Have you done things you regret in life?  Course you have.

Have you released these mistakes and managed to let them go, or are they hanging on like limpets, stealing your joy on a daily basis?

Are you continuing to define yourself based on what happened in the past?  Not too sure?

Well if you’re still experiencing the same results in your life, then the answer to that is a pretty loud yes.

Years ago my Darling One and I were watching a movie in which a Shaman would say stuff like today’s a good day to die but it’s a better day to find joy, or some similar comment. At least that’s how I remember it and that’s what counts. Right?

I haven’t so far ever had the thought that today would be a good day to die, but I have invested lots of days in seeking and finding joy. In fact I’m on day seventy five of a ninety day challenge to find joy every single day.  You’d be amazed at where I’m finding it.

Seek and you shall find are not just words from a spiritual text, they actually work.

Maybe today is a good day to for us all to seek to do and be someone different.

Today might be a good day to stop defining yourself by your mistakes.

Today is a very good day for you to release yourself from the prison of fear and doubt and limitation.

Forget yesterday, maybe today is a really good day to seek and find abundance, success, joy, connection, or greater wisdom.

And it just might be that today you choose to rise above the limited thinking and self-doubt that keeps you from blessing the world with the creativity that you and only you can share.

A new level of thinking

If we continually define who we are by who we were, or what we did in the past, then we remain there. Every situation we experience in our world is created by the habitual thoughts we think. We know that don’t we…yet somehow we still continue to do it.

We need to become aware that our thoughts are more than our perceptions and concepts, they’re actually real vibrations of pulsating energy and one of the main creative forces in our life. We need to really KNOW this.

Oh we can intellectually say yes, I get that.  But unless we’re operating from that knowing state, we actually don’t get it.

If you’re still blaming or shaming yourself, then you haven’t got it.  If your attention is focused on more of what is, or what was, than what can be, then you haven’t got it.

And then we miss out on so many second chances, so many opportunities that present themselves, that remain invisible to us whilst we stay stuck in our old ideas of who we are and what we can do.

How come? Why can’t we see it?

Because we can only see what’s in our consciousness.

No matter how natural or normal it might seem, every little negative thought that sits so comfortably in your consciousness, contributes to your inability to attract what you desire and keeps in place the very experiences you’d rather do without.

Nothing is insignificant

Just the other day I was thinking about changing my car.  Didn’t have any real intention, just one of those seemingly insignificant thoughts that flit across our minds randomly, yet often, throughout our day.

Maybe it wasn’t so insignificant after all because it seemed as though all the models that interested me must have been breeding overnight, and there they were, wherever I looked.

Oh yes, that seemingly insignificant thought had a bit more power than I’d given it credit for.

Those thoughts that you persist in thinking…you know the ones… how hopeless things are, how far behind you’ve fallen, how many mistakes you’ve made means that you haven’t only suffered those experiences you’re reliving them every day. Ouch.

If a seemingly insignificant thought such as it might be time to change my car has the power to have me mostly see the cars I might like, think about the power of a persistent, consistent thought towards either the negative or positive things of life.

And remember that all your thoughts are totally dependent on you for their very survival. So you don’t have to put up with them. It’s your call.

Develop appreciation

We are truly all on the same team, heading to the same goal. Even if it doesn’t always seem that way.

We’re all spiritual beings expressing ourselves uniquely and mostly imperfectly.

We’ve made mistakes, messed up, hurt and wounded others and ourselves and so has everyone else. We’re connected through our imperfections.

Be appreciative of our different points of view.  Appreciate where you are in the world.

We might all be heading in the same direction, but we’re on our own personal journey. And in our uniqueness no two of us will see and feel the world in the same way.  There must be differences.

Value them. As you do, you move into a higher level of being where greater possibilities abound.

Possibilities that we miss out on when our minds and hearts are closed and mostly focused on the flaws and imperfections and mistakes that we all have made.

Seek abundance

Life itself is naturally abundant and successful. Abundance is a universal principle that we as divine beings are in accord with.  Until we’re not.

Holding on to all our mistakes and failures and feeling guilty or being filled with doubt keep us out of harmony with the very nature of things. Yet it’s our responsibility to align ourselves with the natural conditions of the universe, and as your paths cross with others you can share your love, your compassion and your encouragement.

And the more abundantly you hold these qualities in your heart, the more you have to share. And yes you were intended to share.

You can put in as much effort as you like into making things happen in your world, but if you possess a scarcity consciousness, frustration and self-sabotage will be your constant companions.

Don’t do that to yourself. It’s time to minimize your focus on mistakes or failures if you want to maximize your life.  And we all do, don’t we?

You’re vibrating with a unique frequency that can’t be ignored because it simply keeps showing up as conditions and events in life.

Do your habits serve you and others?  Are they in your best interests, are they helpful and do you want them to continue to resonate within?

If you answer no, then it’s time to drop all thoughts of your mistakes, failures, fears and self doubt till they grow dim in comparison to the highest vision you can hold of yourself.

What’s your first step in letting go of focusing on what no longer serves you? Any additional tips to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

You are so appreciated and I am truly grateful for you reading and sharing the way you do.

Love Elle



Elle Sommer is the author of 4 books and a workbook. Her latest publications are a series called The Power of Consciousness, and you will find all three books in this trilogy now available on Kindle. She shares quotes, inspiration and positive vibes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And her greatest desire is to encourage and inspire others to create not just a good life, but a phenomenal life.


  1. Hello; This is one of those posts that there can never be enough of. Being reminded often that happiness is a choice and that abundance is available to all God’s children if we will get in a positive addatude and reach out in faith. and you can always find something positive in every situation as long as you are looking for it. Earlier this year i made a major sale where the seller refused to pay my commission. However, I still claimed the sale and posted about it on my blog. I have received other listings because of that, and several people have written to ask my help in finding a specific piece of amusement equipment. I connected with a manufacturer in italy who has since listed some of his new rides, and I got featured on the mutual of omaha aha moment face book page because of that sale. I have decided to be happy with what I got rather than fretting about what I didn’t. Thanks again for your encouragement. Take care, Max

    • Elle

      Hi Max and thanks for sharing your experiences. We can all learn so much from one another so it’s great to have you share your stories. You are much appreciated. 🙂

      • Hi Elle; well, if i have anything to share on this subject its because i have good friends both online and off who have helped me to become th person I am. they have built me up convinced me i am special and helped me to focus on the good in life. And during this time i have had gastric surgery, lost over 240 pounds, quit traveling with the family’s carnival, started my site for selling amusement equipment, etc. Keep the uplifting posts coming, max

  2. Hi Elle

    Letting go of mistakes, sometimes we really need to in order to get on with life. There are times when we can do nothing to change the outcome or may be if we believe that nothing but good can come out of a past mistake, then we can move on. Mistakes are made, some bigger than others, although we may never be able to do anything about them, just may be doing right in other places will give us peace in the end.

    I try to put all mistakes behind me and realize I would drive myself crazy by holding on to them. If the time comes that a mistake comes back to bite me, hopefully I will have done the right things to improve the odds in my favor.

    I believe that things will work out, as they have always done and the best is yet to come.


    • Elle

      Hi Mary, attitude counts for so much…I have a friend, who like you, always expects something wonderful to happen…so even with mistakes or failures she can shake them off pretty quickly because her focus is on, where’s the wonderful?

      Do you have this perspective in all aspects of your life? 🙂

  3. A wonderful post Elle,
    “And the more abundantly you hold these qualities in your heart, the more you have to share. And yes you were intended to share” this is just brilliant and so true.

    You can only give what you have and when you have a heart filled with love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, joy, you will give of these freely to others and by doing so you will find them returned to you in abundance, you get back what you give out to the world.

    We need to let go of everything from the past that continues to hold us back and keeps us trapped in a reality that we don’t want, otherwise we keep experiencing the same circumstances and frustrations. Why let the events from the past dictate how we get to live our life, choose to release the past and move on to creating the life we really ache to live and be the person we would love to become, be that person now and enjoy the moment fully 🙂

    • Elle

      Hi Clare, I remember years and years ago someone using the analogy of trying to get juice out of an empty orange and I stuck with me, and that was when I first truly understood the concept that you can’t give what you don’t have.

      Great perspective you have on filling your heart with love and compassion and all those other qualities. Funnily enough it seems to me when we’re filled with such wonderful feelings we don’t have to do anything really, they just radiate from us and as you say they come back to us in spades.

      Isn’t it great that more and more of us get that this is how life works which is why it’s becoming ever more amazing? 🙂

      • Trying to get juice out of an empty orange what a great way to look at it!

        You are so right, it is truly wonderful that so many people are waking up to the truth of how life really works and that we are much more than we were led to believe, we have so much power within us, and are all capable of achieving greatness.

        I really appreciate your blog and all the wonderful comments from so many different people sharing their, experiences, ideas and perspectives 🙂

        • Elle

          Hi Clare you are such an encouraging soul, you do my little heart good. 😀

  4. Elle,

    I agree — I think by developing our appreciation we become more aware of how good life really is. Instead of focusing on what isn’t, we focus on what is. Thanks for the message. 🙂


    • Elle

      Hi Victor…that’s so true…appreciation is such a powerful quality to keep us on track and our attention on the good things life has to offer. 🙂

  5. Amen! The more we can let go of the past and limiting beliefs, the better. I like your encouragement to start right now, today. What an amazing quote from Voltaire too.

    • Elle

      Hi Sandra, and thanks for stopping by…I think Voltaire totally hit the nail on the head too. 😀

  6. To let go of things, I know some people do it in a symbolic manner, which may be a method I would consider trying. Like, writing it down and placing it in a ballon and watching it fly away. I’m sure it provides some type of physical relief too, to see the distance grow between you and it.


    • Elle

      Hi Lea and thanks for joining in the conversation. You give us all a great reminder that we can add physical symbols of our releasing, always a good idea, especially for the more linear among us. Funny you should talk about balloons, I used to imagine a giant balloon and I’d put all the ‘stuff’ in I decided I no longer needed and would watch it float away over the tops of the highest mountains until it was so small I could no longer see it.

      As you say, it’s a great feeling of relief.

      Do you have any other techniques you use to maximize your life? 🙂

  7. Hi Elle,
    Wonderful inspiration to move forward in our life by being aware of where we are headed. I feel that when we align ourselves with like minded people where we can support each other helps us to continue in a positive direction.

    Love your line, “It’s time to minimize your focus on mistakes or failures if you want to maximize your life.” I agree that when we focus on what is ahead instead of regretting our past, our life has more potential for unfolding in a positive way. Appreciate the reminder!

    • Elle

      Hi Cathy, love what you say about surrounding ourselves with like minded people. They truly can help us soar happily towards our goals in life, with the added bonus of uplifting our spirits.

      As always your insights are truly appreciated. 😀

  8. Well I drew the release and surrender card this morning! i know I have “stuff” that i must let go of to step up into the light and shine. There is the physical stuff that can block the new coming in and then there is the emotional stuff that as you say no longer serves us that stops us moving forward. love the Voltaire quote and i will start today with tapping away the things from the past that no longer serve me- maybe i will make a list and see what is still surfacing
    namaste xx

    • Elle

      Hi Suzie…the universe always operates in harmony doesn’t it? Would love you to explain how you use tapping to release the past. I have a friend who tends to tap mainly on her heart. How does it work for you? 🙂

  9. What a great post – thanks a lot, Elle.

    Oftentimes, it can also be very helpful to simply change one’s attitude towards failure and mistakes. Failures are necessary to grow in life. Yes, we should learn from our failures and avoid repeating them, but on the other hand, if we want to grow and experience life to the fullest, making mistakes can’t be avoided.

    • Elle

      Hi Robert…and you speak truth my friend. A change in attitude and perception makes all the difference. I think it was Edison who actually says there were no failures, just results. And even though I absolutely agree, many people still have a hard time moving beyond perceived failures and mistakes. And we all need little reminders of who we truly are from time to time.

      Thanks for sharing your perspectives…I love that we can all learn and grow from each other. 🙂

  10. Thanks for this inspiring post, I like your example of having a thought about a new car you wanted and then seeing it everywhere, it illustrates the point very well. I’ve tweeted your article to my followers.

    My tip that I would add to this is to use affirmations, this is something I have started doing recently and it is really helping me to stop my mind from running off to negative places and to help me become the person I really am if you know what I mean!

    You’re so right to say that the thoughts we think influence us, so with positive affirmations we can ‘brain wash’ ourselves into good thought patterns. It is very easy to do and works so well, I highly recommend everyone try it.

    • Elle

      Hi Lucy and thanks for sharing your super perspective and tip. It’s a really good one. I too am a user of affirmations to keep my mind focused where I want it to be. And I know exactly what you mean about becoming the person you truly are. We both know how wonderful and delightful that being is.

      I can’t say this enough, that the sharing on this site is fabulous. I know I grow as a person from reading all the many tips and perspectives that are used successfully in making life a bigger and bigger blessing. Thanks for yours Lucy. 🙂

  11. It’s okay to make mistakes. Just make sure that you’re doing the same mistakes over and over again.

    • Elle

      Hi Mike and welcome…there’s a definition of doing the same thing over and over isn’t there? I’m sure it’s very applicable to mistakes!

      Thanks for taking the top to stop by and chat with us. 🙂

  12. Hi Elle,
    So very right there Elle,we’re so given to the habit of self flagellation over frivolous issues that we miss out immensely on the “grace” of life.We usually find fault with ourselves over something that happened in the past and where we were inadequate in matching upto our own expectations.Either that, or we’re usually comparing ourselves with others.
    I liked that analogy you brought out relating the intention of buying a new car and about the power of thoughts.Yes thoughts are THE most force in the world.I think we both seem to totally agree on this(that’s on the lighter side,though),of course there are a lot of folks who also appreciate the power of thoughts .
    Yeah,and I’m impressed by your interesting ninety day challenge to find grace in the happenings of your daily life.That is what i call a “rampage of appreciation”,and i’m certain it yields enormous dividends.
    Keep it up Elle!
    I liked that picture at the beginning of the post,somehow it’s got a very nostalgic touch about it.

    • Elle

      Hi Mona, I hear you…we’re pretty good at focusing on all the things we see as being ‘wrong’ in one way or another and much less likely to remain focused on our successes or great qualities.

      The ninety day challenge has been a real eye opener. If you’d had asked prior to starting this I’d definitely have said I’m one of the more joyful people on the planet, and now after all these days I can see how much MORE joy there is in every day.

      I like your perspective Mona…a rampage of appreciate…cool. 🙂

  13. Elle,

    It is as if this article was written for me. It spoke to me. Just before going to your blog, I was thinking that to get myself out of this prison of pain and torture of past mistakes I hold myself in, I must be happy, fearless, appreciative, joyful and have faith in the universe, for it is always working with me, not against me. Like you, I have proof of it all the time, but it is up to me to mesh with it and I do not in my despair. It does not help either when relatives keep reminding you of those bad times. “Remember when you were crying and regretted your mistake?” It is as if they live only in the past and do not even consider the now.

    I have come a long way for sure. The blessing of my despair led me to my study of the LOA and in spiritual teachings, as it should because according to them, they lead you back to our Creator, making our bond with him stronger. Being closer to Him is really a supply of strength, focus, freedom and relaxation, far away from worry and sadness. It is hard to forgive yourself after mistakes are made. But it should not be. I have learned so much, like not to listen to my parents about career decisions because they are of another generation and mentality that just do not apply anymore. Even if I do not have their support in anything, I still have Source’s which is constantly bringing in new ways to do things. And as for being behind in my life because of the delay, yes, I am. but, I will outlive everyone so it will all balance out that way. I will just get things done later in life, but that does not mean anything anyway nowadays, thank goodness.

    Your family is very lucky to have you, Elle! And so am I!

    • Elle

      Hi A – I feel so proud of you, even though you and I have never physically met…you feel like family to me and I celebrate your knowledge and wisdom and understanding of who you choose to be. And a big shout out to you for managing to keep moving forward towards your goals in life. The path you’ve been on and are still on is your path and there are times when we walk through foggy patches and other times when it’s as clear as day.

      Regardless of what’s happened in the past, or of whatever we’ve done or left undone, each day is a fresh start. All we need do is leave the past where it belongs, behind us, there’s never any need to carry it into our future, unless of course it’s something so fantastic that we feel happy being surrounded by the energy of it.

      It takes practice and consistency each day to direct our thoughts towards our brightest aims in life. As I mentioned in the post one of the easiest ways for me personally is to practice seeking joy in every day. It’s amazingly easy, there are so many simple, little things in every day that can feel joyful and in those moments we’re living consciously and not allowing our old thought habits to keep on running the show.

      Our imagination is such a great gift and tool and we can circumvent time and space with it and we can also imagine whatever we want in terms of our relationships with those around us. I’m inclined, regardless of how things appear to be, to simply imagine that I’m surrounded by supportive people and allow it to unfold however it likes.

      You, dear A, are on a wonderful journey to express your unique beauty and I’m so happy our paths have crossed. Long may we continue to walk together. 😀

  14. A nice post. It is wonderful if we are able to live in the present by not letting our past haunt us. But we should also make it a point to learn from those mistakes. Remembering those experiences and analyzing them will help us not to repeat those mistakes again.

    • Elle

      Hi Rainer and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Learning from our mistakes is of course what led people like Edison to perfect his light bulb. Don’t you like his perspective too that there are no ‘mistakes’ just results? Of course it might not be the ‘result’ we desire right off the bat, but there’s where your insight comes into play.

      Nice to meet you. 🙂

  15. Nice post Elle with some good suggestions. In order to move forward, I’ve also looked at things through a lens of gratitude and realized that each and every past incident helped propel me to where I am today. Each mistake defined me, each painful incident strengthened me and each setback has set me forward. If we can look at the past and see how they’ve positively influenced our future, we can be grateful for our past mistakes and setbacks. Shifting our perspective can shift our life moving forward.

    • Elle

      Hi Vishnu, now that’s a really interesting take. Looking at where we are and what happened in our life through a lens of gratitude. Wow I really like that. Shifting our perspective in all things is really vital if we’re to keep moving forward.

      As always you put it so clearly. Love your point of view. 🙂

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