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It was frigid out.  A dark, grey and bone chilling English winter day.  Davina was warming her toes in front of the roaring fire in my Mum’s big farmhouse kitchen while nursing her cup of tea  – and she was complaining vehemently, as she frequently did, about her boss.  He was singling her out for treatment and not of the positive kind.  If I’d heard her say it once, she’d said it a hundred times.  Her boss didn’t like her.  He was always looking for fault in what she did and what she said.  I knew my Mum had been telling her exactly what she’d tell me, that if she kept thinking and feeling these thoughts, she would only experience unhappy outcomes.

Beliefs.  We all have them, influencing and affecting us in ways we probably don’t even recognize, vibrating within us day and night at a sub-conscious level.  We have them about every aspect of our life, beliefs about how much money we could make this year, about the state of our health, about the opportunities available to us – or lack of them, about how great or awful our boss or parent, or teacher or partner is.

And here’s the challenge with beliefs, if they are faulty, or limiting in any way its pretty much like running a faulty programme in our computer and this programme will play over and over again, on repeat, inside us, limiting and distracting us; creating circumstances in our life that match the images we have within.

And so it was for Davina…sadly she lost her job.

Wow.   Reminder for me too.  Note to self…pay attention to your beliefs.

It’s time for a little  diligence.  Be aware of what you are believing and see if the belief is moving you in the direction you desire, or holding you back or, even worse taking you in the opposite direction from where you want to go.

Encourage each other.

Love Elle.




Elle Sommer
Elle is the creator of Live Purposefully Now, a website with a wide variety of authors and topics whose focus is on helping you to change/re-direct and navigate your life. She is a self-confessed spiritual junkie, offering a deeper more holistic approach to life. This deeper approach sets you on a simple path towards your greatest future, helps you remove those limiting beliefs that hold us all back and supports you in achieving your dreams.


  1. “Beliefs. We all have them, influencing and affecting us in ways we probably don’t even recognize, vibrating within us day and night at a sub-conscious level.” – Yes, yes! I love this quote Elle! They absolutely do affect us in so many ways — I would love it if the majority of the population would understand this! Thanks for sharing!

    • Elle Reply

      Me too Victor. What an even more wonderful world it would be.

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