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We all understand that we are people with differences, based on the fact that we have different religious values, morals, societal values, different DNAs, thinking patterns, blood types, blood groups and so on. So how can we not expect to encounter difficult personalities in our day to day…

We want to experience different things in life. We want to have a future that probably doesn’t bear any resemblance to the life we live right now, yet one of the greatest obstacles to any kind of transformation are poisonous, self judgmental thoughts, and we all have them.…

Do you believe that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacle? That given the right opportunities you could be unstoppable? Or maybe you were fed a steady diet of disempowering stories about yourself as a child. Maybe you believe that you’re not smart enough or capable enough.…


Think back to the last time you experienced a crushing setback. You probably remember where you were and what you were wearing. You likely recall the overwhelming sense of agony you felt. A break-up. A job loss. A failed business. The mental anguish felt as bad or worse…

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