Are You Any Good at Reading People?

Are you any good at reading people?

How hard is it for you to get a handle on how other people feel?

There are lots of ways we read others. Oftentimes we’re unconsciously picking up cues to guide us and sometimes it’s just a big challenge to work out what those cues really mean.

Here’s some help for those times  you’re stuck trying to work out what someone really is saying and what they might be struggling to say. Or what they’re hiding!

Reading people is an important part of life that can save us heartache or worse.

3  Fairly common cues to help you read people

1. We know that words only account for as little as 7 percent of communication.

But our body language and tone of voice represent more of what is being expressed.  As the saying goes, never mind what they say, watch what they do. Plus be aware of the tone of voice. Does it fit with the words being expressed?

2.Check out how they hold themselves. Hands in pockets…are they hiding something?  Arms crossed…a fairly obvious sense of protection, or even anger. Leaning towards you or away from you…they’re comfortable with you or not.

3.What’s the ‘vibe’ you get when you’re around someone. Do they emit a friendly, empathetic energy? The emotional energy that surrounds us speaks more loudly than the words we use because it comes directly from within. No masks, no filters to get in your way of knowing just what’s going on.

When you come across someone who ‘feels’ creepy.  Listen to your gut.  It’s right more often than not. And get the heck out of there.

Are you ready for more?

Take this quick, fun quiz to find out how good you actually are at reading people

How good were you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below, and if you enjoyed this quiz please share it with your friends and let’s see how good they are at reading others. 🙂

Encourage one another.

Love Elle

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