Breaking The Habits Of Hurts And Hangups Volume 1.


There’s something about you that I think you should know.

You are greater than your thoughts, feelings or limiting beliefs.  All that ‘stuff’ you’ve been hanging onto…and you know what that is…and it’s getting in the way of living the life you love.  Believe me, I’m speaking from experience here.

The core of who you are is spirit, is joy, is happiness, and okay, I get that it doesn’t always ‘feel’ that way.  We’re all in the same boat here.

Everyone knows by now that there are universal laws that govern our experiences in this physical world.  Right?  Yet, we’re all operating with a limited level of conscious awareness.  Getting bigger all the time, but still limited.

Even though we might not understand everything that’s going on, we do understand everything does happen by law, whether we like it or not.  Our entire universe operates in a very exact way. So the fact that we don’t understand something doesn’t minimise it.  The law is there and it always works, and it doesn’t really care if we like it or understand it.  It just is.

I’ve been studying and practicing these laws for some time now, and there are all kinds of things that I don’t understand, so I have to continually study and practice to gain a greater understanding.   Confession time…I love to do it.

So, for the past few months, I’ve been studying a great addition to my knowledge and understanding of these laws.

Before I say any more, I need to tell you that I got so carried away with this post that I’ve had to split it into two volumes.  This first one is the why and wherefores and the next one, which should show up next week, will be the things I’ve experienced with it.

I ‘discovered’ Lester Levenson.  Well, I read one of his books, since he passed away some time ago.

[success] All are seeking complete freedom and happiness, and everyone is seeking this either consciously or unconsciously. The goal is Self-Realization. ~ Lester Levenson.[/success]

Lester was what is fondly known as an overachiever.

11 may lester-levensonHe was a physicist, an engineer and a successful businessman.  He was hugely successful by society’s standards and yet his health failed him at the age of 42…he suffered his second heart attack and it was massive. At that time, and we’re talking back in the fifties, there was nothing to be done.  Go home, get your affairs in order, was the general prescription.

He became depressed and miserable, but the engineer in him wouldn’t rest, it wanted to work stuff out, so he began to examine his life.  He was intelligent, well read, considered brilliant even, but where had all this accumulated knowledge got him?  To the point of staring death in the face.

Not good.

He stepped further back and took a look within.


He noticed that each time he was ill, he was wanting something.  He wanted more money. He wanted love.  But, most of all he wanted to change things.  He began to be aware that whenever he’d been giving and loving and wasn’t wanting anything, he had peace of mind and didn’t get sick . So, he asked himself:

If I could get rid of all my non-loving feelings, would I get better?

Aaah, now he’d really begun to get to the core of the matter and he discovered two truths that literally saved his life.

First Truth 

It was his suppressed feelings that were the cause of all his problems.  His very own feelings had been  a major component in creating ill health and causing many of  life’s hurts, habits and hangups…not to mention his fears, his doubts and anxieties.

Second Truth

Just as children are able to feel their feelings, let them go and move on, so could he.  He learned he could release every feeling that was causing a negative influence in his life.  And as he practiced these techniques, he began to feel lighter, and more joyful.  He began to experience his true self.

It was effortless.  He learned how to break his bad habits.

He’d rediscovered his natural, ability to let go.  And his worries and fears and unhappiness dropped away.  It was the end of struggle and resistance.

And joy of joys his body began to heal.  Boy he must have been thrilled.

Soon Lester felt so much better that he later said he rarely felt the need to eat or sleep and that he enjoyed his unlimited energy so much that he’d spend his nights walking the streets of New York City, just to do something with all that energy bouncing around inside him.

He spent three months in learning and practicing the techniques that allowed him to release all the negative feelings he’d been carrying around with him.

Abundance became effortless, he was totally well, and to him the most important thing of all was that he entered a continuous state of deep and profound happiness, of bliss, that he lived in for another forty years.  I want me some of that!

effortless-abundanceHe wanted to share his discovery with the world and he created a programme based on the premise that you can’t want something and have it at the same time.

You can’t live with thoughts of lack and negative emotions and experience a life of joy and bliss and abundance.

If you have emotions that cause you to want something, then you’re putting out into the universe that you don’t have it.  And we all know enough about  the law of attraction, to know that when you live in the state of wanting and not having, you’re creating more lack, and less fulfillment.

Which is why we always need to live in the assumption that our latest desire is already ours, right now.  Even though we can’t yet see it or touch it, we have it in consciousness, in our imagination, which is where everything begins.

So, I began to put into practice Lester’s techniques of letting go and in the process I discovered I was a serial controller.  Aargh.

Don’t laugh…

Stay tuned and find out…you might be one too.

Read the rest here…


Encourage one another.

Love Elle

11 thoughts on “Breaking The Habits Of Hurts And Hangups Volume 1.

    • Elle says:

      Thanks for stopping by to comment Tess. It sounds pretty cool to me, being so blissed out that I could function really well on a little sleep and no desire for chocolate or brownies. 🙂

  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Elle,

    I enjoyed this post. I have not heard of Lester Levenson either and he sounds like an incredible man. Wow – here’s to the power of letting go of negative thinking.

    • Elle says:

      Hello Cathy…Lester seems to have been a fascinating man…and I’m really enjoying practicing his philosophy…it’s amazing how many unlovely feelings we have within us, stashed on upon another. It’s surprising we have any room to breathe. 🙂

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