Personal Development


Over the years I’ve tried and tested a number of principles of life to grow myself, my mind, spirit and yes even my body.  And discovered the end result was greater happiness. Though sometimes I think my body would take the idea too literally and actually grew in…


Losers fix the blame; winners fix what caused the problem ~ Denis Waitley Nothing is as painful as the thought and feelings of thinking we’re a loser. Most people experience that stage in life when they lose all hope and faith to keep going. Who are the losers? …

“People are difficult and so annoying, it feels like they were naturally configured to irritate and bug my life… I’ve had enough! I’m done!! In fact, I’m better off on my own.” Sound familiar? Admit it! You’ve probably heard this before from someone, probably from a friend, a…

We all understand that we are people with differences, based on the fact that we have different religious values, morals, societal values, different DNAs, thinking patterns, blood types, blood groups and so on. So how can we not expect to encounter difficult personalities in our day to day…

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The foundation for achieving the personal freedom of being able to do the things you want to do, go to the places you want to go and live a life of your choosing is your money mindset.

I share how I changed my financial future with some surprising, yet simple and easy-to-follow strategies so you can too!