6 Ways to Recalibrate Your Life For Greater Balance


Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. ~ Thomas Merton

If the everyday burdens of life have been weighing you down lately how can you be accept and embrace new opportunities or exciting possibilities that await you.

You can’t be ready for that new relationship, or career or new life that is throwing itself at your feet in the hope that you’ll let go of all you’re holding on to long enough to pick it up.

When we carry a heavy weight we’re just fine if we keep on moving, but the moment we stop, the moment we need a deep breath, the moment we sit down and take a break that weight becomes even heavier and the path along which we have to travel seems greater and the things we have to do that much harder.

That’s my place.  I’m right there.  Right now.

It’s time for me and you to stop measuring our days in terms of productivity and begin to measure them by our level of well-being and mindfulness of the moment.

But how exactly to do that? 

At the end of the day, every choice we make, every action we take, ever decision we consider, is because we think it will make us happy.

1. Life is a series of trade offs

We trade time with family for time with our business or our communities. And there comes a point in life when it becomes clear that we have to make new choices, and new agreements with our current reality if we’re to experience the well-being, balance and happiness we seek.

Because ultimately life is less about what we’re getting and more about who we’re becoming and how we become the best and happiest us possible.

2. Continual improvement is necessary to have a fulfilling life

There’s no secret in how to do this. Every successful person on the planet knows they need to read.

Articles on their industry, how-to-do-it books, blogs that support personal development and spirituality. They’re reading to develop themselves, to learn more, even to improve their mind-set.  But mostly they study. They study people, things of interest things from which they can grow and improve their philosophies on life.

3. Life is short is a true cliche

And everything is temporary.

If things aren’t so good right now knowing it won’t, it can’t last forever helps. Life offers balance every day. But in the midst of difficulties we often forget. We forget that even after the darkest night, daylight will come. That after every storm there is calm.

If you can remember that forever is made up of now moments each bringing a new beginning and a new ending then just because life isn’t what you’d choose it to be right now means you can still  smile and exchange kind words with someone because there is always an end in sight.

4. When we know where we’re going it’s easier to get there

The things that matter most must be top of your to-do list. Never allow them to fall into last place. 

Stay connected to the reason you’ve chosen to do these things in the first place. 

greater balance

We all have our own particular purpose to fulfill in our lifetime and, by staying connected to that purpose, the way to bring it into your reality will appear.

Never let other’s convince you you’re on the wrong path. Never be flattered into changing direction unless in your heart of heart’s it’s in alignment with the truth of you.

5. The world can do very well without us

It’s true that we have a life to live, a living to make, loved ones to invest time with, fears to overcome and desires to fulfill, but we also need to stay healthy and happy.  And burning ourselves out through over commitment, and overwhelm serves no useful purpose. 

We need to refill our cup, to refine our life on a regular basis.  We need a healthy life/work blend and if we can, let the world spin without us for a while.

6. Take time off if you can

Taking time off should be mandatory for all of us.  But it’s not always possible.  If you can push things back, do it.

Take a half a day off or better still a week and do something that’s relaxing for you. 

Take time to get to know yourself again. Sometimes in this crazy hectic world that never stops we’ve become someone new and don’t even know it. 

And if this isn’t even remotely possible create a soft place for you to fall when things begin closing in on you. Begin to keep your schedule under-booked, create a huge margin of error to give you time to think and live in a creative space.

Spiritually Speaking

There are times in life when we’re called to forget who we thought we were in order to become who we really are.

Remember, sometimes the hardest part isn’t making the changes we need, but learning to start afresh.

This is normal. Find the choices you need to make to recalibrate, refine and improve your life; it’s too short to waste it on living in ways that no longer feed your heart and soul.


Usually I’ve practiced something before I preach it.  This time I’m preaching first and now I’m off to practice.

For the rest of the month, I’m letting the world spin without me whilst I create some balance, catch up on sleep, fill my days with fun and laughter and support myself in rebuilding powerful and healthy energy levels.

May this month find you exchanging smiles with others, being filled to the brim with love and joy, making time for you in all the hustle and bustle of the coming season and staying true to yourself, your passions in life and following your own unique path.

Thank you for being with me and sharing your wisdom and spirit. Let’s meet again soon!

Much love and encouragement.



31 thoughts on “6 Ways to Recalibrate Your Life For Greater Balance

  1. Suzie Cheel says:

    I love this. Elle.There are times in life when we’re called to forget who we thought we were in order to become who we really are. I must remember that great post thanks xxoo

    • ElleSommer says:

      Taking our own advice is the best advice you could give Debbie. Funny how we so often put ourselves on the bottom of the list. Not this month tho’! 🙂

  2. Sandra Pawula says:

    I love #5 in particular, Elle. And it’s so true, the world will get by just fine without us. Like you, I’m taking the rest of December off. I love doing this experiment with you. Enjoy that extra sleep and all the fun and laughter.

    • ElleSommer says:

      Funny we seem to walk a similar path, though from different directions. I love that Sandra…always happy to meet you on our paths. Enjoy your December break. 🙂

  3. Cathy Taughinbaugh says:

    Thanks for so much wonderful inspiration and encouragement during 2015, Elle. I’m always uplifted when I come to your website. Enjoy the holidays. It always good to take a break and yours is well deserved. Hugs!

    • ElleSommer says:

      Right back at you Cathy – I’ve learned so much from you this year and it’s all such worthwhile information. Love the way you inspire those who are struggling with addiction. 🙂

  4. Little Swiftwind says:

    I’m going to miss you… that is strange for me to say but you have a special place in my heart. Peace, love and blessings to you until we meet again. You are in my heart and thoughts. I miss you already… I wish for you to have all your heart’s desires fulfilled while you are away.

  5. sandra webster says:

    Hi elle and yhanks so much for your inspiring words..which you posted on a regular basis..which up lifted me when I needed it..and not forgetting motivated me..I hope you have alovly and prosprose 2016..All the best…and I am missing you already..Thanks once again elle…

    • ElleSommer says:

      Hello Sandra…how kind of you to stop by and leave such lovely words of support. You are so appreciated. Gratefully, Elle. 🙂

  6. Ellen Bard says:

    I love #1 in particular Elle. You can have anything you want – but not all at once. Everything’s a trade. I live in Thailand as a digital nomad, and it’s a great life, but I trade off the safety and security of a FT job for that of the freedom of a freelancer, and I miss my family and friends but have the luxury of making new ones, and so on. Wishing you a balanced and beautiful week.

    • ElleSommer says:

      Perhaps the most interesting thing about these trade-offs is that they change as we change Ellen. What seems like a worthwhile trade at one point in life doesn’t necessary mean we’ll feel the same tomorrow or next week or next year. That great thing about life is our freedom to what’s important at the time and change our mind in the future. 🙂

  7. Vishal Bheeroo says:

    Hey Elle,
    another post which is refreshing and I can relate to. Love the thought of finding the right balance, shedding the burden and reprioritizing things in life by making things taking a back seat. Truly empowering. The light and magic seems to fade for the past three years but now I am kicked to make the sun rise and shine.
    Stay blessed.

    • ElleSommer says:

      Hello Vishal…I so appreciate your kind words. And I love your turn of phrase…kicked to make the sun rise and shine. Just lovely. 🙂

  8. sherill says:

    Hi, Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring post all throughout 2015. I loved all your post, it is very motivating and informative, you never fail to give me a good jump start for the day. Looking forward to more of these in 2016. Always great, always beautiful 🙂

    • ElleSommer says:

      Glad to start your new year off well…now go and conquer your world and come back and share with us all your glorious successes. Can’t wait. 🙂

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