celebrations of lifeWhen was the last time you celebrated an achievement of yours? 

Or, more to the point, when was the last time you accomplished something significant, and you didn’t do a thing to take note of it?  If you keep reading, I’ll make your life sweeter and more worthwhile. 

Just hop aboard my Celebration Express.

Something happened!

Celebrations are essential in life because they mark significant times of great joy, accomplishment, or commitment. 

Something happened!  And you are making it a Red Letter Occasion in your life. 

Of course, the most common is probably your birthday, and the birthdays of people close to you. 

What was it that happened?  A new life began on this Earth of ours, and we’re taking a moment to call attention to it with honor, respect, and joy.  

A different kind of celebration

We all know about the traditional celebrations.  They’re called holidays. 

But I’m talking about creating a Culture of Celebration in your own life as a means of making yourself happier.

Celebrations can be for any reason – big and small. 

Big: You got promoted! 

Small: You spent a day spring cleaning. 

You can celebrate alone or with others. 

The point is that you take a moment to reflect on the achievement or milestone, cherish it, and allow yourself to bask in the glory of your successes and triumphs. 

These joyful states of happiness highlight the positive aspects in our lives.  They make life more meaningful.

You don’t need a national holiday as an excuse.  Create your own celebration and make it personal.  

Honor your journey in life and the growth that you have achieved. 

Taking a moment to focus on something positive lightens up our hearts and spreads joy to others by our own high vibration. 

Ignore the negative naysayers

There’s a negativity out there that wants to smother our accomplishments with cynicism and ridicule. 

“You did what?  Congratulations.  What are you going to do next?” 

I refuse to give in to such rants.  My retort is:  I’m going to celebrate, probably with friends. 

And we’re going to buy a pizza and eat it together, or take the afternoon off and do absolutely nothing for a few hours, or go see a movie.  

Go ahead and fluff your feathers. Be as proud as a peacock, and strut around with the confidence that you can accomplish what you set your mind to.

It is time to celebrate you. Really look deep into the power of who you are and what you are capable of doing. 

Take it one step further

Try taking it one step further. 

I celebrate the miracles of nature around me.  The rainbows, the butterflies, the bird that lands next to me, the eagle flying over my head while I am thinking about something else. 

That’s my sign to myself that it is time that I honor the Goddess Earth for her beauty that always surrounds me. 

This is my daily kind of celebration.

When you reach a level of celebrating the magical life around you, then the magic starts to appear everywhere.  And it enhances and enriches your whole life.

So, I challenge you not to rush past your accomplishment and tackle your next challenge immediately.  I urge you to celebrate with joy, love, gratitude, and honor. 

And remember this.

Each time you forget to celebrate your successes, however big, however small…you are dissipating the energy of success within. 

And keeping that energy high draws the energy of even more success to you

It is all about working hard and then honoring the success along the way. This is the momentum that keeps us going and succeeding in life, one step at a time.  

Go ahead, take a moment today and find a reason to celebrate something. You have so much to be proud of.  You have had successes that you haven’t even paused to reflect upon.  You have accomplishments that deserve your joy. 

And sometimes, if all the stars are aligned just so, life becomes a celebration in itself.  Enjoy the journey.  Celebrate!


Jennifer Lyn Sanin is an experienced educator with more than a decade of teaching experience domestically and internationally. Her specialty is teaching young children as an Early Childhood Educator as well as an English language teacher. She earned her Bachelor of Science in International Business, Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and Art. She is currently pursuing her Masters. She enjoys writing short stories, quotes, and articles for publication. A married mother of three, she delights in spending time with her family. Born in Sarasota, Florida, Jennifer moved quite a bit as a child. The traveling bug never let go. She eventually fell in love with a man in Istanbul, Turkey and went to visit him. Love blossomed into marriage and ten years later, she and her husband – and three young children – all settled back in the USA. Jennifer is an inspirational thought leader. You will find her at JenniferLynSanin.com

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