Happy holiday Monday.  I was moved to share my love of all things Jane Austen today, prompted no doubt by the fact that I was recently watching the 2009 version of Emma for the…oh I don’t know…maybe two hundredth time.  Have a heart, I needed a break from packing and unpacking and moving yet again.  Even though I know it’s all my own doing.

Anyway, this is Donwell Abbey,  the home of Mr. Knightley, who of course eventually wins the heart of the fair Emma.  The actual house used was built in 1562 in Surrey, England.


And this is Hartfield where Emma lives with her father.  It’s actually a lovely 17th century manor house which has been owned by the same family since 1731.  Isn’t it pretty?


The town of Chilham in Kent, England was used for the village scenes.


And for those interested in participating in Emma with me, here’s a video clip.  Enjoy.


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