Do you ever wonder whether pleasing other people is a real addiction? If not, you should definitely keep that in mind because the sooner you stop being a people pleaser, the sooner you start enjoying your life!

People-pleasers are not just kind and helpful people.

Well, I know what I’m talking about… I also believed some time ago that when I pleased other people, I became a better person. But I was wrong.

Pleasing gradually ruined my life and now I get it!

Now I realize that a people pleaser is actually a person who feels  insecure and is very influenced by what others think.

This is a person who tries to compensate for the lack of confidence by the approval of others. And it’s not healthy.

This pleasing behavior can destroy your life just as it almost ruined mine!

Here are 5 tips on how to stop being a people pleaser and start doing what you feel is right!

Begin With Small No’s

When it comes to the definition of a people pleaser, we all know that this is a person who never says NO!

In fact, this is really handy for people. However, don’t forget that you always have the choice to say YES or NO!

So, if you’re a people pleaser, you have to learn to say no when people ask you to do something that you don’t want to do. You can start with small no’s and this will encourage you to practice for the bigger ones.

Put Yourself First And Set Your Priorities

You should try to put yourself and your priorities first. It’s okay and such behavior makes you a happier and more successful person.

Identifying your priorities and values helps you set some boundaries and put the brakes on pleasing other people.

If you know your priorities, you can choose what’s more important to you and why.

Start Respecting Yourself

When you want to stop being a people-pleaser, you need to look at yourself with interest and respect because you’re great!

Don’t judge and deny yourself.

Only when you invite your thoughts and feelings into awareness, do you have a chance to learn from them and become happy.

Build your self-esteem and keep your self-respect in order to make your life better and brighter!

Practice Internal Validation

Being a people-pleaser, you always look for outside validation because of the insecurity within yourself.

You really worry about how other people will view you if you say no. So, you really need to be needed as it makes you feel important.

Unfortunately, you have to understand that outside validation is toxic for you and the best way to stop pleasing others is to rely on your internal validation.

Find what makes you feel good and if you feel good, you don’t need other people to make you feel good.

Try to do activities that make you feel amazing and surround yourself with the people who make you feel incredible without having to do anything for them.

Don’t Apologize All The Time

If you say NO, you have some reasons for that!

Stop apologizing, as you have to establish priorities and allocate your time on the basis of your needs and goals. Don’t feel awkward because you have to look out for yourself.

Bear in mind, if you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will!

I hope now you realize that your pleasing behavior is unhelpful to you and the people around you as well!

Remember, it’s never too late to change yourself and it’s never too late to start living a free life.


Andrew Guerra is an editor of He likes to share his thoughts with the people around the world. His writing on motivation and love is intended to make our life better. Andrew believes in fairness and human wisdom.

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