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Let me take a guess.

You’re not exactly living the life of your dreams.

You’re doing okay on the money front, but you’re not experiencing financial freedom in the way you’d like.

You make changes in your relationships, in being more willing to let things go, in shedding those pounds, in moving towards a more ideal life. Making all the changes necessary to fulfill your dreams.

And before you know it…you’re back where you started.

In the great drama of life it’s easy to get caught up in doubts and fears where you pay lots of attention to what doesn’t work and very little to what does. It’s easy to let others get inside your head until the only voices you hear are of how you’re wasting your time, you’re just not good enough to experience great success, good things never happen for you;  and before too long you’re swamped in regrets.

It’s wrong.

And I’m fed up with it

I started Live Purposefully Now to share with you ways to get past obstacles, deal with challenges, create new and lasting habits, learn how to trust yourself and your instincts – everything you need to know to get the life you want and deserve.

When all is said and done, you won’t be a passenger in life, you’ll be in the driver’s seat, living a life bursting with joy and success and wonderful adventures.

You’ll turn your dreams into reality.

You’ll claim your rightful place in life, sharing the uniqe brilliance that is yours alone. And awaken your sleeping spirit as you live the life of greatness that you are intended to live.

I’ll encourage and support and guide you and when you think it can’t happen for you, I’ll show you that it can. The universe is filled with an abundance of things, filled to overflowing, waiting for us to simply access them and I believe together we can.

Hello, I’m Elle

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Whether you want greater prosperity, love or spiritual development, there’s something here for you to help transform the life you have into the life you truly desire.

My mission for this site is to enhance your world in more ways than you could imagine. To show you how gifted you already are, how talented you truly are and share with you tools and ideas that you can easily use right here and now to live the life you dream of.

I believe we can do amazing things and live amazing lives when we all come together.

We can all live consciously as the limitless beings we are when we reclaim the hidden power within and I share actionable wisdom along with all the other stuff I’m learning and living, the good, the bad and the less than pretty.

My story

I was born in bonnie Scotland and raised all over the world like any typical army brat, although my Dad was actually in the Royal Air Force.

I came to the States as a relatively young widow – just for a few weeks till I sorted myself out – fell in love with the oh-so-friendly and hospitable American people and stayed…which worked out really well for me, because now I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world and happy as a lark.

But the really cool part?

Everything in my life today has come about because I studied and practiced the philosophy and techniques I’m sharing here.

How I found my vision and how YOU could find yours

Two wise women, my Mum and Grandma taught the important ideas of how life works. Sad to say I didn’t always listen.  But I did ask a lot of questions, the basis usually being “Is this all there is?”

Eventually, my Mum asked that fateful question. “Do you know what you want to do with your life?”  And no, it wasn’t the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up‘ kind of question.  More the  ‘what’s your purpose, the reason you feel you’re here’ kind of question.

I was fifteen at the time, and pretty busy.  No time for purposes, or why I was here.

A few years passed and the question hadn’t really gone away…it was sitting there waiting for any quiet moment to pounce.

Eventually it did.

I sat down with a pen and paper…what can I say…my thoughts often flow better when I can chew on the end of a pen…not too much to chew on my laptop.

I wrote what’s a purposeful life for me.  Nothing.  Zip. Zilch. Nada.  Unless you count rubbish.  Big sigh. And I gave up. I put it out of my mind, but it kept coming back to haunt me.  I needed an answer.  I am after all a curious Clara.  Did I have a purpose or not?  Pitiful as it is to admit it the answer seemingly was no.

More years passed and I began to grow enough to appreciate the wisdom of my Mum and Grandma. Heck, I even began practicing some of the principles they taught me and boy was I surprised to discover they worked!  So I began to study and practice the laws of consciousness and the dynamics of how they operated.  I began to change.  And we all know you can’t change the inside without the outside altering too.

I went back to the question what’s a purposeful life for me?‘  This time with more knowledge and practice under my belt, I did it differently.  I got a blank sheet of paper and wrote at the top ‘My life’s purpose’ and put the paper in a prominent place on my desk.  Then I imagined the sheet was filled with all sorts of interesting things, ending with…my purpose…yahoo.  It’s an ongoing work in progress…just like us…and I want to simplify it…but for now here it is.

My Mission Became

A new philosophy: To learn more about myself and my world every day in order to grow and expand. And to lessen the discouragement and anxiety of others.

It translated itself into:

To live consciously and generously, full of praise and encouragement.  

To reflect back to you how strong and brilliant you really are, and to encourage dreams.

To tell anyone who’ll listen that within them is the same power that created the cosmos and they can use it to experience the greatest life they can imagine.

To remind you that you’re limitless beings, and to encourage you to choose love over fear.

To shout from the rooftops that you can create a life of your choosing, that you can experience your desires, and reclaim your power.  

My vision needed expression, and even though there were those with more than one functioning brain cell cautioning me against it…my blog was born.

I want to share tools and ideas that will enhance the life you already lead.

If you’re ready, together we can empower you to attain your heart’s desire and pursue your passion and inspire transformation in your life.

Got questions?  You can reach me via my contact page.

Thank you for allowing me into your world.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle



    Hi Elle, I am so blessed I found this wonderful page I know could be a huge help to guide me through of knowing myself & the purpose that God’s wants me to be. I am one of the many who is chasing success, looking for big success and forgetting small things, simple thoughts from my husband & my kids. I feel tired of looking something that even me I don’t know what it is? Something that I could satisfy my so called success… I want to embrace this word that gave me an impact as I landed your page “REDEFINING MYSELF”.

    I’m in my 40’s now, I want for the the coming days, years would be more satisfied & peaceful life that I want & be an inspiration also to many as I shared my story that it’s TRUE we can change our life & rewrite the next chapter of my life story.

    You know, I am not good in writing & even my grammar but heart is overflowing now, full of desires to be a best version that God want’s me to be. A best wife, mother, a sister & a good daughter that also my mum wants me since when I was a child.
    My big reason also is my mom who 73 yrs old now, I want to spend time with her coping up those lost years,.. which this past 2 decades I am to busy building this DREAM of becoming successful but sometimes I end up failure. Lots of regrets, carrying everyday in my heart that makes my day heavy & not being grateful of what I have.

    Now, I realized it’s not how bog you money in the bank, how influential we are although this materials thing would makes comfort in this journey.. but it’s not the measure to makes us happy.

  2. emie laplana Reply

    im interested with your live purposefully now blog.i had so many issues in life though ..thanks your your inspuring messages.continue doing your purpose and reached and helped others do the same will make a difference in the lives of others…specially for women like me..this is also my dream to write but dont know how..im married with 2 children and im 52 year old now..again thank you and more power.?

    • Hi Emie, you’re never too old to start anything regardless of your circumstances. Try using some of the tools available in different articles, I bet you’ll find something that works for you. 🙂

  3. Hi Elle:

    I loved your book (number 1)! I was wondering when you plan to publish your second one on Consciousness?



    • Hi Drew, glad you enjoyed it. Book two is published and available on Kindle right now. Book three is just about done and will be in the editing stage, so this should be published in a couple of weeks.

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