As an introvert, having an extrovert companion can seem like giving away your world.

Extroverts tend to talk too much and interact with the outside world, leaving you to think that they do not care to listen.

Their questions can seem intrusive, and you wonder whether your companionship will work. 

Extroverts make a high percentage in a population. But there have to be the best matches for different personalities as people tend to be attracted to opposites.

Here you will get to know how to get along with your extrovert companion. (Read The Genius of Opposites: How Introverts and Extroverts Achieve Extraordinary Results Together)

1. Always find ways to engage them

Unlike the introverts, your extrovert companion gets excitement externally.

Reading novels and doing things on their own seem boring, and they want continuous interaction with the outside world.

As much as they may annoy you asking questions that seem irrelevant and they don’t seem to be able to listen anyway, there is a need to keep them entertained.

Engaging them through games or puzzles work wonders.

It keeps them mentally alert and busy, leaving you to take care of your world.

But, don’t get that wrong; you also need to keep talking to them to create a bond so that they feel your presence when together. 

The thing is you should let them be who they are rather than confining them in the world of introverts that do not work for them.

2. Do not disregard their feelings

As an introvert, you might get irritated by how the extroverts behave without minding your needs.

However, do not disregard their feeling to the outside world.

There is a need to compromise for relationships to work despite relatable introvert illustrations that show introverts need to spend time alone.

You need to get outside of your comfort zone and find time to go out with your extrovert companion for them to feel accommodated.

Never use your personality as an excuse to ignore the need of others.

Make an effort to reach out for them instead of always waiting for your extrovert companion to call. 

3. Do not focus too much on extrovert-introvert binary

Undeniably, the two personalities exist but focusing on them too much when in a relationship can be detrimental.

If your companion is asking you out, don’t start giving excuses to stay indoors simply because you’re an introvert.

Learn to get out of that cocoon as your extrovert companion is not having it easy with you as well.

It may not be easy, but if the relationship is to work, you need to fight without focusing much on your personality. 

Talk to one another on how well you can accommodate each other as well as giving up some things that can be irritating to the partner.

Always remember that personality is only one component of a whole eco-system to interact with daily.

4. Learn how to talk and listen to them

Extroverts have ears even though they may seem to talk too much with no time to listen.


They like to interact with the outer world and thus notice every concern, including those from their introvert companion.

As the extrovert talks too much, some tend to believe they are arrogant and self-centered, but that is not the case.

Your partner desires to solve the problems of the outside world and they want somebody who can listen to them.

Get their attention by responding to their queries as extroverts are fascinated about what goes on around them. 

Try to be patient when they’re talking, because this is the way your partner wants to help rather than seeking mere attention. 

5. Take time to recharge after spending time with your extrovert companion

Accommodating your extrovert companion can sometimes seem too much to handle.

You need to get some time off to recharge and focus on who you are.

As much as people compromise to accommodate friends, taking some time alone can help to energize and you come back with more focus on the relationship. 

As stated above, learn to talk to them as they listen.

Let them know that you need some time for yourself and that they are not the cause of that.

Discuss why getting your space is essential and valuable for your relationship. In any case, even the extroverts need some time for themselves, so be sure they will understand.

6. Validate their needs

Your extrovert companion might feel they are putting a lot of pressure on you or invading your space.

They may feel uncomfortable around you as they try to take care of your feeling.

Their failure to understand why you need your time alone when they are craving for time together can be overwhelming. 

Validate their feeling and let them know you care and that they can count on you.

Of course, there have to be boundaries to avoid being uncomfortable in the relationship, but let them know you love them and appreciate their need to spend more time together.

7. Encourage their friendships with others

Socializing drains the introverts but not the extroverts.

Your extrovert companion needs to spend time with people often, which can be too much for you to handle.

You should encourage them to develop a relationship with others so that they can meet their social needs without invading your space all the time.

However, you need to schedule dates to spend time together at least weekly.

The extroverts desire a wide circle of social contacts, so let them feel free to lessen your burden.

Give them time off to attend parties and see their friends, and this way, they also leave you a time to recharge.

Learn to communicate your feeling towards them as they might not see many signs of outward affection from you. 

Final thoughts on your extrovert companion

You should never use your introversion as an excuse for not meeting your extrovert companion’s need.

Proper cooperation between the two of you calls for a need to fill the gap that exists by embracing the points above.

While doing that, let your friend respect your rights as you do to theirs.

However, if nothing is helping, then it is always good to seek professional assistance. 


Leon Collier is a blogger from Edinburghю He loves to write about everything: pop-culture, history, travel, self-development, education, marketing. When not writing, you can find him behind a book or playing tabletop games with his friends. Follow him on Twitter @LeonCollier12


  1. As an introvert who needs a lot of quiet time, I can see where this advice would be vital to anyone partnered with an extrovert. It is exhausting for me just to be around someone extremely extroverted. I do have to have my quiet time and recharge after. For me, it’s an easy resolution. I choose to be single, and I like it!

    • I hear you Debbie – being around people who are so extremely extroverted can be exhausting. And making a choice for yourself to be at peace in your world makes a lot of sense to me.

  2. Extroversion and introversion exists on a spectrum. It might be easier to follow this advice if you are both a little closer to the middle of the spectrum! 🙂 But of course you are right, a relationship won’t work if you expect an extrovert to be an introvert or vice versa. Both need to give a little and come closer to the center if they want to be together, and these are helpful tips for introverts who are in relationship with an extrovert.

    • I totally get what you’re saying Sandra…and I probably fit in the middle spectrum, depending on the circumstances. And being around either end of the spectrum can sometimes be something of a challenge, lol. 🙂

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