In this article, I am going to give you 6 simple tips for more confidence. Situations often arise in life where you need to act confidently. The question many people have is, can they be confident all the time?

Yes, it is possible to be confident all the time as long as you make being confident a core part of your being. What I mean by the ‘core part’ is that you, at the core of yourself, are confident.

First, let me explain my definition of confidence. Confidence is the ability to behave and act following your higher mind. Your higher mind or higher consciousness is the part of your brain system that is very wise and very sure of itself. The lower mind is the part of your brain that is just the opposite. When you are not feeling confident, that is because you re are operating from your lower mind.

How to Connect with your Higher Mind

Your higher mind is a part of you, sometimes all you have to do is turn it on. But how do you do that? You do that through simple tasks like meditating or listening to some good music or walking outside in quiet, natural settings.

Connecting with your higher mind is easier when you are still and quiet. Eckhart Tolle spoke about this in his books when he claimed he sat on a park bench every day for two years. The daily practice of being still both mentally and physically helps you to reconnect with your higher mind.

Yes, you can be sure of yourself when trying something new because you know the outcome. Your outcome is merely going to be to go through and experience whatever it is you are going to experience with a feeling of certainty and strength.

Can you fake confidence? Yes, you can. The problem with faking confidence is that eventually, you and everyone else will know you’re a fake, and as a result, you can be sure that your level of confidence will plummet.

Confidence vs. Competence

Being competent in something means that you can perform a particular activity will little challenge or effort. Being more confident means that you feel good about yourself and your abilities while you are accomplishing something, perhaps even for the first time. For some people, confidence comes easily, while for others, confidence is severely missing.

6 Easy Tips for More Confidence

First off, confidence is natural to all of you; the challenge is can you allow yourself to be more confident without judging yourself.

Confidence is not the same as arrogance. Confidence says I can handle this while arrogance says I am not enough, so I have to pretend I am more than who I am.


Confidence Tip 1

Walk straight, do not hunch your shoulders or bend your neck down. Keep everything in alignment with the best you can. When you walk confidently, you will act and feel confident. If you find yourself getting uncomfortable while walking, remind yourself that you are a confident person, and you love it when people notice you.

Confidence Tip 2

Speak slowly and with purpose. If you talk too fast, it looks like you are not feeling sure you are going to be heard. I know having conversations with some people is difficult because they are waiting for you to stop talking so they can speak. 

But under normal circumstances, speak clearly, slowly and deliberately.

Confidence Tip 3

Believe in yourself and know that you are enough. Many people have this deep-seated belief that they are not good enough, smart enough, tall enough, rich enough, etc. These are limiting beliefs, and they do not serve you.

Beliefs are conscious and unconscious messages that you have accepted as being accurate.

You need to carry beliefs that are realistic enough, but not beliefs that make you smaller than you are. The truth is we are not all equal in everything; however, you can do most things that other people can do.

Confidence Tip 4

Keep improving yourself. We are human, and we are not perfect. Some of us are horrible at remembering things, while others are terrible at getting to appointments on time. Whatever small flaws you have that are under your control, work on them, and improve yourself. You have enough ability inside of you to do this.

I recommend spending time each day to reflect on yourself and areas that need improvement, honestly. Needing improvement does not mean you are any less of a human. It means that you are a work in progress like everyone else, and you have enough self-love to tend to your own garden when it needs it.

Confidence Tip 5

Stay consistent. Nothing kills confidence like inconsistency. I’ll out myself on this one. Last November, I put together a small home gym for myself. I have an adjustable weight bench, dumbells a running machine, and a curling bar. I was really consistent with working out three to five times a week for a month, and then something bigger came up in my life, and I pretty much stopped working out altogether.

I recently started working out again, and I plan to do this at least three to five times a week again. Keeping promises to yourself is just as important as keeping your promises to other people.

Confidence Tip 6

Do the thing you dislike to do the most first thing. We all have things to do that we would rather not. Many students procrastinate on assignments that they know they have to do and often wait until the last minute.

When you procrastinate, you are creating future stress for yourself. Do what needs to be done as soon as you can and do not put it off to a later time.

In Closing

Being more confident is not about being better than other people. Being more confident is about being your best self, which allows you to share all your skills and abilities with the world, therefore, making it a better place to live for all of us.

When we do our best to make the most out of ourselves, we can be of the greatest assistance to our family, friends, co-workers, and society.


Justin Mazza is a personal development blogger at Mazzastick. He began his personal development journey in 1997 and shares his insights on his blog. Please stop by and check out the archives section for more personal growth tips.


  1. Thank you for the guest posting opportunity Elle. I hope your readers can receive some positive benefit from the suggestions in the article for being more confident in life.

    Take Care.

    • Justin you are welcome to write a guest article anytime you are able. We are happy to have you. 🙂

  2. These are great, Justin. I especially like the ones I wouldn’t have thought of like stay consistent or do the thing you don’t like first.

  3. I remember during our sales training, decades ago, one of the things the trainer insisted on was being consistent. It truly works. Great tips, Elle!

    • No surprise there Vidya…persistence and consistency are what create new habits of being and as we know this leads to new paths in life. 🙂

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