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Having lived through a ‘my life sucks’ period, feeling the same sense of frustration and pointlessness over and over and over, I know the challenge of keeping spirits high. But I also know what happens if you don’t make a clear and determined decision not to live like that for the rest of your life. I hit my turning point. If you’re there now, here’s an antidote for when life sucks.


Who doesn’t want to be able to live a life with fewer regrets? I know I do. And let’s face it those pangs of regret hurt, right? It’s a pretty rotten feeling. We can regret what we wish we’d done, but didn’t. We can regret things we could…


We’ve all probably read a thousand tips and tricks on “How to make your life better.” But are there any controllable factors that take time away from creating that better life? Most likely our phones, the internet, the television. All of which have a place in our life,…


Do you believe that it’s hard to find and keep a lasting love relationship? Maybe you feel it’s impossible to meet the right partner, or that there is no right partner for you? Let’s say that at some level you just can’t see yourself in a lasting, loving…


“ I feel guilty” – who hasn’t had this thought or said these words – ever. Not me that’s for sure. And once we’re there, that feeling is hard to shake. It doesn’t want to let go and sticks to us like an unrelenting limpet. Even worse we…


Do you think letting go is the same as giving up? You may see letting go as quitting or giving up what you should be pursuing. Or you’re reluctant to say goodbye to the comfortable, familiar ways of life. But the reality of giving up is simply closing…


Your emotional resilience is a measure of your adaptability in the face of negative situations. In other words, your ability to bounce back, or roll with the punches as you face challenging circumstances. And If you’ve been worrying about how to cope with all the events unfolding in…

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The foundation for achieving the personal freedom of being able to do the things you want to do, go to the places you want to go and live a life of your choosing is your money mindset.

I share how I changed my financial future with some surprising, yet simple and easy-to-follow strategies so you can too!