How often have you pondered over the problems in your life that seem to have no end in sight?

Every time you have had a bitter or negative experience, do you find that you have withdrawn into a shell?

Do your reactions to stressors include anger, lashing out, or entering a state of deep sadness?

If you find yourself frazzled by the events of your everyday life, it is more than likely that you are succumbing to “lower consciousness.”

This is the state we engage ourselves in to survive. Considering the environment and times we live in, it has become a very common phenomenon. 

But what if we told you that there are ways you can transcend your lower consciousness and connect with the source that allows you to open yourself and detach from the negativity that surrounds you –  your ‘Higher Self’. 

Your Higher Self is your connection to the Universe and is your most powerful and spiritual self, leading you to experience higher guidance.

10 Ways to Access Higher Guidance

Tapping into your Higher Self allows you to take a step back from your challenges, raise your frequency, view your situation with deeper awareness and with no judgment. Your Higher Self often acts as a guide to nudge you in the right direction. 

Do Not Neglect the Power of Intention 

Setting your intention is a great way to open communicative channels with your Higher Self and receive Higher Guidance. By setting your intentions, you state what you would like to accomplish. 

You can set an intention simply by thinking or writing down “Higher Self, please connect with me and guide me.” Be open to the messages you receive and how you feel once your intention is set.

Remember, your Higher Self is available at all times to guide you, but only if you ask it to. 

Create a Space for Yourself 

The space you seek to receive Higher Guidance in is an important part of the process.

To be able to quieten the chatter of your mind and listen to any messages that may be coming from your intuition, it is necessary to have the right space. 

To create your sacred space, consider including all things that calm you and make you feel peaceful. This could include green plants, candles, flowers, incense sticks, gentle music, or a small fountain.

Choose fabrics, lights, and sensory stimuli that allow you to disconnect from the outside world for some time. 


Meditation is a powerful and effective way of connecting to your Higher Self for Divine Guidance. It is important to remember that your Higher Self is not separate from you; it is just you in a higher frequency. 

During a deep meditative state, your Higher Self might manifest as a sensation, a physical presence, or warm and nurturing energy.

You may even begin feeling a deep sense of peace and gratitude. These are signs that you have raised your vibration. 

Practice Gentleness Towards Yourself 

The energy you feel as you connect to Higher Guidance might be very different from the negative emotions that you experience in your everyday life.

Remember to make the most of what you feel. If what you are feeling does not serve you, take a deep breath and exhale through the emotion.  

If you feel peace and quiet, inhale the feeling and imagine it flowing to every limb of your body, nourishing your depleted energy reserves.

Remember to express sincere gratitude to your Higher Self once your meditative practice is complete. Practicing empathy towards others can be another great way to raise your vibration.


Manifesting is an incredible way of connecting with Higher Guidance and asking it to lead you to the future you want. 

Begin imagining the future of your situation or circumstances, exactly as you wish them to turn out. Imagine every aspect of your situation, and visualize the outcome you expect to achieve.

Make a note of the tiniest of details, the sensations you feel as your circumstances reach fruition, and when you expect it to happen. 

Maintain a Dream Journal 

One of the ways your Higher Self will communicate with you is through your dreams.

Given that dreams are blurred lines between the subconscious and unconscious, you will be most susceptible to messages while you are asleep.

REM (Rapid-Eye Movement) sleep is when you are most physically relaxed, but the neurons in your brain are as active as when you are awake. 

Some of the most vivid dreams you experience occur during the REM stage of your night, and more often than not, contain messages from your Higher Self.

Upon waking, you can consider having a notebook beside you to quickly note down the details of your dream while they are fresh in your memory. 

Go with the Flow (the Method of Non-Resistance) 

A great method to connect with Higher Self is to allow everything that happens in your day as it happens. This includes your emotions, circumstances, thoughts, feelings, and external stimuli.

Try this for a day and note how you feel. Remember that non-resistance does not mean succumbing to all that you experience. Rather it is a philosophy of life that promotes connection to your reality, no matter how it may be. 

Going with the flow is a great way to let your Higher Self take the ropes and bring you one step closer to your manifestations. 

Be warned,  it is not as easy as it sounds! 

Speak to Your Higher Self 

Opening a dialogue between you and your Higher Self is a great way to receive any guidance that you might need. You can simply think of the energy you felt during your meditative practice.

Call it in and ask a question. You can pose the question either aloud or in your mind, whichever feels most comfortable to you. 

Spend some time considering the emotions and thoughts that come to you after you ask your question. 

Try Intuitive Journaling

While journaling might be an excellent way to document what you feel throughout the day, intuitive journaling is a step towards connecting to Higher Guidance. 

Take a deep grounding breath and ask a question, immediately typing your first gut response or answer. Do not stop to ponder over what you have written – the idea is for you to write as fast and instinctively as possible. 

You will immediately be able to determine whether what you are writing is coming from your Higher Self or not. If the writing sounds “wiser”, it is more than likely a message and reply to your question. 

Sit in Silence  

The Higher Self communicates most loudly and clearly when you are silent.

Consider spending 10 minutes a day (in the morning or evening, as per your schedule) to sit silently and listen to your thoughts. You may not receive guidance immediately. You might not even receive it for days.

However, making sitting in silence a part of your routine is a great way to invite any thoughts, emotions, and guidance from your Higher Self. 

Once your 10 minutes are complete, you can continue to write down what came to you and re-read the same as and when you like. 

Remember to practice calm and patience. Connecting to Higher Guidance takes time. Take your time and keep your heart open. As and when intuitive messages arrive, acknowledge them and you are good to go! 


Rachel Torgerson is a Tarot reader, dream-worker, shamanic healer, and the author of With roots in Christian mysticism, she blends elements of the divine feminine, dream interpretation, and sacred imagery into her spiritual practice and healing work. For many years, she has shared the magic of manifestation with thousands of clients by tapping into the transformational energy of color and Tarot to promote self-empowerment and problem-solving through retreats, lectures, workshops, and one-on-one services.

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