flying healthilyAre you a frequent traveller? Or is travel limited to holidays?

Whatever the answer, however often you travel, one thing we can all agree on is you don’t want to get sick!


So you want to have a healthy flight. Because, who doesn’t?

And the good news is that there are certain tips that you can follow to help you fly healthily.

A healthy flight is not just about choosing the best airline company or the top class seats, but it is about how the beforehand preparation to keep yourself healthy during the flight really matters.

If you’re traveling for work and you have a short time to get things done, you know how important it is to be healthy. Check out these 5 tips to help you fly healthily.

1. Mental preparation to fly healthily

I know it might sound weird, but this matters. A lot.

There are tons of benefits that come from traveling just because you can, and all you need to do is take the leap of faith and leave your comfort zone.

You might want to travel like there’s no looking back, but that doesn’t mean you can go absolutely unprepared.

At first, you must prepare your mind and have a few things planned so that you cut down on obstacles on your journey.

No matter where you’re traveling, you must make the most of your experience and for that, you need to be mentally and emotionally ready.

2. Choosing the right luggage carrier matters if you want to fly healthily

Packing suitcase for tripWe all know what it’s like to have the wrong bag. Bags that are too heavy. Bags that won’t comfortably carry the stuff we want or think we need!

Depending on how many days you are going to travel, depends on which bag to choose.

We can assume that you will need the rolling bags, duffle bags or even carry on backpacks that are enough for you to carry all that you need.

Airlines allow you carry two or more bags depending on how many you can need and how much money you can pay for the extras. I

If you’re traveling for a long time, you might just need more space to meet all your requirements. But carrying too much can cause headaches, physical and mental. And who among us haven’t taken things we never used on our trip? 🙂

How much load you plan to carry determines your traveling experience and also eases all the customs and duties you have to run your luggage through.

It is always easier when you pack light and that helps you cut down on hassles on your journey.

3. So What hand luggage shall I take?

Once you know the destination, and factor in why you’re travelling, you can be clearer on what necessities you need to keep handy on your trip.

You might be traveling to your dream destination or maybe you really are travelling because you have to and it’s a work thing. Whatever the reason,  there’s just one companion that’ll never let you down, your hand luggage.

Your hand luggage has to have all the basics that you might need at any point in time – be it on the flight or even after reaching your destination.

4. What do I really need to carry with me?

Once you’ve let your rolling bag glide through for storage, you only have your hand luggage to fulfill your requirements.

Choose a bag that stores your essentials and isn’t filled to the brim.

Too hard to handle!

Make sure you carry your medicines, charger, important documents, entertainment options depending on the allowance, and more.

After these things that you might or might not do without, you need to add things that give you optimum comfort.

Things to make your flight easy, smooth and keep you healthy.

Carry a thin sweatshirt so that you feel cozy and the cold doesn’t get to you.

A pair of earplugs to keep away the noise and let you sleep in peace is another essential. A neck pillow is ideal to bring along as well, especially for those flights where you know for sure you’ll be taking a nap.

You might want to carry some snacks that you prefer to have rather than what the airlines are selling you.

It is always better to stick to food that you are used to eating – at least on the flight if not at the destination!

Of course, you’d have water and beverages to order according to your requirement.

5. Things to remember

Your comfort is what you understand best and if you have traveled on a flight before, you’ll know exactly what more you might need or not.

It could be a book, a pair of headphones, and your favorite cuddly, soft something.

It’s really a good idea to de-clutter as much as possible so that you can pack light and that’s what ultimate comfort means to you.

Pay attention to your requirements as those will help you have a healthier flight.

Be it the journey of life or the journey of traveling somewhere on your own, there will always be a fork in the road that you need to jump across.

So make sure you are well prepared to for what’s ahead and you will be well equipped for every sphere of life.

This will make your journey smooth, comfortable and you will be self dependent at all times.

Add some more of your ideas to help yourself fly healthily – this will always keep you flying high!


Julie Williams has travelled all over the world. She has seen her share of issues on the road, so 2018 will be the year where she try to focus more on her health no matter where she is going. See MightyGoods on Facebook.  

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