Are you currently in a chaotic situation where everything around you seems not to help you live a peaceful life? The one you’ve maybe been dreaming of.

Or perhaps you feel the storms of life raging against you and you’ve lost course and want to restore the peace and calm you so need to get you back on track. 

If so, then you need to face a crucial fact, and that is; YOU ARE TOO BUSY!  In which case you’ll find it hard to experience peace at all.

Gosh! You’re too damn busy to get any peace whatsoever. If this is you, then it’s time to forget about everything else for some minutes and focus on YOU! 

You need all the energy and good vibes you can get to be able to live a peaceful like and keep things going smoothly, yet your current exhausted self can never make that happen. 

So many of us get far too busy working on making money, or plain old trying to make ends meet. Putting so much effort into what we love doing, all the while striving to provide the best of things for ourselves and loved ones. 

All these are good in itself but doing these at your own peril won’t get you any results. Working so hard without adequate rest and self care only gets you exhausted, frustrated and mostly puts your life in stress mode. 

We live in stressful times. Today more than ever we work longer hours, we are bombarded with more distractions and are anxious about what to eat, drink and wear. 

In this chaotic environment, we can be tempted to believe that the only way to escape and find true peace is by trying to get out of it and becoming busier in the process.  As though that’s going to take our attention away from the chaos we can hardly stand. g

Escape plans might be cool, but unfortunately, this one does not provide a permanent solution because it doesn’t address the root cause of our situation. 

To be at peace during chaotic and challenging circumstances, you must be ready to look in the eye of the storm, knowing how uncomfortable you may feel,cand be willing to accept it. 

Accepting it does not mean that you do nothing; it only means instead of running or resisting, you stand tall in the face of all that life brings because you are committed to bringing about a transformation.

It is when you stop designing ways to avoid your problems and instead find the courage to move foward with an open mind and heart, that you start enjoying peace, and gain the confidence you need to move on. 


My life has been a series of transformational events. I have seen very hard; unsolvable issues melt through developing Inner peace. Sometimes doing nothing is doing something.

I may not have an idea of what you’ve been through, but I know you’ve had hard times, and maybe you’re currently going through one right now? 

Maybe you just want your storm to calm, plus you don’t ever want to experience such chaotic situations anymore. 

If you want to lead a peaceful life, then these 5 strategies are just for you. 

Just maybe you’ve read or heard these tips before, I would strongly advise that you don’t let familiarity rob you of your miracle. Put your heart into these short tips, and you’ll see how well they really work! 

Do this, and believe me, you’re on the right path to leading a peaceful life. 

1. Quickest way to live a peaceful life – pay attention to your thoughts

Do you have feelings that make you unhappy, angry or frustrated? 

Do you want these feelings to go away? 

What do you do? 

I encourage you to start paying attention to the thoughts that take up space in your mind. 

Look inside yourself and understand what’s going on within your mind. Once you recognize those thoughts which are harmful, then you have the power to change them. 

When you’re conscious of your thoughts, no matter how bad you might find them to be, do not resist them, just remind yourself always that your thoughts are just thoughts. 

Unless you give your permission, your thoughts can never come into reality. So you could be having the worst series of thoughts about your life, which make you resentful and never at peace but if you happen to realize that thoughts are just thoughts, you will be able to dismiss them, give them less significance and become less burdened or afraid. 

If you want to lead a peaceful life, start paying attention now to change your thoughts. Doing that will improve the way you feel, put your mind at peace and make every new day feel like a gift. 

2. Act, don’t react

Many of us feel like if we don’t react to other people’s negative actions or flaws people could possibly perceive us as a weakling because they hurt us and we don’t react. 
This is no way to live a peaceful life.

People often start taking you for granted, thinking you can’t fight back. Nothing peaceful about that.

But see it this way, most times, when you react to other people’s flaws, you do it without thinking and out of habit. That is to say, you respond through a registered pattern, but reacting in the heat of a situation never brings peace or calmness. 

Remember, doing nothing also means doing something.

Take your time to observe this, that whenever you react to issues, it robs you of your peace. Even though you feel like, yes I’ve measured up to this person by retaliating in anger, you’ll never feel at peace. 

What could you do instead you might be wondering? 

Act, but do not react! 

What am I getting at here? Is there a difference between acting and reacting? 

Well yes! There is a difference. 

Acting is what makes you happy; reacting is what makes you miserable.

Reacting is based on the moment, and it doesn’t take into consideration the consequences that follow, it is like a defence mechanism which is usually automatically activated in a person, which may bring about regret later on. 

Whenever you act, you make a conscious choice of deciding what you’re going to do. You become responsible for your actions. But when you react, you follow somebody else’s choice and respond to that person’s will. 

When you act rather than react, you get an opportunity to think clearly, be in control and put in the actions that will give you the exact result you want and that’s none other than living a life of peace, joy and happiness. 

3. Be true to yourself

Most of us have been handed over what we can call a “life script” one which has been passed from one generation to another. 

For instance, you hear parents tell their children things like “our family is known for producing the best doctors, and I’m sure you can’t be any less”.

This kind of child grows up to become nothing else but a doctor even though that’s not necessarily what he or she would have loved to be, but they do it to please the parents or family or society. Many have fallen victim to this, and they go on hating their jobs and the life they are living. They feel caged in, unable to fulfil their dreams and desires, unable to lead a peaceful life. 

In other words, it is far too easy for most people to fall into the “how we do it” pattern, based on the expectations of others, rather than to pave their own way through life. 

If you are currently in this situation, don’t lose heart, you can still build your dream life. You can again do what you love. 

You can begin to start living your life based on your own dreams and desires, learn to think and act not based on other people’s opinions, but with your own creative and independent ideas. 

Take the decision now to start living your dream life and the peace you desire will follow. 

4. Focus on your blessings

Very few people remember to count their blessings; we mostly focus on what’s wrong in our lives and forget to notice or recognize that which is right. 

Although it is essential to observe things that are wrong in our lives to make necessary adjustments. 

But ask yourself this question, are you focusing on the wrong things in your life to make them better, or are you dwelling on the wrongs by complaining and venting in anger? 

When you spend more time focusing on your blessings and less time seeing what is not working well in your life, you’ll notice you become more satisfied, fulfilled, grateful and appreciative. And what more do you need to lead a peaceful life apart from these? 

Focus on your blessings and restore peace to your life today. 

5. Laugh every day

Many times, you end your day feeling tired and overwhelmed by all the hectic things you had to get through in a day, and you wake up the next day feeling no better. The circle continues, and you wonder why you never feel any peace. 

Well, you need to know that you’re taking things too seriously!!!  You are too busy, creating no time for yourself at all!  Finding something to laugh about every day is a great start to living a peaceful life.

And you deserve to be happy, to laugh, love, smile and enjoy peace. 

So what do you do when there is nothing around to make you laugh especially when it seems like it’s only you against the world? 

Find a way to laugh! Find out what gets you cracked up in laughter. 

Maybe you could arrange a meeting perhaps during your lunch break to meet a friend and talk about the good times you had together, or watch a movie,perhaps a comedy?

Whatever works for you, as long as you don’t have to go through all day, every day with a long hard face. 

Put on a smile, because when you smile, it’s far more difficult for you to be depressed or even upset. Laugh, it will take your mind off whatever is bothering you and reassure you that things can and will be beautiful. 

Smiling and laughter are known as good medicine for creating peace, calm, joy and happiness in life. 

So find a way to laugh every day, and you’ll automatically turn your life around for good. 

As you begin to transform yourself into a person who doesn’t get affected by stress and chaos, you will find that there is more love, joy and peace in your heart.

Also, you will be able to pay more attention to your thoughts, and you will have a greater appreciation for that which you’ve accomplished in life. Bringing more things to appreciate.  After all, like attracts like.

You’ll be transformed into a more appreciative and generous person. You might still be hurt by others but rather than reacting out of anger, you’ll forgive them as necessary, and above all, you will find reasons to laugh and be at peace all your days.


Cephas Tope is the author of The Road Map to Your Extraordinary Life. He writes at highachievers.me, where he shares self improvement and business tips. you can join his free newsletter to learn how to make unshakeable progress and how to create extraordinary super life.

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