Can you believe you have a Superhuman Potential?

And if you can’t believe this yet, would you like to find out more, just in case it’s true?

Even more to the point, wouldn’t you like to tap into your greater potential anyway? Superhuman or not?

If this is you, read on…

Growth is a natural part of human evolution, and the desire of most people is to expand in awareness as well as achievement. 

Growth does not have to be forced upon us.  As human being we grow through distress, boredom and a need to solve the issues that we are facing. 

In such a case growth happens naturally, but what if your desire is to excel in the most amazing way?  What if you want to take this short life and turn it into the most magnificent life experience? 

In such a case you may want to take matters into your own hands and do what is needed in order to reach your highest potential. 

Perhaps you are a high achiever and you want to experience a life beyond the norm. 

Maybe you want to excel in a particular area of your life and not just excel but to go beyond what is average or what is deemed as possible. 

Then the following 5 keys are fundamental to achieving not only a greater potential but a superhuman potential. 

If your goal is to make a lasting impact then you must be mindful of these 5 crucial keys to reaching your most powerful potential.  It’s the difference in being ordinary and being extraordinary.

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” – Roy T. Bennett

Letting go of limited beliefs to support your superhuman potential

Your beliefs are a guideline to your potential.  You cannot achieve a higher potential, let alone a superhuman one if your beliefs are based on limitations. 

You may not even realize just how many internal thoughts you have running wild in your mind which are limiting. 

You may tell yourself that you want to achieve more but somehow in your mind there are other things which are competing with those desires. 

Those competing thoughts could dramatically limit all of your efforts, so that whatever you do becomes neutralized, which means your efforts will produce little or nothing at all. 

If you have ever found yourself working hard to make something work all while it seems as if you are running in place, then you want to check your beliefs. 

Your beliefs may not coincide with your actions.

Practical action steps:

1.) Question yourself about what it is you believe about how high you can go. 

Even if the answers seem obvious to you at the moment, reflecting on it with more meaning and purpose will uncover deeper roots to your present belief. 

This is especially so, when you spend a good amount of time exploring those questions.

2.) Write or record your answer out. 

Get active and engaged about exploring the inner concepts of your limits. 

Writing it all out will bring it to the forefront of your mind.  In that way you expose your limited thoughts and beliefs.  Doing so will help you in moving beyond them.

3.) Ask yourself, has anyone ever broken those beliefs which you presently hold?  Sometimes we need external confirmation by watching others break boundaries, in order for us to believe in a new possibility. 

super-human potential

You must want to break out of the mental perceptions you are presently living in.  You have to want to see beyond your present limits.

Programming Yourself For a Higher Potential

As you bring awareness to your limited beliefs, examine them and explore new ways of looking at those beliefs, you will slowly begin to change. 

This new change will move you out of the bounds of those limited beliefs to a new level of thinking. 

As you open your mind to a new way of looking at your potential this alone will begin to move you into a higher potential. 

This is the first step towards increasing your potential in life or that particular situation where you want to achieve a higher outcome.

It does not stop there. 

Questioning your limits can go deeper and higher as you question more and more. 

One man may say, “I want to know the skill and power of reading one book a day and do so with full comprehension of the subject?” 

After finding out the secret, then successfully achieving this, he could stop there or he could go higher. 

He could ask, how can I read two books in a day, or how can I absorb the content of a book while I am sleeping? 

Your limited belief will immediately stop you and say, it’s not possible to absorb the contents of a book while you are asleep, because you can’t see it. 

You need your eyes to be open in order to read it and so on. 

But again, your ability to achieve this skill, the ability to absorb information from a book while you are sleeping, is limited to you because you don’t believe. 

Your potential is limited based on the limits you have set for yourself. 

In order to achieve higher, you have to program yourself for higher. 

It is a bit like entering a mansion with many doors, the only way you can fully explore the full mansion is to open those doors to other rooms.


If you stick in one room, filling yourself with reasons why you cannot open those other doors, you will never know that you can open those other doors. 

Also, you will never know what is behind those doors. 

The first step in programming yourself for higher is to intend it. 

The desire to go higher is not an easy one often we battle with feelings of not deserving to go higher.

Practical action steps:

1.) In what way do you feel undeserving of obtaining higher? 

It does not matter what those ideas are, you must face them. 

Write or record them so you can fully dissect them. 

Spend as much time on the topic.  As you play with it in your mind, your mind will begin to slowly expand.

2.) What does a higher-level look like to you? 

Explore that, even if you are resisting it in some way. 

At first you may think that you have already shifted your belief to a new level and you cant go higher than that.  Those are all mental blocks, explore them. 

Search your mind, try to recall stories which will help you go higher.  This entire process of exploring will again shift your mind into a higher potential.

3.) Write out what you have discovered.  Any new information which will help you in going higher should be noted.  Writing out any new information is a bit like writing out new rules for your potential. 

Because your conscious mind needs to see in order to believe you writing those new revelations out, will set a new code for your mind.  New codes, or rules, mean a new belief and new potential.

These steps should be done with a full desire as well as a strong intent to make that shift.  You can’t do them in a half-hearted way.  The degree of your intention is the degree of your shift.  You get out what you put in.

Merging with your higher potential

Often, we come upon new information which shifts our mindset. 

The feeling is wonderful at first. 

Even our potential shifts and then we are able to do some amazing things, however there is a very big problem many of us face.  That problem is our ability to maintain that higher truth.

Have you ever experienced feeling exhilarated about a new skill or new ideas but a few weeks later you have almost forgotten everything you learned? 

Maybe, it’s a skill that you gained but somehow lost your ability to do it as well.

The reason this happens is that you did not integrate the new information deeply enough. 

The second reason is that we are often surrounded by people who are still holding on to the old limited belief we previously had and they slowly pull us back into an old way of thinking and being. 

It can be a struggle if you do not learn to integrate the new level of being until it changes you permanently.

This is why some form of mediations is crucial to becoming our highest potential.  Both your inner and outer mind need to hold a picture of your new higher superhuman potential. 

When you seek new information, then write it out, you give the conscious mind something to hold on it. 

However, the conscious mind will let it go if its not in harmony with the inner subconscious mind.  Both parts of your mind need to agree to this higher potential.

When you meditate you bring all of this new information to the deeper, inner operational part of the mind. 

Practical action steps:

1.) Set aside 40-60 minutes to first explore your idea of a super human potential in whatever area of your life you want to achieve maximum abilities and success. 

Write out what that would mean and look like to you.

2.) Next create a story out of this new higher superhuman potential.  That story could be you living, acting, expressing that superhuman potential.

3.) Set some music, then allow yourself to explore that story as you envision yourself living out those higher potentials. 

Mediating and immersing yourself into the setting of that higher aspect integrates that new aspect into your being in a lasting way.

Our mind must first be right before we can make successful action in life. 

Just as we cannot plant seeds in soil that is not properly fertilized because those seeds will not grow properly; it is in this way the mind must be fertilized in order to produce higher results.  

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Daniel Hinds is the author of Open Your Spiritual Eye to Experience Superhuman Visualization Abilities. He also maintains the blog, where he writes on Mind Power and Reality Creation topics. He is also a teacher and coach on mind and reality creation for the past 14 years.


  1. Thank you for the inspiration, Daniel and Elle. I agree with the comment below100%.

    “Our mind must first be right before we can make successful action in life.

    Just as we cannot plant seeds in soil that is not properly fertilized because those seeds will not grow properly; it is in this way the mind must be fertilized in order to produce higher results.”

    When we change the way we think, anything is possible.

  2. Just reading “superhuman potential” feels good to me. These are fascinating ideas and I love how you shared them in detail – both the why and the how in practical steps. Thank you!

  3. This is an excellent article Daniel! Reaching our fullest wuper human potential takes focus and determination… But most of all we need to stop being our own worst enemy. Thank you for these wonderful insights on the topic.

    • I agree Zeenat. Stopping being our own worst enemy must come first before our full potential can be realised. 🙂

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