Before we explore the five ways to build solid spiritual immunity, it’s crucial that we understand what spiritual immunity is, as well as the value of strong spiritual immunity.

Do you ever feel a deep internal drain, that may not be physical?  Maybe you try to get more sleep, drink more water, take your vitamins but none of those things seem to heal the deep fatigue you may have experienced.  The reason why nothing you do seems to work, is because what you are experiencing is a spiritual drain. 

We live in such a fast-paced world that sometimes does not permit us to connect with our inner self.  The more time we spend in the outer world, of work and the various activities of lie, the more disconnected we become.  This disconnection makes us tired, drained and susceptible to attracting all sorts of horrible life experiences.

You could say that connecting with your spiritual self is like connecting with your source of power.  The less you connect, the weaker and more drained you become by life’s experiences.

On the other hand, when we build a connection with our spiritual self, we build up a strong spiritual armor which gives us spiritual immunity from the curve balls, and struggles of life. 

We will continue to grow.  We will continue to experience lessons which will help us evolve but those experiences will be more joyful and full of light, rather than the heavy, dark experiences that come with a broken spiritual armor.

What Does Spiritual Immunity Look Like?

It may be hard to imagine living a life that is not filled with one problem after another.  However, that is a reality for many people.  You can experience a reality that is light, full of joy, lots of good luck, miracles and magical happenings. 

Spiritual immunity gives you more power to influence your experiences.  It also gives you more balance and strength to handle life.  What would break others, wont impact you quite as hard. 

Your ability to bounce out of dark or negative situations will be a lot easier.  With strong spiritual immunity, life will seem to naturally guide you to what is best, easy and joyful for you. 

Another powerful benefit to strong spiritual immunity is this.  No matter what is happening in the world, you will be of the small percentage who seems unaffected by it.  What is happening around you will not so easily penetrate the strong field of powerful energy you have created which is programmed to keep you safe.

3 Techniques to Build Rock Solid Spiritual Immunity

3 Techniques to Build Spiritual Power

# 1 Prayer and Meditation

Often when we go to prayer or meditation we do so when we want something.  So, we plead and we beg and we try to envision what we desire, but with all of this there is a struggle, a struggle to extract something. 

On the other hand, if we understand that prayer and meditation is where we power up, we would go blissfully, just for the sake of being in that state.. 

When we pray and meditate in the spirit, we fill ourselves up with a powerful spiritual energy which directs, enhances and fulfills our desires and so much more.  The longer we stay in prayer the greater the accumulation of spiritual energy, which further increases our spiritual power, in turn strengthening our spiritual immunity.

Some of you may find it a bit hard to spend more than a few minutes praying.  The best way to sustain as well as benefit from an extended prayer session, is to plan it out in segments.  Here is a prayer and meditation map you may want to put into practice.

Begin by praying and giving thanks for what you already have, within every aspect of your life.  Follow that up with prayer for more specific things you would like to bring into your life.  Then follow up with prayer for others near and dear to you.  You can follow this up with affirmations which build strength and faith. 

Spend as much time joyfully immersed in each segment of prayer.  If you gave a minimum of ten minutes to each segment you will find that you have easily spent 40 minutes in prayer. 

After 40 minutes of uninterrupted time, many people instantly realize that they feel a bit more at peace.  They also realize that they experience a greater sense of mental calm, as well as a feeling of being more energized. 

#2 The Gratitude Mind Shift Method

You may not have thought of using gratitude for building spiritual immunity but it works like magic.  Gratitude can be used in a way that is far more powerful than simply just giving thanks for getting all the things you want. 

Gratitude used as a mind-altering technique can be used to transmute any situation which you encounter.  To use it as a technique for shifting your mind, practice the following steps.

Start by dedicating a minimum of 30 minutes as you would if you were going to meditate.  Within that time, you want to have a very clear intent to shift your mood, that being to alter you mind and emotions until you feel elevated and empowered over the circumstances in your life. 

The intent must be there.  It would be wise to verbally state your intent at the beginning of this session.  You may say something such as, “I now have a clear intent to feel empowered, blessed and grateful.”

Next you want to immerse yourself in a gratitude fest.  What I mean by that is to flood your mind with words of gratitude over every single thing in your life, that includes even the things as well as experiences you may not understand.  For each and everything which comes to your mind repeat words of affirmations at least 10x each. 

Expand your gratitude for things which make you happy, for changes you have made, growth you have achieved and just about every simple human function that you may take for granted.  Don’t be limited in how you do this technique, the idea is to flood your mind with a heightened state of gratitude, moving from one thing to the next without pause.

Remembering to repeat each statement of gratitude at least ten times before moving on to the next thing.  A feeling of gratefulness and joy should also be created as well. 

Get in touch with the feeling as you repeat those statements.  The feeling is the key to shifting your mind and perspective.  The key is to control your feeling state to one where you do feel very different from when you started.

What you should intent to feel is a state of being already blessed, in both big and small ways.  Additionally, as you repeat those gratitude statements over and over you are not just confirming your blessing you are also speaking more blessings into your life. 

As you repeat those gratitude statements you are also creating a spiritual and energetic field of blessings in and around your bod.  This creates a stronger spiritual immunity as well as the ability to easily attract more things to feel good about.

#3 Using the Love Wand

These days everyone says, “love and light.”  It has become so common these days, it’s a bit like saying “good morning!”  The world is changing and more and more people are becoming aware of the power of love to heal, transform and to live in harmony. 

We seek the light as oppose to the darkness, love instead of hate or judgement.  However with that said, there is a way to use the power of love in such a way that it creates not only a powerful shield to protect you, but it also impacts your personal reality in such a way, that the love you give is the love you get.

Reality works in such a way that what you project into the world, will be matched back into your personal life.  It’s a bit like Karma, what you do will also be done unto you. 

Using the law of karma as well as the universal law of reciprocity, we can love bomb the world around us to have the most powerful love returned to us.  In that way we again, build an additional layer of spiritual immunity.

This technique works by doing more than simply saying, love and light.  Like the previous technique it must be done with a certain amount of concentrated focus as well as a clear intent. 

For this technique you will need your imagination.  Begin by actively sending loving thoughts to all the people you live with.  That includes those whom you get along with, as well as those whom you don’t get along with. 

For those whom you don’t get along with, send them thoughts of forgiveness first.  Hold a mental dialogue with them.  Say to them that although you may not agree with them, you are extending forgiveness.  Then extend a loving light in their direction.  Imagine those loving thoughts as if they are a beam of radiant light. 

See the light as a strong beam directed from you to the other person.  See the light becoming bigger and bigger as you speak loving thoughts towards them. 

You want to hold them in this loving beacon of light for as long as you care too.  Let your intuition guide you on when to move on to someone else. 

Then move on to the people you meet throughout your daily life.  Those could be the people in your neighborhood, those at your job, your extended friends and family.  Do the same for each one.  Then extend that loving beam of light to your city, to your country and then to the planet. 

The key is to lock yourself into extending this loving projection for at least 30 minutes.  As well its necessary that you focus on that loving, feel good sensation that you are sending out into the world around you. 

At the end of the 30 minutes there should be a feeling of harmonious connection between you and everyone around you.  The key is to feel love, balance and harmony as opposed to fear or judgement to people or circumstances.

Not only will this technique bring balance to you but it will also influence your personal reality, where more loving circumstances will return to you.

Creating Your Power Base

With three very powerful techniques you may be wondering which one to use and when.  The key is to allow your intuition to guide you. 

There are times when you will find yourself in need of lots of spiritual upliftment and need to dedicate much time to healing and uplifting yourself.  In those intense times, you can do all three sessions for an overall state of spiritual power and immunity from the disharmony of life.


Daniel Hinds is the author of Open Your Spiritual Eye to Experience Superhuman Visualization Abilities. He also maintains the blog, where he writes on Mind Power and Reality Creation topics. He is also a teacher and coach on mind and reality creation for the past 14 years.

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