[success] The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. ~ Helen Keller[/success]

I was thinking today (it’s something I do sometimes) that there’s a level of awareness available to us all – transcending our physical world and our ordinary consciousness.  Now that sounds pretty cool wouldn’t you say?  No, not so much that I had a thought, but the idea of this super duper level of consciousness that is rightfully ours.

Now you might very well ask:

Okey dokey how do we get to it?  

Through our imagination.

And why would we want to do that Elle?

Aha, this is the good bit, because this is the realm where magic lives.  Well, it seems magical.  Because it’s here that through persistently assuming we are who we want to be, and we have what we want to have that those desires are guaranteed.   And I did say guaranteed.

And how can that be?

We’re all part of divine consciousness and we’re intended to be successful and happy and filled with love and joy.   We’re here to create; this is a world of creative imagination.  And we’re here to create a better world first of all for ourselves and then for everyone who comes into our sphere.

There’s a lot of problems around.  What do we do about that?

Now we’re stepping into the realm of our beliefs.  Beliefs are a bit like the measles, they can be catching.  And a fatalistic belief can be contagious.  If we throw our hands up in the air and say yes to the influence of all the negativity that often surrounds us, then our circumstances can appear stronger than the power within.  Not true of course, but boy can it sometimes feel that way.

If everything is cause and effect.  What’s the effect of thinking thoughts? 

The basic law of life tells us “as within – so without”.  And that’s it in a nutshell.  We’re a conglomeration of every thought, feeling, worry, joy, and reaction.  We occupy this state of vibration, and unless and until we change some or all of the ‘stuff’ within, life continues to respond to these old vibrations and continues to create the reality we’re already experiencing.

[success] Chance or accident is not responsible for the things that happen to you, nor is predestined fate the author of your fortune or misfortune. Your subconscious impressions determine the conditions in your world…the subconscious is not selective. ~ Neville[/success]

For instance I have a friend who’s had nothing but rotten relationships.  I mean, every one of them has ended in disaster.  And even though she tells me she wants a great relationship, she wants to have her best and last romance, she usually ends up explaining that because she wants these things, it can’t possibly be her fault that nothing works out for her.

And she’s right, it’s not her fault.  But it’s her consciousness that creates the same little, limiting scenario time after time.  No blame, just her awareness-of- being operating.  She’s impressed her subconscious with these beliefs because she thought the same things over and over and had the same feelings over and over.

[success] Once upon a time there was light in my life but now there’s only love in the dark.  Nothing I can do.  A total eclipse of the heart ~ Jim Steinman and Bonnie Tyler[/success]

You are the light of your heart- it can’t be eclipsed…it’s always there, waiting for you to chose the beautiful things.

The person you are, radiates out as energy, and at the same time operates like a magnet. You are uniquely you, and have your own special energy signature.  Energy naturally radiates; after all it’s always in motion.  And energy is always seeking and moving toward energy that’s just like itself.  So not only does my friend, who remains nameless, radiate the thoughts and feelings and reactions about relationships that are at the core of who she is, she also magnetizes someone who matches that vibration.  And that’s the challenge.

Whatever her beliefs about relationships are, they’re not bringing her what she wants and she can choose to be a prisoner of her past or she can set herself free by letting go of her old negative thought patterns and move into a new state of mind that contains new thoughts and feelings.

And this is true for all of us, in any of our experiences.  We don’t have to figure anything out.  It’s a lie that we don’t have the answers.   If we would stop beating ourselves up, disapproving of ourselves and occasionally…just every now and then, approve of ourselves and our experiences, we might very well create space to discover that we have all the power within to change our current life experiences and build new ones.  We might actually find the truly beautiful things of our heart.

At our core we’re spiritual beings living and operating in a material world and our life is merely a reflection of who we currently are, not who we want to be or would prefer to be, but our very deepest core beliefs.  And the really great news is that there’s a mechanism, an art, for realizing our every desire and it’s simply using your hearts to choose your desire, feeling the joy or relief or whatever your feeling is, that it’s yours now, and allowing your vibration of energy to radiate out into your world, bringing back a matching experience.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle


Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


    • Elle

      Thank you Arvind, that means a lot. 🙂

  1. This post is kind of perfect for me today. It has been a great week for me with a shower of good things. 🙂 And I love that Bonnie Tyler song. Hugs, Elle. Always making me feel goo-oood!

    • Elle

      How fantastic Vidya. Love that you’ve had a whole shower of good things. 🙂

  2. Thank you Elle! I always feel better after reading your posts.
    Love the Helen Keller quote. It’s always been one of my favorites!

    xoxo Betsy

    • Elle

      That’s funny Betsy, I feel the same way when I read your posts too. There’s so much love out there, it’s easy to get immersed in it and then, woops we find ourselves experiencing even more. Don’t you just love the way this universe operates. 🙂

  3. Yes, that is something I’ve noticed about myself in recent years — that I don’t find myself disapproving of what’s going around me as often — and I think that’s made more difference in terms of my own happiness than the particular things I’ve done or accomplished within that time.

    • Elle

      It’s interesting Chris, how easily we manage to disapprove of ourselves and our circumstances, but approving of us and them can sometimes need a more conscious effort, so kudos to you for finding more approval and I love the way you find it’s made a difference to you. It’s always good to hear about others’ experiences – it encourages all of us and I thank you for that gift. 🙂

  4. Hi Elle,

    Another post that is so inspiring. I do feel that when things don’t work out, such as your friend’s situation, we need to step back and reevaluate. So many things can be just below the surface and we may not be truly recognizing their existence or their source.

    Love this line – “You are the light of your heart- it can’t be eclipsed…it’s always there, waiting for you to chose the beautiful things.” Cathy xoxo

    • Elle

      Thanks for this Cathy, it’s so true, stepping back gives us a little room to maneuver and space to make new choices. 🙂

  5. I love your point about not beating ourselves up – something that has taken me a long time to learn to do. We need to love ourselves and then we will be more able to love others.
    Thank you Elle!

  6. I completely agree about what you have to say on the world being a creative place. I’m encouraged of our innate abilities fostered by our imagination (art, literature, dance, etc.), but I think people too often disregard our natural abilities of the subconscious and surround themselves with poisonous negative thoughts that land them in the same bad situations time and time again. I make it a point to think and maintain a positivity that radiates into every action I commit. It’s improved my mood and has brought me an excellent peace of mind. I consciously avoid negative situations and in doing so have improved my overall quality of life. I’m realizing many of the dreams and wishes I’ve made my entire life. And I’m doing so by continuously moving forward and not being discouraged by any barriers or hurdles I encounter. You express an excellent message, and I hope many more benefit from it.

    • Elle

      Welcome Ellen and thanks for your comment. I’m not usually so slow to respond, but the internet is not very efficient when you’re as far out to sea as we are! I love what you have to say. In fact I was only thinking today, that if we all simply made sure we were only thinking of what we wanted, our life would be as beautiful as it’s designed to be. Thank you for joining in our conversation with great insights. 🙂

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