. I get effected by this quite often and it effects my health and peace of mind at times. Sometimes when I eat some people’s food, even if it is just one bite, I either get really sick or the worst I suddenly start to gain weight like 5 kg in a day. The weight gaining part is the worse. The rest with prayer and meditation I try and overcome but the weight gain I feel helpless. Sometimes no matter how much I pray it does not help.

    Please… I’ve been searching for an answer for years. My nickname in my family is spongebob cause I’ve started to soak up people’s energy more and more these days.

    Please help.

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