Admit it. There are too many times when it feels as though you’re never anywhere close to accomplishing the things you want.

And maybe you’ve felt like quitting more than once! 

You’ve done your best, but far too often it’s yielded little or no results.

You currently feel like self pity has become your everyday buddy. 

Worst of all, you’re just drifting through life aimlessly and constantly meeting with catastrophe. 

Is this you? 

If yes, chances are you do not have your thoughts organized, or you have no central purpose for your life, and as a result, you find yourself an easy prey of worry, fear, troubles, self pity and failure.

And you know this will never be the path to accomplishing the things you want. But somehow, nothing seems to work.

If your answer is no, that’s probably because you haven’t hit that mark yet. Let’s make sure you never do. 

Can I be sincere with you for a moment?

“All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.”  So said James Allen. 

The birth of every achievement in life starts with an idea. I’m sure you’ll agree with me on that. Right? 

You should! 

But unfortunately, for most people, once they get the light of an idea, they begin to allow different thoughts, mostly negative ones, to demean their strengths. 

They allow fear and doubt to grip them; they continuously listen to the voices in their heads telling them, “this is impossible,” “you can’t achieve this,” “this is bigger than you “… 

Most people try to fight their way through these thoughts, trying to keep their heads afloat above the waters of fear and doubt, but eventually, everything but those negative voices gets drowned out. 

How sad is that?

Maybe you feel as though you’re drowning presently? Or you’re about to sink into the depths of your fears and doubts? Or this has been happening to you, and you haven’t even noticed?

Far from the norms, I won’t tell you not to let these thoughts in; I won’t tell you not to feel fear or raise doubts, because, in reality, these things will come crashing in on you but what I will say to you is that “be prepared for them.” 

Be prepared to fear, be prepared to doubt, be prepared to fail… Because if you do not feel these things, it only means that your idea isn’t big enough, it only means it isn’t a big enough a challenge to you. 

Preparation is crucial; it’s more like counting the cost beforehand. Doing this gets you ready for whatever comes your way because now it’s no longer an idea you have, but a burning fire within you growing to consume whatever obstacles show up. 

That, in essence, is what accomplishing the things you want or achieving something great means. It means that you’ve taken on a challenge, and you won’t give up until you win. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be something big, like becoming a president or leader of a country or inventing a world known software like Bill Gates.

Those are great achievements, but you too will get to your bigger accomplishments by recognizing the little ones you most likely overlook, like overcoming procrastination to finish a particular task or fulfilling your daily goal. 

Give yourself a pat on the back each time you do this and you’ll prevent the energy of your successes from being diluted.

But to make it further, you must be prepared, and this includes following the rules for accomplishments. 

So what are the rules for accomplishing what you want? 

1. Desire it

Sounds obvious I know, but the very first rule of accomplishment is that you desire it!  Truly deep in your heart want it. Know exactly what you want, why you want it and when you want it. 

As mentioned earlier, it is important to know that your thoughts can either be a friend or a foe of your own desires. 


I’ll  answer you with a question. 

What thoughts do you feed your desires with? 

Are they positive and energetic, or are they negative and discouraging? 

Thoughts are powerful; they can either build your desires or send them spiraling away from you.

Don’t believe me? You only need to read this piece from Aristotle that said: “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” A pretty blunt truth, right?

What am I trying to say? 

Thoughts become things. As a matter of fact, thought is energy just as things are another form of energy. 

You can think yourself into accomplishing just about anything you desire. All you have to do is to know what you want, be determined and persistent in achieving it.

Instead of thinking of all the things that could stop you like “I don’t have any money, to begin with,” “I have but a little education,” “I have no influence”…

Rather dream and visualize yourself owning that desire of yours. 

Then start doing everything you can to make this desire a reality. If you at least shoot for the stars, you’ll hit the moon.

2. Be definite

It is also very important that you be definite in your desires! 

Know precisely what you want! No wishy washy ideas allowed. Specifics only!

One way to be definite is to write down your desires. 

Do you want to make a million dollars? 

Write it down specifically, the amount you want to make, why you want to make that amount, the period you have to make it, what you can do to make that happen… 

Definiteness of purpose comes by writing down your desires. This is the second rule of accomplishing the things you want. 

There’s no such thing as something for nothing, remember to brainstorm the service you intend to return for the amount of money you desire.

For example: 

I want to earn $1000 a month; therefore, I’ll look for five brands that hire a writer to pay me $200 per post. I’m so determined I will accomplish this goal, and I will eliminate anything that tries to get in my way.

Note I was asking for a thousand dollars a month, and in return, I’m willing to write five paid posts in other to accomplish my goal.

You might as well do the same, write down the amount of money you desire as I mentioned earlier, and then write the service you intend to render in exchange for the money you desire.

3. Eliminate doubt if you really want to fulfill your desires

Back to where we started from, where you felt like quitting. 

You might be familiar with everything I’ve talked about so far, but where did you get it wrong? 

Why would you feel overwhelmed and ready to give up? 

Could it be that you let doubt in, you threw away your determination and lost your energy to persist? 

Shakespeare said many things brilliantly and this one is perfect for us here: “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” 

Did you forget why you started in the first place? 

Have you lost focus, did you forget to dream and visualize yourself in possession of that which you so desire? 

You must know that once you start carrying out the plans you made for achieving your goals and desires, doubt will arise, you may feel like you’re not getting anywhere at all, at some point you might even feel stuck and ready to quit as you think right now, but it is at this point you have to remind yourself why you started. 

To do this, read aloud to yourself what you wrote down. 

Don’t throw away or forget about what you’ve written down, pick it up every day and remind yourself, refresh your mind, clear every doubt, and keep going. 

“As you read, see and feel yourself in possession of what you so desire.”

If you can’t visualize yourself in possession of it, don’t give up, just add a little more determination or a little more persistence. 

“if what you desire is right, and you believe in it, go ahead and do it! Put your dreams across, and never mind what people will say when you meet with a temporary defeat, for they do not know that for every failure there is an equivalent seed of success.”

If you can follow these three rules you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing the things you want in your life.  Why not give these rules a whirl, instead of giving up on your desires.


Cephas Tope is the author of The Road Map to Your Extraordinary Life. He writes at, where he shares self improvement and business tips. you can join his free newsletter to learn how to make unshakeable progress and how to create extraordinary super life.

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