8 Basic Success Principles To Live By

[success]Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature. ~ Steve Maraboli[/success]

Stop driving down the wrong road simply because it’s familiar. Stop failing when you can succeed with the same time and energy, but focused in a new direction.

It’s time to stop living far, far below the possibilities life has to offer.

Focusing on failure or success involves equal energy, equal power. You have incredible potential for greatness and success and here’s 8 basic principles to help you tap into it.

1. Approve of yourself

Don’t try to live someone else’s dream.  It never works out well and it’s a great way to lose the connection to your own heart’s desires.

Trying to work out what others want you do or what will please someone else easily becomes a bad habit, one that leaves you doing all kinds of things you don’t really want to do, but that gets you their approval.

You’re SOMEONE. Give yourself approval and make it as valuable as the approval you sought from others.

The truth is that we can never get 100% approval for what we do, so stop looking for it.  And most of all learn how to not be disturbed when you don’t get it. Simply give yourself approval to move forward.

2. Responsibility

Assume full responsibility for your life.  Most people are better at assuming alibis, creating all the reasons in the world as to why things didn’t turn out as planned, why they didn’t get the job done.

If the same amount of energy was involved in continuing to put one foot in front of the other, keeping a successful outcome in mind, success would be a happy consequence.

Choose to believe that success is an option and it’ll be easier to to accept the responsibility for making it happen.

Optimism is one way you can do this, because unless you can imagine a better future, why would you step up to the plate and take the necessary steps to make it so?

Clarify your vision, so you know where you’re heading, use the power of affirmations and vizualisation, create an unshakeable belief in yourself and you’ll be more than ready to turn your dreams into reality.

3. Attune your mind to good fortune

We get what we attune our minds to.

Invest time every day in thinking of all the things you want, and all the things you’re made up your mind to experience.

You might not be able to alter every experience you have, but having a greater focus on the good things in life makes it easier to choose to respond in new ways, bringing new outcomes into your world.

4. Be mindful of your responses

Become aware of the responses you have to situations and if you’re unhappy with outcomes, change your responses to the events.

Dr.  Robert Resnick has a simple equation that allows you to stay connected to more positive outcomes. Simply put:  Events + Response = Outcome.

I changed my response to road hogs who used to drive me crazy and I began to say something like, hey buddy drive safely and get there in one piece.

It literally transformed my driving experiences from stressful to stress free.  And you can do this with anything.

You can train your mind to pick up only things related to what you want most. Start small, choose to change your response to something unimportant and watch those outcomes alter. Then you can move on to bigger and greater things.

5. Watch those limiting factors

You need to gain control of your thoughts, your visions, your feelings and your images and stop allowing limited thinking to interfere with your desires.

Every time you believe something isn’t possible because of the particular circumstances you’re faced with, remember that there are plenty of people who faced the same set of circumstances and succeeded anyway.

It isn’t the outer limiting factors that hold you back. It’s you.  You stop yourself.

Every time you think thoughts that are limiting or fearful or you doubt yourself, you get in your own way.

One beautiful thing about you is that you have the power to stop any self-destructive habits you’ve picked up. Pay attention to the feedback that your results give you and be continuously engaged in educating yourself to living life in new ways.

6. Know who you’re dealing with

People tell us who they are by the their words and the vibrations we feel when around them but most importantly by what they do.

Everyone doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Learn to be discriminating.  Sometimes people are cruel and mean, but you don’t have to continue to allow them to be that way.  People are always telling you who they are, pay attention and don’t assume they’ll be different tomorrow.

Recognize that a snake today is likely to be a snake tomorrow. And stop being so hurt by their snake like behaviour;  they can’t help it unless and until they have a shift in consciousness.

At the end of the day allow people to be who they are whilst making sure you spend most of your time with people who treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Continuing to imagine good things for everyone remains your best bet for greater joy and happiness in life.

7. Tap into greater clarity

A lot of people need to find out where they’re going.  Success could come a lot easier if they’d just make up their mind what success means to them, what they want out of it, and how much success they want.

Chaotic thinking leads to frustration which is the death knell for goals and dreams. Don’t allow people who have no vision or clarity to discourage you or interfere with your journey to success.

Clarity and focus save can save you from yourself and from the easy seduction of the less than important things in life.

It sets you up for those creative sparks of energy that seemingly come from nowhere and bring greater awareness of where you’re going and what you want. The mindset of clarity sets you free and produces a state of unlimited, unbounded abundance.

Tap into it as often as possible. You have extraordinary potential just waiting for you to notice it.

8. Speak up and be clear

It makes life really difficult if you don’t give people in your life the information they need to have in order to make appropriate decisions. There are no mind readers out there, don’t try to be one and don’t expect others to know what it is you want.

Not speaking up and speaking out can be the biggest causes of friction in relationships, be they personal or business.

Be honest, be kind and make sure others know that what they have to say matters, even if you don’t agree with them. 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below if you have any basic success principles to live by.

I always appreciate you stopping by and reading and commenting. And if you think this post would benefit others please share.

Encourage one another.

Love Elle

5 thoughts on “8 Basic Success Principles To Live By

  1. Joy says:

    I *love* this. Living even one of these tips is life-changing, learning to live each of them is an experience of infinite possibility. Thank you!

    One of my ‘tips’ is to celebrate each step as you take it. So often we wait until we have moved through/created something/connected fully before celebrating, or we don’t celebrate at all *or* we feel bad about steps we didn’t take. Celebrating each step naturally enriches the feel of the moment, opens energetic doors and draws to you lots more to celebrate!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I think I’ll add one more. A Bruce Lee quote. “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.”

    Anything that you’re trying to succeed in, always remember short-term intensity is not going to cut it.

  3. Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hi Elle,

    I think that the main thing that the public at large doesn’t realize is that you CAN’T get what you want while you’re miserable inside. You can only get what matches you inside. And that’s where the problem is for most people.

    For one thing, by nature, people are not used to be upbeat, happy and joyful unless they are in the wanted situation, yet the situation wanted comes only when we know how to put the feelings first.

  4. richmiraclefiles says:

    Hi Elle,
    Love your insight.
    Especially about “Who You’re dealing With”.
    Most of our life is spent with people.But we need to know how to maintain an inner balance and a seamless sense of self worth all along.So it does us goodto ask ourselves some questions repeatedly……………….like :-
    How much do you depend on outer circumstances and other people in order to feel balanced,composed and fulfilled within?
    How many of your “buttons” are open for being pressed by outer circumstances and other people in life?

  5. maxwell ivey says:

    Hi Elle; every week you deliver another post full of advice on how we can live a happier more fulfilled life. I was reading the part about taking responsibility. I think if anything I sometimes have problems with taking this too far and feeling responsible for things that are totally beyond my control. Its something I work at. I do know that focusing more on what can i do better next time helps to keep me positive. and i so love what you said about finding people who will respect you and treat you in the loving way you deserve. thanks again and take care, Max

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