Have you heard the old saying: Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil?

And probably this saying sums up our life experience, which is inconsistent and subject to change due to factors both within and outside our control.

Each experience and each thought about the experience can trigger a different spell of thinking; each action can deteriorate your health or put you in a better place and mood.

When the world stops, a river of thoughts and other sensations comes into play. All of them inducing the same judgmental notion, which have a repetitive nature.

You feel like you are being pounded by the idea that you’ll never get out this cycle and each setback seems too overwhelming.

Fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Let’s get introduced to the 4-step process that can help you rediscover bliss when everything has fallen apart.

Read a book that resonates

Before we go any further, it’s vital to understand that when it comes to reading, it’s up to you to identify the best ones to support you moving through your present state.

For instance, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now sets new boundaries by offering a way to limit the endless chatter within the mind.

In addition, Sun Tzu the celebrated Chinese general and military commander said: Before embarking on a new adventure, make sure that you know more about your enemy than the enemy knows about you.

In this case, the potential adversary is omnipresent in your mind;  and starting the ball rolling requires you to inquire into its essence and understand the threat.

There are plenty of motivational reads that may help you in this endeavor and give you the edge you need to overcome these temporary defeats.

Establish a new daily routine

The power emerging from adopting a healthier set of habits heralds the rising of a new self. One that doesn’t dread the idea of the next hurdles that life might have in store, but thrives on myriad challenges.

When it comes to enforcing a new daily cycle, you might want to keep in mind that settling accounts with your “enemies” is a battle that unfolds in your head.

Many people are misled by the notion of looking for potential culprits, which are labeled as the ultimate threat.

Don’t submit to the rules of the mind because sooner or later you’ll have to deal with its extended arm manifested through thoughts and feelings.

Instead focus on the idea that each day offers the opportunity of freshness and joy; a welcome sight that you must nurture.

Allow each stumbling block to serve as a reminder that your life is in need of brightness and novelty. A simple internal shift can often straighten things out!

Meditate on a regular basis

For a person that is self-centered and ego-based, and totally involved in the outer physical experiencers of life, meditation is a distant concept.

Digging into the essence of it requires for you to understand that “sitting in the silence” is more than just a theory.

In other words, it’s not the posture that matters or the environment that surrounds you, but the presence of stillness that is the source and substance of existence.

Don’t meditate to acquire. Sit in the silence and become unified with all that is.

The very purpose of peaceful sitting is to remind you of what you truly are – the all-powerful awareness that is far greater than the personality form that you protect with your life.

Look at it this way – When you pray to God to give you something, you are mistaking the Universal Truth with Santa Claus.

This is not a wish-fulfillment center, but a way to dig up all those impulses that are giving you a hard time.

Meditate, and empty your mind, don’t fight these rising tendencies; just stay where you are and let them pass.

This way you’ll discover why meditation as a remedy for stress is growing in popularity.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health approximately 18 million Americans are practicing sitting, on a daily basis. It’s advisable that you jump on the bandwagon as well, especially if you truly want to rediscover bliss after things have fallen apart.

Learn the basis of Yin and Yang

The electromagnetic world sparks the occurrence of connections between all living creatures.

Many dualities testify to the interchangeable reality which drives and explains this existence. For instance: Man/Woman, Light/Dark, Day/Night, Sun/Moon, Black/White, Cold/Warm, etc.

The Yin principle depicts the passive and mostly female character of nature. The concealed sensations and all the triggers which go with this flow.

The Yang principle mainly explores the masculine side of things which are associated with active urges.

Your job is to embrace both, to digest their interchangeable nature, and be able to turn this perception to your advantage.

Such a mentality summons up all the universal energies, which will come to your aid when the ride gets a bit bumpy.

Remember: always looking on the bright side is a process, which can’t be materialized instantaneously.

However, if you persist and practice puzzling out these mysteries and pushing your limits, one day you’ll discover it becoming easier and easier to rediscover bliss when everything has fallen apart.


Emir Zecovic likes to be perceived as the go-to guy for new ideas. A real poster boy for finding the right words which can be put into action. Momentarily, he offers his time, energy and heart to 12 Min. Blogging about self-help, and practicing meditation is his unquenchable passion.

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