9 Things Confident People Don’t Do

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confident peopleTruly confident people believe in their ability to attain success and that makes it much easier for them to reach the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Confidence is a necessary prerequisite to charisma, which is the ability to inspire devotion in others. Other people look up to them and admire them for their optimism, diligence, persistence and integrity.

Although there are certain traits that define confidence in a person, the most obvious one is self-control.

Thus, knowing which negative behaviors to avoid is what sets apart truly remarkable and confident people from the rest. Let’s examine nine negative things to avoid in your life.

 1. Excuses

Confident people are responsible for their thoughts and actions. That means not blaming the traffic or the alarm clock for being late for work.

Also, they don’t blame “not having enough time” or “not being good enough” for their failures. They make time and work on their skills until they become “good enough”.

2. The comfort zone

Also called the place where all dreams are dead. It can take the form of an unsatisfactory job or a daily routine.

Confident people know that life is more than what’s in front of their eyes. They constantly seek new challenges to enrichen their lives and become better people.

3. Procrastination

Confident people take matters into their own hands and avoid waiting for the right moment to get started or get things done.

“The right moment” doesn’t actually exist. Confident people prefer taking action whenever they can because that’s how you get things done.

4. Pessimism

Positive thinking isn’t about expecting the best things to happen. It’s about accepting whatever life throws at us and being aware of your own inner strength.

Confident people know that dwelling on the negative things in life doesn’t help. They prefer to focus on solutions.

5. Criticism

Confident people don’t tolerate drama and they avoid criticizing other people’s actions to make a point.

Criticism, whether self-directed or directed towards others reflects personal insecurities. A truly confident person is at peace with himself and knows how to keep arrogance away. Also, knowing how to not let other people drown your inner voice is equally important.

6. Being perfect  

Perfectionism is a toxic trait wrapped up in good intentions. It can take the form of avoiding to act until that “right moment” or thinking that one’s work is inferior because it’s not “perfect” in every aspect.

This kind of attitude can kill progress and cause unease in one’s life. Those that are truly confident know that something can be great or beautiful without being perfect.

7. Comparison

Nobody has the same path in life and some people may succeed faster than others. What other people do or think is none of your business unless you can learn something from them. Confident people know that the only person they should be competing with is the person who they were yesterday.

8. Hard truths  

Running away from problems or denying their existence will only make it harder to find a solution. Confident people don’t avoid life’s problems. They tackle them before they gain momentum. Also, they avoid deluding themselves and are aware that nothing worthwhile is easy to attain.

9. Giving up after small failures

Probably the worst thing you can do when you’ve set goals. Very few people have achieved success right from the start.

Most people have had to fail a few times before learning the necessary lessons to come succeed in what they’re doing.

Confident people follow their own calling and embrace failure as a wise teacher.

 No doubt that confidence is one of the best traits that you can exhibit if you want to go through life like a winner. Trusting yourself has so many benefits that it would be unwise to neglect in your personal development.

Be careful, though. Being confident in matters in which you have little to no knowledge or ability to back it up can make you look cocky and ignorant. Thus, confidence alone is useless in your growth as a person. You should also focus on backing it up by being knowledgeable, skilled and, most of all, humble towards your own limits.

Adrian Szasz

Adrian Szasz

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