Accentuate The Positive.

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[success]Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.  We all have twenty four hour days. ~ Zig Ziglar[/success]

If I could just control my imagination and my attention…ahh what then?

I found myself asking this question as I sat on the tarmac, our plane having landed much earlier than expected.

It was okay, we had cold air, music and the loos worked just fine, and yet, insignificant as it was, I wouldn’t have chosen the experience…purposefully.  I have issues, I think you all know that by now!

In the grand scheme of things…it didn’t matter at all…and yet…I know that a controlled imagination and steadied attention,  repeatedly focused on any idea I want to materialize, is the beginning of all magical operations.

How cool to experience that, not just for the big things in life, but all the little things too.  Such as ease and grace in travel perhaps!  Or whatever little things you might wish were a little easier.

Everything and everyone in our life is there to tell us what we’re up to in imagination.

Or to put it another way, they reflect back to us all that we believe and have accepted as true.

Don’t ask…I have no clue what I believe about sitting on the tarmac!  What I do have a clue about is that our thoughts are pretty much like radio signals – out there in the ether.

As with the radio, as we tune the dial, a frequency is set up that attracts the signal, and it works just the same with our thoughts.  We are setting up frequencies all the time and we attract and receive accordingly.  Only we do it through consciousness.

accentuate the positive

Everything we send out we receive ourselves, because we had to think it first.  And voila, there it is, in our consciousness and before we know it, there it is in our world.

Now that could be my stumbling block…I don’t always have the most beautiful thoughts about everyone and everything…but I’m doing my best.  I have issues…I think I already said that, and I know, you know, it’s the truth.  Plus you also know, I’m working on it.

I read recently where someone said they had trained themselves to only have positive thoughts…and I’m equally not that person, yet…still working on it.

Maybe we’re not aware of every thought, I know I’m not…but the beauty of the system is they get to be displayed for all to see.

And as we begin to be more in control of our attention, to create new dominant thought patterns over and above what our outer reality shows, we stop getting our own personal tarmac experiences.

A steady, persistent directing of thoughts towards our aim is the inner journey we must take if we want to see a change in our external world, because then we’ve turned the dial to a new station.

I feel really, really happy today and I’m expecting the most wonderful news…that’s my station for the day.  What’s yours?

Encourage one another.

Love Elle.


Elle Sommer is the author and founder of Live Purposefully Now, a website focused on sharing the insights and ancient wisdom that have collectively changed her life, in the desire to make a meaningful impact on yours. Trained at Coach U and having completed a year long training with Bob Proctor, her mission is to encourage and inspire others to build the business, relationships and life they want. You can also find her on Healthy Natural Oils her new website for helping you get started with essential oils for more natural health, well-being happiness and success in your life!

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