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By Brian A. Hill

The Beatles wrote “All you need is love.” And modern research now confirms that love is key to our living a happy, fulfilling life.  Yet it still can be the most difficult thing in the world to navigate.

If love doesn’t come easily to you, or doesn’t last, perhaps it’s time to take a look at what could be one of the most important components in long lasting loving relationships.

Your love style.

Do you even know what this is?

It’s the way you give love and want to be loved.

It sounds simple right?

But surprisingly few people actually know their love style.  If you’re one of them, you can’t be sure to get the love you want, need and deserve.

Lucky for us humans, astrologically speaking, Venus, the planet of love, holds the information that we need to understand our particular love style.  So if you want to know what really floats your boat when it comes to love. Or what another person needs to feel loved, read on and discover all you need to know to create an awesome relationship that’s good for your heart and soul.

The language of love

If you know your astrological Sun sign, you can figure out your love style.

But your Sun sign doesn’t hold the true secret.

It’s your Venus sign that tells you your love style. Venus speaks the language of love.

Thankfully, it’s not too hard to figure out and once you do, it will go a long way to making sure you know what your love style is, and equally important the love style of your partner.

The three possibilities

There’s only three possibilities for your Venus sign;

(a) it’s the same as your Sun sign

(b)it’s the sign before your Sun sign

(c) it’s the sign after your Sun sign.

The secret is in the stars

To make it even easier…here is a list of the zodiac signs in order.

(1) Aries, (2) Taurus, (3) Gemini, (4) Cancer, (5) Leo, (6) Virgo, (7) Libra, (8) Scorpio, (9) Sagittarius, (10) Capricorn, (11) Aquarius, (12) Pisces.

So, if your Sun sign is in Taurus, your three possible Venus love styles are Taurus, Aries, or Gemini.

To keep it simple you can tell which one is yours by knowing how Venus operates in each of the signs.

You’ll probably even recognize yourself in the descriptions.

Venus in Aries

You are quick to know what and whom you’re attracted to, no beating around the bush for you. Like a match, you are quick to flame, as well as burn out. The chase is the exhilarating part. You are spontaneous, passionate and active and want a partner who will reciprocate. Love is now. Who knows about tomorrow!

Venus in Taurus

You’re not the type to rush into love. But, once you’re in, you’re in to stay. You want security, both emotional as well as financial. You enjoying being sensual and tactile, receiving pleasure with hugs, holding hands and a luscious massage. You need a commitment in love and a purposeful direction for it.

Venus in Gemini

Mental stimulation, versatility and freedom are all keys to you feeling loved. Great conversation must be present to start the process and to keep it going. Loving and laudable words feed your heart. The sharing of a wide variety of activities helps to keep you connected to love. You need space. “Smotherers” need not apply.

Venus in Cancer

You are caring, sentimental, emotional and nurturing. That’s how you give love and that’s how you want to be loved. Security is a must. Your home is your love nest and family your world. Love you; love your family. Shallow words of love will never fill your heart, you need an emotional connection with your partner.

Venus in Leo

You love passionately and dramatically and you need the same in return. You love to be showered with attention and affection; made to feel like you are “the only one” for him, the star of his life. If the passion play cools down, your sense of being loved turns to hurt and then you can turn ice cold.

Venus in Virgo

You heart is a cautious heart. It doesn’t give itself quickly. Your suitor needs to earn his way into your love by appreciating the little things you do and by doing the little things in return for you. Being practical, pragmatic and with attention to details gets your attention. When you feel safe to love, you’re deliciously sensual, generous and giving.

Venus in Libra

Your love is kind, considerate and thoughtful, so why wouldn’t you want to receive the same? Of course you would. You need elegance and harmony and fairness must be the norm. You need a love that allows you to the feel that you’re his priority, because you’re always doing that for him.  You need to receive what you give.

Venus in Scorpio

Your love style is intense, passionate, loyal, deep, focused, private and can be obsessive. There is no such thing as a casual love for you. When you’re in love, you are deeply in love. Like a powerful dam that opens it locks, the flow of love that rushes forth can be transforming. And you want the same to rush back to you.

Venus in Sagittarius

You feel love when joy fills your heart. Your perfect day includes having spontaneous fun, playing a sport or going on some type of adventure even if it’s only to Home Depot, followed by passionate love making with your best friend all wrapped up in a blanket of laughter, while the whole time you’re free to be you.

Venus in Capricorn

A Goat’s love style is deceiving. Beneath an exterior style that is serious, reserved, pragmatic and practical is a passionate love that waits to be uncovered by someone who shares the same values and ambitions. This is a slow to burn, but long to last love that can carry itself through all the seasons of love.

Venus in Aquarius

Friendship opens the door to love and is the necessary door-stop to keep the love open. Intellectual stimulation is necessary for the friendship to remain. At all times you need the freedom to be you and try on different experiences. Cool, calm and collected is your approach to love, until your “best friend” shows his face.

Venus in Pisces

Your love style is an emotionally precious gift. Your love is sensitive, compassionate, sensual, tender, affectionate, demonstrative and always mystically romantic. Because you are so vulnerable in love, you may hesitate to open your heart until you feel certain that you are secure in the arms of an equivalent love.

Final Words

There’s nothing greater in life than to love and be loved. And there’s no greater risk to our hearts, but now that you have a better idea of your love style, make it an integral part of all your relationships and enrich them in amazing ways.

Best of love,


[success]          Brian Photo smallest   Brian A. Hill is an extraordinary blend of wisdom,  intuition and astrological mastery. He has over four decades of experience as an intuitive, spiritual counselor, metaphysical teacher, humanistic astrologer with international clientele. He also manages to write a monthly column,  be involved in radio/tv and is an author. His mission is to entertain, enlighten and empower, and you can find out more by visiting his website here.[/success]





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